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I Could Write It Better Than You Ever Felt It


"So...There's a girl on the bus."

"Awesome, is she hott?"

"No. I mean, yes but-No! That's not what I mean."

I over heard Alex talking near by, and I recognized the other voice to be Zack's.
I had gained my consciousness back a while ago, but I really had no sense of time today. I hadn't opened my eyes yet. I really didn't want to. I instantly felt creepy for knowing who these people were just by their voices. I felt creepy for this whole mess I was in. It would be so much easier to just play dead forever. I was in a really REALLY awkward situation. How did I even explain this??

'Hey guys, I really love your band! So much that I wrote a story about all of you, and I added myself in there-isn't that cute?! Oh and the best part? Well, last night I re-wrote all of it down into this new journal I just bought, and after that I went to bed. This morning I woke up to Alex, threating to kill me, in one of your bunk beds! Ha! What a coincidence, huh? Guess I'll be going now...'

What a joke. I better start mentally preparing myself for jail, or the nut house. Because that's where these guys are going to have me sent.

All that weird magic transporting shit aside, can you say embarrassing?? I'm pretty sure my face is now a permanent shade of tomato red.

"She passed out, she's in here now..."
Oh shit. I could hear Alex and Zack coming closer. I tried my best to fall back asleep, or at least do a good job at pretending. That didn't last long.

"There." Alex spoke, I assumed while pointing at me on whatever I was laying on. A couch? It felt like a couch.

Anyway, that doesn't matter. Because neither Alex or myself were prepared for Zack's response.

"Dude, are you feeling ok? That's just Alice." He chuckled a little. My eyes snapped open. Alex's eyes were just as wide as mine.

"You ok, Alice? Heard ya passed out again."
Zack held out his arm to help me up. I didn't accept it, but sat upright nonetheless.

"What the fuck?" Alex whispered, covering his eyes with his hands for a few seconds. Zack took a seat next to me. We were indeed on a couch. I turned my head slightly to the right to face him.

"You...know my name?" I asked quietly. The room was eerily quiet and tense. It was like we were in some weird si-fi movie.

"Of course I do! How hard did your hit your head?" The poor guy seemed deeply concerned about my health. The least of all our worries. I took in a deep breath of air, and sighed as I exhaled.

"What do you know about this person?" Alex now had his hands on his hips. I would have laughed if I was an innocent bystander to the scene.

"Are you serious right now?" Zack started to laugh, but quickly stopped upon the realization that Alex was far from joking.

"...Alright, uh...This is Alice, we've known her since high school...Why am I explaining this to you again?"

"What the fuck!?" He repeated it louder this time. He began to pace yet again.

"Dude, what's the matter?! Alice, what's up with him??"
I opened my mouth to try and say something, but Alex beat me to it.

"WHY are you asking HER what's up with ME?! WE DON'T EVEN KNOW HER!! Honest to God, if this is a joke, end it now because I am NOT amused!" He sent me a glare, and he continued his furrious pacing.
This was scary. I wished I knew where we were, so I could just run off this bus and out of this nightmare.

"Woah, CHILL! I think you need a soda."

Alright, I'll admit I chuckled out loud a little at that one. Alex looked like he was about to scream bloody murder, while Zack carelessly hopped up of the couch and ran off to go find a soda.
I hesitated before looking Alex in the eye again.

"Why does Zack know who you are? You were not on this bus yesterday! You did not go to my high school!!"

I imagine a pained expression took over my face. I knew I would sound crazy with my explanation, but it was the only one I had.

"I, um...wrote about it..." I told him sheepishly, breaking our eye contact. He shook his head at me.

"That's impossible."

Zack returned with 3 cans of pop. He tossed one to me, and handed one to Alex.

"I don't want this. I want to know how this girl got on the bus." He was trying hard to stay calm. Zack shrugged, resuming his spot next to me on the couch. He opened his own can and took a long sip before acknowledging Alex again.

"She's been here for a month already. We took her out on tour. Are you guys playing a game or something?"

I cringed. The typical fan-fiction story. Why couldn't I have thought of a more creative, less awkward and embarrassing plot??

Just as Alex was about to lose it completely, noises from the front of the bus could be heard. Oh no.

"Don't move!" Alex snapped at us. He threw his unopened can of pop down and stormed out of the room. Zack just laughed, while I mentally prepared for the worst.

"What a weirdo!" I mindlessly nodded at Zack's comment. I could hear the voices and footsteps coming closer to the room we were in. I nervously ran my shaky hand through my hair. I contemplated faking an injury. I ran out of time to execute this plan, however.

"A strange girl?" It was Jack. Oh this could go one of two ways. Both equally terrible.

"Recognize her?" Alex moved out of the doorway, revealing Jack Barakat.
Again, I did not dare make eye contact. But I could tell he was staring at me. A short moment passed by.

"Yes, this definitely is a strange girl..." He told Alex. Alex looked relieved, but only for a second.

Jack broke out of his calm character and a grin spread across his face.

"Alice!!" He ran over to me and jumped on my lap. Despite how I'd imagined I would feel if this ever really happened, I was actually kind of scared.

"We missed you at breakfast."
He suddenly kissed the top of my head. For so many reasons, I almost died.

"Oh my goodness, what the fuck, what the hell, shit, piss, what, what, WHAT?!" Alex was mumbling.

Rian and Matt had appeared, but both didn't seem to act like anything was out of the ordinary. Alex must have given up with his interrogation session, because he only ignored them. He barged out of the room once again.

"Yo, who's soda is this?" Rian said, grabbing Alex's abandoned drink off the ground.

"Alex is acting so weird today." Zack told Jack, who was still sitting on top of me.

"I can't breath..." I mumbled.

Jack rolled off and took a seat to the left of me. My lack of breath was only partially due to the boy sitting on me. The majority of it was this chaos around me. But it wasn't really chaos. Everyone was so calm and...normal? They thought they knew who I was. They were going along with what I wrote about. But why wasn't Alex? This was overwhelming.

"Go easy on Alice. Alex says she passed out earlier." Zack informed the room. Jack looked like he was about to say something comforting, but stopped when he noticed Alex was back, standing in the doorway.

"Ok, everyone out. I need to talk to...Alice. Alone."