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I Could Write It Better Than You Ever Felt It


I was beginning to really think I was just crazy. I know I've said this a million times before, but what happens next really takes the cake.

Becki and I made small talk in the dark and dusty janitors closet for about five minutes before I couldn't take it anymore.

"Ok. This is stupid. Let's get out of here and go find someone." I reached for the door handle but Becki was quick to protest.

"No! What about Jack! He left that note!" I gave her a strange look. She was definitely more excited about all this than I was now.

I opened my mouth to protest but before I could speak I felt the door handle move under my hand. With wide eyes we both stared as the door swung open revealing...not Jack.

"Who are you? The janitor?" Becki asked the old man who stood before us, clearly annoyed that he wasn't who we were expecting.

He grinned and shook his head and as I stepped out into the brightly lit hallway I got a better look.

"He's the shop owner..." I breathed, and at this point I was really questioning what planet I was actually on.

I took a moment to take in his appearance. White hair and a long white beard, kind of chubby. He actually looked like a normal old man aside from his weird, loose, gray clothing. This going to sound idiotic but he was kind of dressed like a gypsy/wizard; Baggy pants and a baggy shirt complete with a purple scarf. He had on some gold medallion necklace and I wondered why I ever thought it was a good idea to purchase anything from this man. It was also at that moment that I realized we were far from done with the journal. Especially because he was clutching it in his arms, still grinning at the two of us. This just went from absolutely weird to absolutely terrifying.

"What's the deal, man? What are you doing with that?" Becki took control of the situation as she pointed to the journal in the mans arms. Meanwhile, I couldn't speak. I was about to start hyperventilating.

Of course, with his perfect timing, here comes Jack jogging down the hall towards us. This was surreal. I could feel flashbacks of waking up on the bus in sheer panic.

"Hey!" He greeted Becki and I happily. I couldn't respond and Becki gave him a half hearted smile. Jack then seemed to finally notice the man standing with us.

"Woah! Who's you're friend? Are you dressed up as a genie or something?..." Jack looked at the shop owner with an amused smile on his face. The shop owner continued to grin. This was straight out of a horror movie, I swear.

"I'm willing to bet he's the one responsible for all of this mess..." Becki said cautiously. She was beginning to let some of her guard down due to not knowing what this guy was capable of. Not to mention he was creepy as hell.

"Alice..." His grin began to fade.

I began to take deep breaths. Don't pass out, don't pass out...

"W-who are you?" I finally managed to get the words out. I took a step back so that I was against the wall. I was starting to feel light headed. Of course, why me, dammit.

"I used to own the shop where you purchased...this." He held up the journal and I was half expecting some weird dramatic music to start playing. Was this guy for real?

"Yeah, yeah, we got that part. What are you doing here?" I almost laughed at Becki's impatience.

"Guys, what the fuck...should I go...?" Jack was obviously as confused and uncomfortable as the rest of us, if not more so. The old man turned towards him.

"No, this involves you. This involves all of you." He spoke calmly, and normally. Not like how you would picture someone dressed like him to speak. That still didn't make any of this less freaky.
Six pairs of eyes waited for him to give some sort of an explanation.

"I made this journal. It's one of a kind. I knew what it was capable of, but I really didn't think it would work for anyone other than me. I've been practicing spells almost all of my life, but none have been as powerful and persistent as this..."

Oh God, here we go, I thought. He's talking about how he can cast spells...this isn't real life, this isn't real...

"The journal goes where it feels it needs to be. It went with you first, Alice. It heard what you had to say. The journal couldn't differentiate what was a made-up story and what was real. That's why you ended up where you did. It was just carrying on with what it thought should happen. That's why you've experienced what you did. I was so excited when you called questioning the journal. I couldn't believe it was working for others. All I can tell you is to wait...This has happened for a reason. Of course it eventually realized that was not right. Other peoples lives were not registering in the right context. And so things faded back to normal for you. But the journal continued to go where it felt needed. Next was Alex's turn with the journal. Short and sweet and to the point-which was you. The journal began to serve as a pathway between you two. But you knew things weren't right, and for that I'm proud of you Alice. You tried to set things straight. Back to normal. But as the journal remained with you, as it should, I felt a part of it rejoin me. It was as if though I could see each of your stories written on the pages. It was almost as if the journal was asking me, it's creator, for help. It knew you both were finished with writing in it, but it was not finished with you!"

He paused and smiled at all of our expressions. Becki looked like she wanted to hit him, while Jack's jaw was practically on the floor. I wondered if Alex had told him all of this before. As for me, I was focusing on listening to the man and staying conscious at the same time.

"The shop closed, I'm sure you know. That was not part of the magic. Simply a lack of interest and business from this town." He smirked, almost acknowledging that he knew people thought he was crazy.
"I decided to move my shop elsewhere, back to California where I was born and raised. But I knew I had to help sort through this mess before I left town for good. It was my turn with the journal. The posters you put up son, those were not your own idea." He winked at Jack.
"The surprise concert, your trip to my empty shop, Alice, it was all me and the journal. The janitors closet plan, and Becki, even your sudden willingness to join in, that was the journal..."

Deep breaths. Focus...


All four of us snapped our heads to look at Alex, who was now running down the hall just as Jack had earlier. Great, just when I thought I had my breathing composed and under control...

"And now Alex joining us here. That was also the journal. But I can assure you there is no more..."

Alex arrived and was in between Jack and I, and joined us in blankly staring at the man. He already looked to have so many questions but he stayed quiet.

"Hello, Alex. I'm sure your friends will fill you in, you didn't miss much." The man laughed.

I almost rolled my eyes.
Didn't miss much?!? Was he kidding?!

"As I was saying...I can assure you there is no more. I've gathered you all here against your will to explain myself and what I've essentially created. I'm exceptionally proud of what we have done here and how you young adults have handled it so maturely. I can not explain why any of these things have happened, I only know that the journal was cast with a spell to go where it was needed. I don't know why it felt that you needed it, but I do not question it's motives. This truly has happened for a reason. The rest is completely up to you, now."

He smiled warmly at the four of us who were awestruck. Finally Alex spoke.

"What...about the journal?" The man seemed delighted at this question, as if he forgot to mention it himself.

Then it went back to being kind of creepy again.

"Ah yes! I will be taking care of that now. Goodbye my friend, you've done far more good than harm, but you're simply too powerful for us to grasp."

He took out a small book of matches from his pocket, struck one, and held it to the journal.

"Alice..." I heard come from Alex next to me.

That's the last I remember. I couldn't focus any longer. My face felt so hot, and I felt my eyes roll back slightly before I shut my eyelids. I was out.
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I know I said this might end at 30 chapters but disregard that, this isn't the end! Sorry if there are typos, I'm really slacking on edits. Thank you for reading and everyone that has told me they enjoy this story so far! :D