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Here Comes the Boom

Boom Goes The Dynamite

"Valenxia Michelle Moore, get your ass down here for dinner!"

I flinch as I hear mom's screech make its way up the stairs, god damn can that woman stop shouting for three fucking minutes? I look at the clock, just wasted 4 hours on this one drawing, well shit.

Rushing down the stairs, I trip on one of my shoelaces forcing me to take the last three steps in one go in order to make it look like I meant to do that. . . Smooth Vixxie, real smooth.

"Where's dad?" Billie asks as I sit down at the table, looking around I notice dad isn't even home yet, that's odd. He's always home for dinner.

"Your father hasn't called to say he's on his way home yet." Mom murmurs as she puts food on the plates in front of us, she slaps down some potatoes in front of me, getting it all on my shirt.

"Whoa! Madre, watch where you're slingin' the slop." I shout, scooting back from the table, "Hey, wait, dad's office is on the news, turn it up!" I say looking at the tv in the living room.

"We've just received word that the patients being quarantined here have somehow managed to escape, causing worry of a virus pandemic. The patients exhibit symptoms including but not limited to: slowness, drooling, vomiting blood, rotting skin, putrid smell, and worse yet, a taste for human flesh.

If you see anyone who is showing any of these symptoms, please stay very far away, it has been tested that anyone bitten by these people will develop the disease as well. What- oh goodness, we just received news that all workers at the accident site have in fact been infected."

I stare in shock at the tv, the newscaster looks at the screen sympathetically, like she knows how I feel. Dumb cunt my dad has just been turned into a-

"ZOMBIES!" Billie screams clinging onto mom, who is standing there like she's had a stroke.

Suddenly there was a loud bang in the kitchen, none of us made a move to investigate, but we didn't have to whatever it was, was going to us. Around the corner came our father, or what was left of him.

His skin was a sick shade of green, and bits of it were falling away from the muscle, he smelled like sewage and he was heading straight for Billie.

I snuck unseen around the corner up to my room, no I wasn't abandoning them, I needed a weapon and all I could think of was my softball bat. Slowly I made my way back down the stairs only to find that I was too late, he'd already gotten them.

Before me I saw my father devour my brother and mother on our living room floor. Crying I made my way behind him,

"HEY FUCK FACE!" I shouted, waiting for him to turn around, and sure enough he did and with one well placed blow of the bat his brains were splattered across the wall.

"I never fucking liked you." I whispered as I looked at his twitching corpse.
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Just a short snippet of what's too come.