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2,000 Light Years Away


I layed in bed as I waited for Billie Joe to get back. What was he really going to tell me? He wanted to break up? He cheated?...He loved me? No, No Lyrics shut up. It's too early for that. It's only been three months, you promised yourself that you wouldn't tell someone else you love them unless you were sure you were. Fuck, I don't know what I will say if he did tell me he loved me. I mean I care so much for him, but to actually admit I love him? Maybe I was in love with him but just to chicken shit to actually admit it to myself that I was. Who knows? I sat up straighter and Scooter jumped on my lap. "What am I going to say Scooter?" I asked my dog. He only looked up at me momentarily and layed his back down. Of course he wouldn't know.

"Hey baby," I heard Billie walk in with his favorite guitar, Blue. "I finally figured out how to tell you."
He sat next to me, placing his precious guitar positioned on his lap. "Now, you may think I'm crazy. You may not feel the same. But, this is something that has been torturing me for a while now and I just need you to know. I can't hold it inside no more." He said genuinely with each word he spoke, his gaze never leaving mines. "So I wrote something for you."

He began to strum the strings of his guitar, and I heard the soft, romantic tunes that played out of it. It was so soothing and beautiful, you can actually feel the passion in his notes.

"Words get trapped in my mind
Sorry I don't take the time to feel the way I do
'Cause the first day you came into my life
My time ticks around you

But then I need your voice
As the key to unlock
All the love that's trapped in me
So tell me when it's time
To say I love you

All I want is you to understand
That when I take your hand
It's 'cause I want to
We are all born in a world of doubt
But there's no doubt
I figured out
I love you."

He didn't sing like he sings in his gigs. There was no vicious growls, roars, or whatever. It was soft, it was the most beautiful sound ever. And, his eyes never left mines. He sang every word without looking away from my eyes, like he genuinely meant every word. I felt tears begging to pour out of my eyes. He strummed a few more times, letting the last note ring. I smiled at him, I don't really know if he's smiling back because my eyes was blurred by the built up tears, I rubbed them away.

"Billie, that was the most beautiful song ever. Thank you so much for writing it for me." I kissed him softly.

"I love you, Lyrical." He whispered against my lips.

I felt like I was going puke my heart out, I couldn't speak. All I can was stare at him. I knew I care about Billie Joe, I know he won't ever hurt me. "Say something Lyrics, you don't have to say it back but, god just say something..." He whispered in fear. So, I kissed him with the most passionate kiss we have ever shared.

"I love you too, Billie Joe."

He grinned happily at me and kissed me. The kiss turned out slow and sweet, but then developed to more urgent; more desire. He lightly placed his guitar by my night stand and he pushed me down on my bed, with him on top of me. You can hear the loud thunder, the beginning of the storm outside. My lights have cut off once the lightning flashed, but we payed no attention. No one was home so it was only just me and him. The rain was pounding against my window like bullets. I pushed him off of me and straddled his body. He sat up so he was near my face. His green orbs shimmered by the flickering light of the lightning outside. I felt like he was staring right into my soul, revealing all my bad memories and deep secrets. I placed my two soft lips on his forehead, kissing slowly. I pulled up from this kiss and came back for another. Then I started to move my light kisses around his face, kissing his black curly hair, his forehead, his eyes, each in turn. "Oh, Lyrics," He moaned softly, as I felt his heart began to race against my hand. His hands suddenly found themselves on my sides where my shirt had ridden up. They slid along my body, roughly moving up my back, dragging the shirt with them. He pulled my small body against his own, harder than he intended. We weren't supposed to do this, but I wanted it so much. So much. My lips went to his neck and I heard him gasp. I started kissing up and down his neck while his hands tugged at the fabric on my shirt. I didn't want to stop.

Billie hugged me as fiercely as he could, kissing the top of my head over and over, unable to prevent himself. His fingers kept sliding up and down my smooth torso, feeling the slender fabric of my bra on the sides. His tongue found my skin again and I felt my will crumbling, forgetting everything but his touch and smell. The world was disappearing around us, falling away like the meteors we used to watch together. All I could see, feel, smell was him. Him. I wanted Billie so badly. Now. Before it was too late. "Please, please," He almost growled into my ear, trying to get it out before he was lost to his desire. "Please, Please tell me. Anything. If I go too far." He said, incoherently. "This feels too good. My mind is going..."

I pushed him away from me enough to look into his eyes. "Then let it go, baby."

He pulled my face to his and our lips met. His mouth tasted so sweet and my heart turned over each time I felt his lips push back against mine with as much desire as I felt. Billie slowly sucked my lower lip into his mouth and then licked it with his tongue. I giggled and moved backwards. "Tickles," I explained, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand. He touched my sides again, making me wiggle. "That does too," I giggled and he stopped. "No, just not so light."

He moved his hands around to my lower back and his fingers pushed harder, kneading my muscles. "Better?" He smirked.

"Oh yeah," I said, collapsing back into his body, chest to chest. He worked his hands slowly up my body, massaging and touching as he went. The cloth of my shirt kept riding up as he moved, exposing more and more of me. As he was kneading just below my bra strap, My hands move up to the top button of his shirt, unfastening it. Without a word, I moved to the next one, releasing it as well. I moved to the third button in the middle of his chest but my hands were trapped between our bodies. After fumbling for a bit, I asked, "Can you?"

"Only if you do, too," He said and grinned.

I gave me a pretend tsk-tsk and then pulled myself up to a sitting position, my knees folded under, between his legs. Without a delay, I grabbed my t-shirt and pulled it over my head, tossing it away. My brown hair cascaded over my shoulders and down my back with a few stray strands peeking out from the sides. I felt myself flush as his eyes traced around my half-bare body, I was wearing a charcoal gray cotton bra over my round breasts. His eyes followed down my torso as it slipped inwards at the side, his fingers slowly ran around the smallest of dimples at the bottom. "Ahem," I woke him from his thoughts. I pointed at his own chest. I bit my lip just a little as his shirt slipped from his shoulders. As the shirt fell away, my hands fell on his body, sliding up his stomach, over his chest, and traced the few tattoos on his arm. My body slid down onto his until we were bare skin on bare skin with my arms draped around his neck. He wrapped my arms around me, just feeling the touch of our skin together for the first time. We lay there with him kissing my hair, trying to stop and be still, but failing and kissing me again. I lay upon him, his head to one side, while my hands moved up and down his bare abdomen.

"I love our skin together." He whispered as he moved the strand of my hair behind my ear. I nod and then start to squirm against him. I was slipping my arms through my bra straps, pulling it over my head and away. I nestled my now bare chest against his. I felt his heart, which had finally started to calm just a little, increased its pace again. "Do you feel your heart? I can feel it beating against me." I whispered.

"That's because I'm about to have a heart attack." He breathed out a chuckle.

I laid a couple of kisses on his chest and lay back down as he caress me. He ran his hands down my hair to my back again. He teased my skin with his hands, since his lips couldn't. His fingers went tickling down my sides and he was rewarded with a small catch of my breath. He then pressed his hands firmly against me, circling up and down my body, moving briefly under my shorts. As his fingers slid just under the blue fabric down around my hips and to the front, my whole body twitched and leapt. I rose up from his chest, straddling his thighs, looking at him. I placed my hand right on the bulge in his pants. I felt each throb as he grew bigger and bigger in my hand. I looked at him so seriously. He was unable to do anything and my free hand were caressing his cheek. "Does this feel good, baby?" I whispered in a way that can drive him crazy. He could only nod stupidly. Just then, he jumped up and tried to separate his part of his body from my hand. "You okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, yeah," He replied. "It was just.. uh... really good. A little too good, you know?"

"Oh," I said, as I examined his jeans. "Did you?"

"No, just close. If I didn't stop."

I laughed and began kissing him again. His lips moved against mine and soon our tongues were dancing together. I felt his tongue so wet and strong bend up behind my teeth, licking back and forth. I sucked it into my mouth until he somehow reversed it and I felt him sucking my own tongue into him. My nipples pressed into the bottom of his chest, moving back and forth as we kissed. The tip of his cock was lodged against my stomach, wet against my skin. Our legs slid against one another. He moved his hands down my body and squeezed my bottom in his hands. He growled against my mouth, making smile against his lips. He pushed me over so now that he was taking control, both his thumbs inside the sides of my shorts and pulled them down along with my panties. I followed suit, pulling his jeans down his body and pushing them away.

His tongue traveled down my neck, licking in broad, wet strokes under my chin. Next it was the collarbone. He bent over further and kissed down my chest. His eyes fell on my caramel color nipples. Each was erect and pointed outward. He moved to one nipple and laid a soft kiss on it. Then another. He ran his tongue over it and discovered I wasn't fully erect yet as the light skin began to tighten and the nipple grew. It felt fascinating. He was sucking on each nipple, soft, then hard, then soft. He ran his tongue in circles around them, while his fingers teased on the other side. He then licked back and forth quickly, and my body squirmed under his as he kissed. I squirmed against him so much that he had to move his pelvis away from me to prevent a repeat of earlier. As he moved, his tongue slid down my breast onto my stomach. His eyes fell down my stomach, past my pinched navel, to my clean shaved wet spot. He kissed down my stomach ever so slowly. I could feel my excitement building as he moved lower. I also began to shudder and catch my breath. He changed from kissing to licking up and down the sides of my belly.

I jumped immediately, the way I had before when he touched my hip area. He looked down to the spot that made me fly. There was nothing special to see, just a slight fall where hips met pelvis. He moved his body down to kiss the area. He blew a cool stream of air across my skin and my pelvis lifted slightly into the air. I licked back and forth as fast as he could and I moaned his name, "Billie..." He pressed his tongue harder on the dimple and licked. This time he received, "Ah, Biiillliiieee." I was beginning to wiggle all around the bed, so he took my thighs firmly in his hands pushing down so that he could continue, licking along my stomach, over my breasts, down my navel, down my hips, up to my thighs. My hands clutched at the sheets as his tongue passed over the inside of my thighs. He placed his mouth over the top of my leg to suck on me, and his cheek grazed the soft wet spot of my muff next to him. I froze. He turned his head slightly to look at my mound, I propped myself up on an elbow as I watched him. He placed his mouth on the lips of my womanhood and I squeezed the bed sheets tightly. He kissed up and down slowly. Truth was, this was a little different for me. Jermaine have never done this, I mean he have. But not as great as Billie. Sex with Jermaine was really boring truthfully. He never discovered my body right. But, Billie, it was different. I felt myself melt into ever of his touches. Then Scooter jumped on my bed, slamming his paw on my casset player before going back to his bed again. Areosmith; Crazy, was playing and I looked at Scooter, thanking him. He was such a smart dog. Billie Joe chuckled and went back to his actions. He flicked his tongue between the labia quickly. My grip was growing stronger as his tongue moved. He licked a little deeper this time, making the moans of his name slip out my mouth. He flicked his tongue repeatedly on my clitoris and I leaped in the air, "Shit, Billie!" I moaned loudly.

He kept licking at my area where my clit was, but I was starting to buck my whole body underneath him, making it next to impossible. He licked and I gasped and jumped, making him lose the little nub he was now feeling. Moving his head back to see, he slipped a finger inside my slit and moved it up and down the length of my mound. Everything was so wonderful. He moved up his fingers to the top, hitting the nub, and I screamed in passion. I bit my lip as tried to regain my senses. He came up to my face and kissed me passionately. I straddled his body once again and I pushed him down. "My turn," I grinned and he shot me a smirk as he propped himself on his elbows. I kissed slowly down his chest until I got to his hip. licking and nibbling on it, then slowly licked my way back up to his earlobe. He moaned ever so softly, and I moved back down. I grabbed him by his shaft and gripped it tightly, motioning my hand slowly up and down until I picked up the pace. I bent down and licked the tip around, sucking on it a bit. "Fuck." I heard him moan. I put him in my mouth entirely and slowly sucked him up and down. I picked up my pace a little bit and he gripped on my hair lightly. He sucked in air and his hips began jerking up. "Oh fuck, baby." He moaned again. I repeated the same routine for about five more minutes until he patted my head lightly and I knew what he was about to do. So I quickly moved my head and a glob of white shot up.

I giggled and grabbed some tissues that sat on my night stand. I layed next to him as he went in his jean pockets and searched for a condom. The blankets was wrapped over us as he crawled back on top of me, he didn't put on the condom right away. He just hovered over me, kissing me passionately as we heard the soft music playing along with the vicious roars of the thunder and the rain that was continuously slapping against my window. It was getting dark and all my senses was gone by him. I was completely lost in his caresses and his kisses. Our bodies were wrapped together, hands gliding across skin, lips pushing and pulling. He moved his lips to my neck and one of my moans escaped my lips. I instantly felt my temperature rise. He put long wet licks up and down my neck, again taking in my indescribable taste. Next it was my ear between his teeth, nibbling very gently. My nails descended upon his back and scratched lightly across his skin, sending goosebumps across his body. His hold on me became stronger, tighter, as he kissed and licked me over and over. The it all stopped, he just stared down at me, flashes of the lightning lit up the room. Giving both of us a clear view of each other.

"Your so amazing lyrics, I'm happy I found you." He softly spoke.

I smiled and my hands found their way on the back of his neck. "I love you."

"I love you, too."

He grabbed the condom and ripped the wrapper, taking out the yellow lubricated rubber, he slowly rolled it over his cock as his head fell on my shoulder. He held himself up once again and positioned himself, his cock was again pressing up against my mound, though this time wrapped in a plastic shield. He looked up my hazel eyes. His hips moved a bit lower until it felt like his tip was between my labia. He pushed his hips forward, finally entering me for the first time. I gasped and his mouth slightly opened. Our gazes never left each other. Slowly sliding in and out, my hands gripped on his hair and we both shared a moan. "Faster." I whispered. He nodded, and picked up the pace a little bit more. Oh, how it felt so good to. It felt like a thousand bolts shocked through me, letting my mind drift away. Making the world disappear around us. I began rocking my hips against him and he moaned loudly, "Fuck!" Our hips met faster and a bit harder now. Sweat was beaming down our face and in between our bodies.

"Oh, Billie." I cried out.

My fingers clawed at his back hard and I was watching him so intensely, as I bit my lip. After a while, I felt myself at my peek. "I'm almost there, Billie."

"Me too baby just hold on." He panted as he kept going harder and faster. His face twisted and his whole body began convulsing. We both moaned loudly as we both reached our climax in unison. He rolled off me and held me close once he regained his breath. No words were shared. Just the comfort of each others presence. I was watching the rain drip down my window as I heard his heart beat, he was running his fingers through my hair. I closed my eyes momentarily, enjoying his presence and his soothing touches.
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