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Does the "One" Truly Exist or Is It All but a Myth?

Taking Things Slowly

Kellan shuts down the computer, he puts it away with her cords and then grabbed some of her clothes as well as pajamas putting them in the suitcase. He also put a few of the new swimsuits in as well. He grabbed her brush, toothbrush, then began grabbing cords to her phone and all that, her iPod and camera, it all went in. He grabbed some sandals and then left her room, when he went back downstairs he grabbed her keys smiling at her. Kellan:” Come on, let’s go.” “What, wait why?” Allie said. “I’m taking you to my place for a while. So, come on!” Kellan. Allie walked out to the car after checking to make sure she locked up. Kellan:” Nope, I’m driving.” Allie went to the other side so he could drive, she just sat there watching the changing scenery.
Once he pulled into his driveway, she got her bags and got out following him, she locked the car. He watched her face while she was taking in the house. Kellan:” Would the lady like a tour?” She turned to look at him, smiling trying to hide the excitement. She shyly nodded, while he took her around for a tour she was taking pictures of him. When they arrived at the same spot they started in, she grabbed her bags and brought them to the closest room to his. After a little time, had passed, Kellan went to check on her just to see if she was doing alright. He saw that she was sitting on the floor leaned up against the bed, she had her phone and camera, going through the pictures. He stopped and watched her, he saw her delete all the ones with Zac in them. For the phone’s background, he saw her change it to a picture of her in the middle of both him and Charlie, but then she changed it again. Allie put a picture of everyone except Zac as her background, the one where Kristen had her arms around Allie’s shoulders. The background for her laptop was the one of her, Charlie and Kellan. Kellan:” Hey A, what’re you up to in here?” “Um, nothing,” Allie. Kellan walks in and over to her, he laid on the bed watching her. Kellan:” Doesn’t look like nothing.” She looked up at him and he knew she as putting on a brave face due to how she looks like she’s about to cry. “You, know you can talk to me about what’s on your mind, or how you’re feeling right?” Kellan. Allie nodded, and that was the cause of her break, Allie:” I’m just deleting all the pictures of him off my phone and camera. The computer’s next.” Kellan:” Can I see the pictures that you have on your phone?” She handed him the phone, while she deleted pictures of Zac from the computer now, then from both facebook and twitter. She noticed on twitter a few of his posts. Post #1: To All famous people, I’d suggest NO, I advise that you never date a fan…never. Post #2: I will say and admit this to everyone…I’m going to miss her and I did love her, but the truth of the matter is just that, the truth. She lied and I can’t have that. Post #3: Let me be clear, yes, I fell for her before she fell for me. She was my world, my life. She was amazing and I sit here in my hotel room looking back on our time we shared and I realize that I miss her. I miss her smile, I miss how I’d always catch her taking pictures of me then hiding or how her face would light up when she’d see me. How she’d be shocked when I take her to premieres or award shows. I miss my rosebud, dam I fu*ked up big time. I lost her and forever this time.
Allie hesitated with the mouse pointer over the unfollow button. She took a breath, then clicked it. Kellan gave her phone back to her, “Nice pictures. Guess what, I’m now speed dial number one!” Kellan smiled stating. She turned, looking at him but then smirked. Allie:” Did you really mean that I could talk to you about anything?” Kellan nodded, leaning on his arms watching her. “Of course, I meant that, I’ve been in the same position with that first girl I fell in love with, my longest relationship. But as you can see, I got through it. So, what’s on your mind?” Kellan asked. “Well, you’ll only get to know part of what’s on my mind (Kellan smirked but nodded). Did I do the right thing, unfollowing him and deleting all the pictures?” Allie asked. Kellan got off the bed and sat across from her, Kellan:” Let me ask you this, do you plan on getting back together with him?” “No way, I can’t. If I did, how do I know that if this were to happen again or something along the same lines like what happened, that it won’t happen again. That’s one of my biggest pet peeves, when the person I’ve trusted, the one that I’m supposed to believe in doesn’t believe me or side with me.” Kellan looked at her nodding, he was waiting for her to go on and when she didn’t he spoke. “Think you just answered your own question, don’t you?” Allie sat there thinking about it, then she glanced back at him, “I suppose so. I mean I understand that what he saw, yes it looked like I might’ve been kissing Taylor back, but I wasn’t. He was holding both my hands tightly that I couldn’t push him away or fight him off. If I could’ve just gotten one of my hands free, I would’ve punched him or pulled his hair back whatever it took. Besides, I was crying and the way I was raised when a person’s real emotions come out especially when they’re trying to prove something and they get emotional because whoever isn’t believing them, then that’s when they start to cry and their true emotions come out. But I was also raised that you believe your guy or your girl first and for most. But what I don’t understand is, why he wouldn’t believe me?” Kellan saw her becoming raw, a little emotional as she was talking about it, Kellan:” Those questions you might not get answered, are you going to be able to handle that?” “Yes, yes I can and because I’m not going to go out of my way and ask him. I’m just asking and talking to get it out of my system,” stated Allie. Kellan nodded, he leaned over reaching for her camera but put it back, instead pulling out his phone. He began taking pictures of her, and while she was thinking things, she caught herself glancing over at him, smiling a little. Allie noticed his phone finally, “you’re not taking pictures of me, are you?” asking becoming nervous. Kellan:” Maybe I am, why?” Allie:” Um, w-why?” “Because I want to!” Kellan smiled playfully. She got up and went over to him sitting next to him. “Well, can I see them?” she asked. “Nope, for my eyes only!” He tried acting all serious and he said it but cracked a tiny smirk. Allie leaned over trying to grab his phone, but he moved it out of her reach. So, they seemed to wrestle around for it, in the beginning it started out where she was leaning against him but as they were goofing around, he sneakily ended up putting his legs flat on the ground, he used his right arm and brought her over so now…she was sitting on his lap trying to get the phone to see the pictures. He finally let her get the phone so she could see the pictures he took over her, but she still didn’t notice she was sitting on his lap. She smiled only a little as she looked at the pictures he took but saw that the ones from her phone where now on his. When she looked up at him, he was smiling at her, both leaned in and then their lips touched.
Allie realized what she was doing, what was happening, she became confused, embarrassed and nervous. Allie got up and ran into the bathroom, since she had her phone with her, she texts both Annalise and Kristen to see if they had a moment to talk.
Allie’s Thoughts:
“No, no this is bad. How could I kiss Kellan? I just broke it off with Zac. No this is too bad, come on Allie, get it together. That can’t happen again. I don’t know what to do, what to think. I mean Kellan kissed me back, we both leaned in and we both kissed each other but what does it me. Does that mean he likes me too or was it just due to my vulnerable state? No that can’t be, he’s too nice for that. But I kissed him too, he’s great and we both get along great…I can’t though…right?”
Kellan’s Thoughts:
“She’s great, I mean we get along perfectly. When we both met, and got to hang out I knew she was special then but now…I know she just broke it off with Zac, but I like her I don’t care about that. I honestly like her. Maybe she’s the one, the one I need the one who needs me as much as I need her. I know she is, the chemistry that we have, how we feel just sitting next to each other in a room full of silence. We both feel the same thing, I know she does, I know she feels the same as me. Plus, she’s beautiful, she’s great too! I mean the first time meeting her at the Teen Choice Awards, then at Rob and Kristen’s house. I haven’t gotten her out of my mind since.”
Both Annalise and Kristen were still up, Allie opened the door a little to see if Kellan was still in the room. He was, he could tell that she was nervous about the situation which just occurred, so he nodded, smiled and walked out the room. Kellan:” I guess I’ll go to my room. Have a good night, I will see you in the morning.” He left, she closed the door after him and locked it She ran to the bed, grabbing her computer to get on. She looked in her bag and was grateful he grabbed a headset from her room earlier.
Allie, Kristen & Annalise’s Video Chat:
Once both girls were set up, they waited. Kristen:” Allie, what’s wrong?” Annalise saw the look, she knew it was something big. Annalise:” What happened?” Allie:” Kellan and I kissed (looks away confused) I don’t know what to do or think. I’m very confused.” “Ok, why do you think you’re confused?” asked Annalise. “Well, I mean I just broke up with Zac, I know I’m not going to get back with him nor do I want to, not after what he put me through. I guess I’m confused because I don’t know if Kellan and I kissed only due to him knowing how vulnerable I am, or if it was just in the heat of the moment. But then again, it could be a real true connection between us. I mean, you all saw how instantly we took to each other, how well and easy it was for us to get along and joke around. I don’t know if there’s such a thing as the ‘one’ or if it’s nothing but a myth,” Allie. Kristen:” Ok, what do you want?” “That’s the thing, I’m not sure. Do I want or hope that he likes me, well yes of course? Who wouldn’t want Kellan to be the one, or be their guy. Who wouldn’t want him to want her too. We get along great too, as I’ve said before. I don’t know though, most people will just assume and say he’s my rebound from Zac or other stupid shit,” Allie glumly says. She saw Annalise roll her eyes letting out a chuckle. “And since when the hell have you ever cared what other people say or think? That’s never stopped you before. Anyways, look Allie, if there’s some connection with Kellan and you like him, then just go for it. Honestly, both Logan and I saw how you two were when you were hanging out and we saw you smiling the whole time you were really in love with Zac, but what we saw was different than that. It was like (Pauses to think) like when you talk about Synyster Gates!” Annalise smiled, stating. Allie looked shocked, now that it was out in the open, she knew it was all true. “Thanks Annalise, thanks Kristen. You both are just too good to me and always very helpful,” Allie boasted. They both said goodnight to her, and she got off.
Kellan had been listening a little, but didn’t stick around for it all, going back to his room. Allie grabbed her phone, she turned the light off and laid in bed looking at all the pictures she has of Kellan, thinking. Um Kellan, are you still up? <A Yes, I am, what’s up? <Klutz Can I come to your room so we can talk? <A. They talked for a while about things, and all Kellan said was “We shall wait and see”.