What Happens in the Dark

White creatures have been terrorizing the small town of Belleville, New Jersey for a year now.
During the day, they calmly patrol the street.
At night they use an instrument called a drum that drains all the light from the area.
No one knows what happens in the Dark that makes everything crazy.
They don't have a clue, except that the creatures turn hostile.
A white creature, who looks like an animal, but is extremely large and a bleached yellow color, will enter your home and destroy everything you love.
White elephants smash homes.
White wolves eat your children.
What do the white snakes do?
They seem to patrol the city, but they haven't even shown sign of aggression.
On the eve of the last round of drums, the third, the snakes start to stare at people.
They don't do anything but stare.
They'll just stop and wait for you to pass.
What do they do in the Dark?