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I Could Write It Better Than You Ever Felt It


My eyes were still closed, but I was awake. I had been awake for quite some time.
I was afraid to move. I didn't want to know where I was just yet. Although deep down I'm sure I already had a feeling.

Everything was quiet and almost felt like home. For a split second I actually believed that our wacky seance had worked last night.

But those thoughts were short lived. I took a deep breath and stretched my arms out only to realize that instead of my big comfortable bed at home, I was still lying on the tour bus bunk. I sighed heavily. I knew all along there was no way that chanting and chugging water could fix this mess.

But Alex had seemed so hopeful about it. I imagined his expression turning grave once he realized that I was still here. I debated on staying in my bunk all day just to avoid all the disappointment I was going to bring. I was becoming more of a burden each day I was here, and it wasn't making me feel good at all.

A little while later, once my nerves subsided, I reluctantly got out of bed. I felt almost as if I was taking a walk of shame on my way to the small kitchen area. I just knew that my presence still in this tour bus was only going to create more problems. I kept my head down, hoping not to cause too much of a scene by joining the guys.

"There she is."

I looked up. Alex flashed me a small, somewhat sympatheic, smile. I retuned it and took a seat next to Rian.

"So...I made you a bagel." Alex said simply.

"Hey, I made you a bagel!" Jack threw a crumpled up napkin at Alex's head.

"Oh alright, let me re-phrase that. Jack made you a bagel, but then he got impatient with how long you were sleeping, and he ate it. So I made you a new one." He sent Jack a smirk.

"You make me sound like some kind of a monster! It was getting cold!" Jack folded his arms across his chest.

"It's alright Jack, it's that thought that counts, thank you both." I chuckled, taking a bite of the bagel that was now in front of me.

"Hey, what the hell is this?" Zack joined us all in the kitchen area. He was holding a familiar piece of paper; The instructions from last night.

"Haha! Seriously guys who's is this?! Jack, go lie on the floor. Lets try this."

"What is it?" Alex asked, playing dumb.

"I have no idea. It's like a list of...magic tricks? I don't know. But it looks hilarious."

We proceeded to watch Jack lie on the floor and Zack and Rian try to lift him up while chanting "light as a feather..." It somehow resulted in Jack lying on top of Rian who was screaming that he couldn't breathe. Zack continued laughing like it was the funniest thing he'd ever seen. I looked to Alex, as I finished the last of my bagel.

"Should we tell them it's ours?"

"Nah." Alex shrugged carelessly.

"Well...I guess I'm still here..."

"Yeah, but aren't you glad? Otherwise you would have never gotten to see this magical moment before us..."

Alex pointed at the 3 grown men in front of us rolling around on the floor screaming and cursing at each other. Alex and I continued to watch, both amused and slightly concerned. He didn't seem to mind that I was still here. He actually seemed ok with it. I guessed that he must have spent the morning coming to terms with it. I also have to assume that he wasn't really that naive to completely fall for the seance last night.

"Alright, enough!!!" Jack screeched before getting up from the floor.

"Niagara Falls, 20 minutes!" He told Alex and I, before running off to the back of the bus.

"What does that mean?" I wondered.

"Oh! You must not have heard. We're near Niagara Falls. We're going to go look at it today."

My eyes widened. I had forgotten we were in Canada, and I had forgotten to keep track of where we had been so far.


"Yes!...Can I come with you guys?"

"Well duh, why wouldn't you?"

"You usually don't like me leaving the bus..." I mumbled. Alex smirked in return.

"Oh Allie-erm, Alice- that was before. We're friends now, right?"

I think my heart stopped beating. Alex just told me we're friends. And I didn't write any of this in my story. I was mentally freaking out so bad that all I could blurt out was a simple, "Yep."

"Good. Go get ready and we'll all take a walk."


Niagara Falls was huge. And gorgeous. I don't think I appreciated it as much as I could have for two reasons. Number one, I was desperately trying to get over the fact that I was actually here. Looking at the falls with All Time Low. Those two things have got to be on somebody's bucket list, and I just accomplished them both so effortlessly.

And number two, Jack would not quit trying to hold my hand.

"The Falls make people fall in love, Alice!" He told me. Even though he was joking, I could detect some seriousness to his words.

"Yeah because of all the energy of the rushing water. It creates natural endorphins or whatever..." I explained. Everyone stared at me.

"Really?" Zack asked. I shrugged.

"That's what I've heard."

"I've heard something like that too. That's why everyone gets married here." Rian chimed in.

"Alice! My endorphins!" Jack exclaimed, throwing his hands over his heart. We all laughed.

"Quit being a spazz, Jack." I smiled at him.

"You better watch out Jack, or she's gonna throw you over the falls."

Jack rolled his eyes and shoved his hands in his pockets.

"Alright, alright. I'll control my endorphins."

"The energy of the water..." Alex mumbled next to me a few minutes later.

"Oh no! Don't get any ideas. No more crazy rituals, especially none at Niagara Falls."

Alex and I took a few steps to the side, so we were barely within hearing distance of Rian, Zack, and Jack.

"Maybe we could go see a psychic?" Alex suggested. I laughed.

"Yeah, at one of the biggest tourist spots in the world. I'm sure that would be accurate..."

"Good point...who sold you that journal?"

"Some guy in a bookshop by my home."

"Let's call him later." I didn't get a chance to respond because I heard voices coming closer behind us. We turned around and it was Fall Out Boy and some of the crew.

"Ahh, so All Time Low is too good to invite us to their Falls viewing party-I see how it is!" Pete joked, sticking his tongue out at all of us.

"You're like that obnoxious bully at the playground that no one likes..." I told him. I honestly couldn't tell if they were my own words or not; I was getting so good at being Pete's bitchy younger sister.

Pete ignored me and went over to go stand next to Jack. I heard him mumble something, but then they 'fist bumped' right after, so I assumed they were all good now.

As I watched, I caught a glimpse of Jack, staring back at me and Alex. I could tell he was becoming suspicious. I mean, I guess I was 'supposed' to be best friends with Jack, but I had been spending most of my time with Alex.
It was kind of hard not to. With Alex I didn't have to pretend to be a different person. But still, I could only imagine how Jack was feeling.

"Jack, come over here!" I called to him. He raised his eyebrows at me, but still walked towards me none the less.

"What's up?"

"I just wanted to look at the falls with both of my best friends on either side of me." I shrugged. Jack grinned, and Alex gave me a knowing smile.

"You're awesome, Alice." Alex told me quietly. Jack must have overheard though.

"No, I'm awesome." Jack stated.

The three of us continued to take in the mass amounts of rushing water before us. That water reminded me of my thoughts, just constantly rushing, faster than I could process, only to end up getting thrown down the edge of a cliff
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