ABC Frerard Oneshots

A is for "Away"

Gerard didn't like being away from Frank.

He didn't think of himself as possessive, or anything; it was just that Frank was his and he was Frank's, and being away from him for so long made him feel uncomfortable.

Frankie'd left late one night, kissing Gerard full on the lips with a sad smile.

"Call me when you get there?" Gerard had asked quietly.

"Always, babe. Always and for-fucking-ever."

At that, Gerard had grinned.

Frank was away on tour, and Gerard was stuck at home doodling comics for some TV show that he really didn't want to work for. Having a boyfriend in a band was hard- you never knew when he'd come home or when he'd be able to call, and the knowledge that he would be stuck in a small van with a few other guys that weren't you for hours on end was torture, especially for someone with as many insecurities as Gerard.

And so, the second the phone rang, it was already pressed against his ear.


"Hey, babe."

Gerard grinned, wrapping his free arm around a pillow and plopping face-down onto the bed, trying not to squeal like a teenage girl would, receiving a call from her crush. "Hi." Frank chuckled at Gerard's voice, and Gerard could almost see his smile, lip ring gleaming in the dim light of their bedroom. "What ya' doing?"

"Thinking of you," Frank said, voice serious.

Gerard blushed into the empty room. "I miss you already."

"I know, Gee..." Frank sighed. "The second the band gets a better gig, you're coming with me... And we're gonna' get a really nice hotel room, just the two of us, okay?"

Gerard smiled a small smile. "With wine and rose petals and everything?"

"Everything," his boyfriend assured him. "Everything we've ever talked about. It's gonna' happen. I swear, baby. I promise."

"I know you do," Gerard said. "I love you, Frankie."

"I love you, too, Gerard... I'm gonna' get you the world one day," he whispered, honest. "The world and the sun and the moon and the stars. All for you."

Gerard had never loved anyone more in his entire life.

"All I need is you," Gerard confessed, quietly, like maybe the walls would hear and spread his secret all across New York City. "You and that damned guitar of yours."

Gerard knew Frank was smiling. He could just feel it.

"I love you," Frankie said. "I gotta' go, hon. I'll call you after the show and tell you all about it, 'kay, sweetie? I'll sing you to sleep tonight. Honest."

Gerard hugged his ever-faithful pillow tight to his chest. "Okay... I love you, too, Frankie. Talk to you later..."

"Okay. Talk to you later. Don't stop being adorable while I'm gone, okay?"

Gerard giggled. "Okay."