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I Could Write It Better Than You Ever Felt It


"Well...say something!"

I was sitting on my bed across from Becki. She stared at me blankly with wide eyes. I had just told her everything. The fan-fiction, waking up on the tour bus, being back stage, the secret conversations with Alex, the surprise party, the flight home, the journal, everything. I left nothing out, hoping that if I gave specific details I would seem less crazy. Unfortunately, the expression on Becki's face didn't seem too promising that she believed a word I told her.

"I-I just...Alex Gaskarth was in this bed?!?"

I let out a slight sigh of relief. I could tell she was still skeptical, but at least she wasn't angry or automatically writing me off as critically insane. Not yet, at least.

"...Yeah." I breathed. It was still overwhelming.

"You do realize I can't fully believe all of this right now, right? I were on tour with All Time Low? And you were Pete Wentz's sister?? And apparently we were all at a party together? How could that be? I've been in PA all this time...!"

I could tell she was trying desperately to believe me, but she just couldn't wrap her head around it.

"I know, I know. I really don't understand how any of this happened. When I fell asleep on that flight I woke up and I was back here. My mom said I had just been sleeping all day, but it was weeks I was with All Time Low. I'd say it was just a dream but then it happened again! I wasn't asleep, Becki. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I wouldn't lie to you."

She ran a hand through her hair and gave me a small, reassuring smile.

"I know you wouldn't, that's why I'm having such a hard time grasping this information." She chuckled.

"Well...I think there might be a way I can prove it all to you...What are you doing tonight?" I asked, nervously.

"Nothing, why?"

"We're going to a concert."


About an hour later and all of Becki's uneasiness seemed to fade away as she joined me in throwing clothes around my room. Music played loudly from my laptop and Becki sang along to a song as she went through a drawer of shirts in my dresser.

"I can't believe you don't have a plain white top, it would go perfectly with that sweater!" She scolded. I rolled my eyes.

"Maybe I should just wear a hoodie and black jeans..." I pondered as I began to do my simple makeup routine in my mirror.

"To meet Alex Gaskarth!? Hell no!!"

I laughed loudly at her girly response.

"Oh please, he already knows me!"

"I can't believe I don't remember! Do you think he'll remember me?"

"I don't you really believe me?" I turned away from the mirror to look at Becki, who was holding up a skirt and examining it strangely.

"I don't know what to believe," she shrugged. "But, hell, this is a lot more exciting, so I hope it is true."

I grinned. This was the reason Becki was my best friend. I tell her some wacky story about fan-fiction coming true and not only does she not judge me but she's even willing to believe it. I made a mental note to buy her an awesome birthday present this year.

About another hour later and we were in my car on the way to our old high school. I smiled as I looked down at my plain black T-shirt and faded blue jeans. Becki must have noticed because she let out a loud over-exaggerated sigh.

"I still wish you would have wore that cute outfit I created!"

"Becki, there's no way I'm wearing a skirt to a Pierce the Veil concert in a gymnasium..."

"Are you nervous?" She asked me, as she stared out the window, slightly bobbing her head to the radio.

"Yeah. I mean, what if he doesn't really remember. What if Jack's just messing with me. Or what if it's the journal again. As much as I miss Alex, I don't want to mess with that thing anymore."

"It's probably not the journal this time...Maybe you guys are soul mates." She gushed dreamily. I could almost see the sappy scenarios she was creating in her head.

I snorted a laugh as I pulled into the crowded high school parking lot.

"Shut up!"

I parked and the rest was kind of like a dream. I was there but my head was somewhere else. My thoughts and nerves were all over the place and I was extremely grateful for Becki being there with me.

"Janitors closet, right?" She nudged me as we made our way down the old, dull-colored hallway. I noticed a poster advertising tonight's show, which made everything all too real for me. The guys were in the same building as I was. This couldn't be real.

"Uh, yeah..." I mumbled, rethinking everything.

"This sounds kind of stupid, doesn't it? Maybe I just hallucinated the whole thing, I mean, why would we meet in the janitors closet, maybe we should just-"

"Alice. Chill."

I nodded and took a deep breath. We reached the closet, although I barely remember walking down the hall.

"Look, Alice!" Becki grinned as she pointed to a sloppy note taped to the front of the door.

I hope this is the right closet. See u soon. :) -Jack

I chuckled picturing Jack leaving the goofy note.

" you think he's in there?" I asked Becki quietly. She shrugged and reached for the door handle.

"Nope." She replied as she opened to door to reveal some paper towels and a mop.

"Do you think we should wait... in the closet?" I laughed at the thought.

"Maybe," Becki laughed with me. "What was the agreement you and Jack had?"

"To meet in the closet..."

"Oh Alice, the situations you get yourself into....c'mon, let's go."

So there I was. In between my best friend and a dirty mop in my old high schools janitors closet. Waiting for Jack Barakat from All Time Low. What the actual fuck had I gotten myself into?
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