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I Could Write It Better Than You Ever Felt It


"It's kind of dumb...don't laugh..."

Alex runs his hand through his hair once more before opening his mouth again.

"Okay well, you and I were childhood friends since we were maybe around five years old-"

"Typicalll!" I joked giving him a thumbs down. He rolled his eyes and continued.

"Shut up, it gets better. Okay, so we're good friends. My family moved to Australia three years ago, and we've only seen each other twice since. You're mom picked me up from the airport today and brought me here to surprise you. I'm crashing here for a couple of weeks."

"Australia?" I grinned, eager for more.


My grin faded into a frown once I realized he was done.

"So that's it? You could have wrote anything down and it all would have came true, and that's all you wrote? You didn't make yourself a millionaire or make your band even more famous than they already are, or anything like that? Jeeze, this is more lame than my fan-fiction."

"I have a pet kangaroo." Alex offered simply. I chuckled.

"That's a start."

"I could have gotten more creative, but I wasn't really doing this for fun. I was on a mission. I had to keep it simple and get straight to the point. Not to mention I didn't really want to mess up anyone's lives more than necessary."

That was a relief. At least this time around I would have to do a lot less pretending. I could be myself.

"You know, you really could have used a phone book or the internet to find me...might have been less complicated." I suggested, leaning back in my chair and getting a little more comfortable now that Alex's story was finished.

"Yeah, well I thought about that too. But no one remembered you. At all. How was I supposed to know that you would remember everything that happened? What if you had forgotten like the others, and what if I showed up here or sent you an e-mail or something? You'd think I was crazy, or that it was all a scam or something. I don't know...this just seemed easier."

I nodded. Although his voice was sincere, and he did have a valid point, I could tell there was more that wasn't being said. The look in his eyes gave it away, but I decided not to question it just yet.

The kitchen went dead silent for a few moments. I took a few deep breaths as I struggled to keep my grip on the situation in front of me. I watched Alex nervously play with his empty coffee cup while his eyes stayed glued to the wooden table top. For a second it felt like we could never escape this silence. Like all that there was to say had been said. Where did we go from here? We clearly knew that the journal was the cause of all this, but how did we find out why? Should we even bother? This wasn't an episode of Scooby Doo, it was our lives.

"I hope you're not too mad that I showed up here kind of unannounced. be fair, you started it." He broke the silence and sent me another famous smirk, which I returned.

"I'm not mad...It's good to see you, actually."

That was an understatement. Now that the realization had set in that this was really Alex, I was holding back tears of joy.

This wasn't a dream.
I wasn't crazy.

Not to mention that Alex Gaskarth was staying at my house for a few weeks. Excuse me while I die.

As Alex smiled at me again he seemed to be taking in my presence. I remembered that I no longer had the purple hair or tattoos he was accustomed to. I wondered what he thought. I avoided eye contact as I assumed he was taking in my plain brown locks and plain pale complexion. I realized I had on the same pajamas that I had worn when we first met, and I wondered if Alex had wrote it that way.

"It's good to see you too, Alice Loran."
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