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I Could Write It Better Than You Ever Felt It


"Let me just try to get this straight..."

He ran a hand through his already messy hair.
I listened to him pace back and forth a few times. He was obviously confused and frustrated. Maybe even angry? I didn't dare make eye contact with him just yet.

"...You Is that what you called it?"

Out of the corner of my eye I could see that he had stopped pacing. He stood still in front of where I sat, staring at me as if I were some sort of alien. Then again, I suppose I kind of was.

Well...At least I could cross 'meet Alex Gaskarth' off my list of things to do.

Normally in this situation, I would be ecstatic. Over-joyed. I would be jumping up and down with happiness.

Right now, however, that wasn't the case. I was seated alone in a small booth, on a bus that wasn't moving.

My cheeks were on fire. My eyes were burning holes into the tabletop. I desperately needed my journal. If I could just edit my last chapter quickly, or possibly even make this a quick dream sequence, I would be forever grateful.

"Ye-yeah..." I squeaked out. I was feeling light-headed. I thought about passing out. I had passed out many times before, and I now knew how to tell when it was coming. I knew I should put my head down with the way I was feeling. If I put my head down right now, I would be fine.

"And whatever you starting to happen? Is that what you want me to believe?" He spoke to me as if I were a small child. I think I tried to nod my head yes.

"And you wrote that we were friends...? And that's why you've appeared here...on my tour bus...?"

That's the last thing I remember. I knew passing out wasn't healthy, but believe me- it was a far better option at that moment.
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