Honey, I Love Your Love the Most

I'll never forget the first night I met her. Not just know of her, or see her around, but actually met her. The way her and her group of girl friends made their way from the edge of the woods into the clearing where the fire burned bright like they owned the place and everyone here, their tall cowboy boots making the walk through the tall grass a breeze. My eyes immediately locked on the brunette, even from far away I knew she was something else.

I'd seen these particular girls around town. I knew them. You couldn't live in a town as small as ours and not know everyone. I tipped my old camouflage Mossy Oak ball cap a little further down over my face as they got closer, keeping my eyes low but still on the brunette. She was laughing with another one of her friends about something one of them had just said. Her face scanned the crowd of people around the fire and her eyes locked with mine. For a moment her gaze didn't move, yet she didn't say anything. Out of no where she takes a seat beside me on the log I was sitting on.

"I saw you watching me. I'm Savannah. And you're that kid who likes to play guitar. Eric is your name, right?"