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Does the "One" Truly Exist or Is It All but a Myth?


Name: Allie Hawke
Age: 21
Birthday: July 22nd 1990
Personality: Down to Earth, sweet, can be energetic, a very caring person. She’s an animal lover, skeptic to most things until she learns more about it. She’s shy, takes a while to warm/open up to others unless she makes a connection to you. Very random which is usually when she says the first thing that pops into her head. She gets nervous rather easily, doesn’t care what people say or think usually. She has two best friends that are like family to her; Annalise & Logan.
About: Allie had moved out at the age of sixteen to live with a friend, at eighteen her and three friends pooled some of their money and got a place of their own. The two girls share a room while the two guys share the other. Allie:” Annalise, Logan, Tyler I was thinking, we should save up for a vacation? We all could use one!” Tyler gave her a nudge which she took as he agreed, both Logan and Annalise seemed to ponder the idea for a while. They both agreed and when they got paid, their checks would go into the bank leaving only a set amount out. Allie always put her check into the bank, she’d use her credit card but not much. For over the past two and a half weeks they began getting excited about the idea. They all had been planning where they’d go, simply narrowing down the possibilities and ideas. Allie:” So Cali it is then. Now, when shall we decide to go?” Tyler:” How about we say, two weeks? We can give plenty of notice at work to get it off and that also means one more check to go and we could spend three weeks there!” Tyler and Allie looked at the other two, who also agreed. So they went among their normal routines, Logan as usual came into the girls’ room to hang out with his girlfriend Annalise while Allie decided to leave them alone although usually she doesn’t mind. She went down to the living room where she saw Tyler sitting there, Allie went turn and find someplace else she could go in the apartment but he told her he could join him if she wanted. Allie:” Um, are you sure?” He gave her a nod and she sat down at the end of the couch. Tyler and her have been becoming close, just simple little things here and there that have been happening between them, but they’re not dating. Allie ended up falling asleep on whatever movie or show they were watching, only it was in his arms.
The two weeks flew by and Allie was really excited to be spending three weeks in Cali with her three best friends. As the time was coming up Tyler informed them that this girl he had his eye on had invited him to go with her and her family to the family beach house, plus he couldn’t go due to not finding coverage for work. Logan:” I can’t go either. My boss wants me close due to our other employees mysteriously getting sick so I’ve to cover if he can’t get a hold of anyone else.” Annalise:” Ouch, I’m sorry about Tyler, Allie.” Allie:” Don’t be, it was fun what we were goofing off doing and yes, I like him as well as hanging out with him but I will get over it. So it looks like it’s just us girls!” Annalise had a sad pained look come across her face when Allie said that, but Allie understood. Allie:” You can and want to go but you don’t want to be without Logan for three weeks. It’s cool, I get it. Maybe if we keep saving up we can go another time, all of us together!” Allie went up to their room where she began packing what little things she had forgotten.
Morning came, Allie awoke grabbing her bags bringing them downstairs and out to her car. As she was about to get in her car and drive off, Annalise knocked on the window. Allie looked at her smirking, Annalise:” Give them!” Allie rolled her yes handing Annalise the keys and scooting to the other seat. When they pulled into the airport Annalise told her to keep in touch and gave her a big hug telling her that the next three weeks aren’t going to be the same without her at the house. Allie:” Ya I know. It’s going to be less fun being by myself in Cali. But don’t worry, I will definitely text, email, IM, all of it. Even with the time difference, don’t worry. Enjoy my car that only you are allowed to drive!”
  1. Time for some FUN
    What happens when you go to Cali as a vacation that was supposed to be with your three closest friends....but it turns out only you go?
  2. The Sights of LA
    Enjoying the Sights, sounds and all that entales in LA
  3. Do Their Feelings Grow?
    Allie spends some time with Zac but will their "relationship" stay as friends or will it grow
  4. What should or what does Allie Decide
    Zac gets to know Allie slowly, seeing her walls begin to crumble.....Is she really like no other TYPICAL FAN?
  5. Does Allie Just Go for it Finally
    All these feelings she has, should she listen to her mind, to her gut or to her heart. The heart wants what it wants, but she isn't sure what she should do
  6. Zac Surprises Allie with a Day At The Beach
    All surprises...what does this all mean. Could Zac actually be falling for her
  7. Someone's Jealous
    A friend seems jealous but what does that mean exactly. Will he act upon it, or realize why he is in fact feeling the way he is
  8. What About Syn
    She's not the typical fan as we know, but what about her one true love or the one she has loved from afar....Synyster Gates
  9. What's Next
    Zac slowly falls for her. Both falling in love but how will they make it work, he's a celebrity she's a nobody
  10. Does It All Come To An End
    She pushed him away, but is it for good?
  11. Tyler's Gone, But What's Next
    He is gone, but is he really gone that easily or is he up to something?
  12. Allie Pushes Her Love Away, but To Save Him
    She continues to push him away, even though she has explained what's on her mind to him she hopes when all is good he'll still want to be with her.
  13. Tyler Gets....
    Allie keeps up with her plan, changing it here and there. Does it work?
  14. Zac Possibly Says...
    Allie and Zac get back together, they fall for each other that much more. What will possibly happen?
  15. What Then COmes Next For The LoveBirds
    Zac begins to show his lov and spoil her....taking her to different events
  16. Allie Makes Friends
  17. Zac & Allie's Love Grows
  18. Vacation...And What
    Do they or DON'T They finally go on Vaction
  19. A Surpise of A Lifetime
  20. Zac SEES All
    What you see isn't always what's true....
  21. Taking Things Slowly
    After the Events of the last chapter and the beginning of this, she spends more time with a friend. However, she decides to take everything slowly
  22. Enjoying Life and HIM
  23. Always Suprising
  24. RAW, Behind the Mat
  25. Time For the Show (Raw)
    Allie in her own element!
  26. Surprise....Surprise of her Life
    Do you take the chance...when you get a lifetime choice of furthering your career?
  27. More Trouble Possibly Coming
    Time of her life, but could there possibly be trouble coming
  28. What'll Become of Them
  29. Happier Than Ever
    When you have just about everything you could ever want or need, what more is there?
  30. Will Things Change
    Everything is going good, great job, friends, life...but will things change and if so, do they have to?
  31. The Time of Their Lives