ABC Frerard Oneshots

B is for "Bakery"

"Faggot," the boy sneered, shoving Gerard in the chest, hard.

Gerard glared at the kid as he stumbled, barely regaining his balance. "Ass."

The kid with the lip ring laughed, rolling his eyes. "Like I haven't heard that one before."

Gerard just rolled his eyes, continuing down the sidewalk. He hated that kid- what was his name, Frank? He hated Frank.

Gerard worked in his family's bakery- his mom had pestered him about it all through his youth, and Frank didn't understand the fact that just because you decorated cupcakes, you weren't necessarily gay. (Which Gerard totally was- but he wasn't about to let Frank find that out any time soon.)

Gerard pushed his way in through the bakery store, met instantly with a glare from his mother.

"Where have you been?"

"Walking home from school..."

"Well, you're five minutes late. Mrs. Iero called this morning for her niece's birthday. We need two dozen vanilla cupcakes by five. Pink icing, and sprinkles."

Gerard groaned, rolling his eyes, pushing his way through the short swinging door to behind the counter. "Pink icing? Really, mom?"

Mrs. Way shrugged, handing her son a bowl of cupcake mix. "Get your ass into motion, Gerard."

Gerard just sighed.


By five, the cupcakes were finally finished, and Gerard was just walking out of the kitchen with a tray of them when Mrs. Iero and her son walked in to pick up the cupcakes.

Gerard didn't notice, though- he was too focused on reading the cupcake label. Sprinkles? There were supposed to be sprinkles? Shit. He'd forgotten sprinkles.

Just as he turned around, looking up to tell his mom, Frank Iero turned the corner, since he was exploring the bakery while his mom paid for his cousin's birthday cake.

There was pink icing and white cake everywhere, suddenly.


Gerard had slammed directly into Frank, chest-to-chest.

His eyes went wide. He'd always been a shy kid- he didn't know how the hell he was supposed to react.

Frank just stared at him for a second, before jumping away, letting out a string of curses.

"S- sorry," was all Gerard could say, stepping backwards. His cheeks were flushed solid pink with embarrassment.

"Faggot," Frank said, his voice quivering as he met Gerard's eyes. "Watch where you're going, idiot."

"Sorry," Gerard said again.

Frank glared at him, walking past Gerard, shoulder hitting his roughly.

And all Gerard could think about was how cute Frank looked, covered in pink icing and white cake, and about how he could have sworn that Frank was blushing, too.