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I Could Write It Better Than You Ever Felt It


My eyes were closed but I was beginning to hear talking around me. Before I could panic, I realized I must have blacked out for a few minutes. I guess you could say that passing out had become one of my well known traits. I had always been somewhat of a lightweight when it came to emotions; and even just the thought of something unsettling could result in heavy breathing, hot flashes, and loss of balance for me if I didn't sit down right away.

Needless to say, my friends, family and I were all accustomed to my strange condition. It was more annoying to them if anything. Strangers, however, always seemed to freak out. This was not the first, and probably not the last time that I woke up to people nervously arguing over me.

"She'll be fine, I promise."

The first voice was Becki, and I felt a quick sense of relief wash over me. Becki was still here, and I knew for sure she had also witnessed what had caused me to go unconscious.

"I'm going to go get someone, and tell the guys to stall. We're supposed to play in ten minutes."

That was Jack. His voice began to fade away as he left the room. I listened to his footsteps start to run down the hall. Becki was here, Jack was here. These were good signs...

"We should call someone. It's been like five minutes, and she didn't even wake up when we carried her in here..."

Any doubt I had left seemed to float away as Alex's voice filled the room. Alex was here and that was enough to kill my nerves for now. I still had no idea what the hell was happening, and that man who sold me the journal had creeped me out to no end. But Alex and Becki, and Jack were all still here and that was all I needed. I opened my eyes.

"See, told you!" Becki smiled triumphantly as she pointed to my now awake self. Alex's face quickly went from looking pained extremely relieved.

"Alice...!" He paused, and seemed like he didn't know what else to say. To make up for his lack of words he wrapped his arms around me.

As Alex gave me a quick hug, I took a moment to looked around the room we were in. It was the nurses office, but it was clear there was no nurse working. The lights were off, leaving the room very dimly lit by the twilight sky outside. Someone had placed me on one of three cot beds that I fondly remembered lying in years ago to get out of class.

Alex let go of me and I smiled at him. Becki seemed to have enough of our sappy reunion because she was quick to interrupt.

"Ok, so...what the fuck just happened!? Did anyone see where that creepy guy ran off to??"

"No, he must have left just as Alice hit the floor." They both turned to look at me.

"Sorry..." I smiled sheepishly.

" might as well go play your show. All those people are waiting."

"I'll try, but I really don't think I can play a show after what just happened, I feel like I'm in a dream or something." Alex said, and Becki and I nodded in agreement. I hopped off the cot and the three of us left the office and headed towards the gym.

We were all silent as we walked down the hallway. The silence mixed with the dusty school smell gave me an eerie feeling, and I could tell the others felt it too. Once we reached the gymnasium doors, I was almost too afraid to push them open.

Empty. The gym behind those doors was completely empty aside for a stressed out looking Jack, perched alone in the bleachers. Upon hearing the door creak open his head shot up and a grin spread over his face.

"Well at least you three didn't disappear too! Fuck!" He stood up to hop the last four rows of bleachers, and his feet landed on the shiny wooden floor.

"Where is everyone? This place was packed just fifteen minutes ago!" I don't know why Alex sounded so surprised, because honestly he should be expecting this weird shit to happen by now. Becki looked like she had just seen a ghost and Jack had an amused smile on his face.

"I texted Rian and Zack, they're both at home. They have no idea that they were actually here like ten minutes ago...Is this why you've been so weird the last couple months, Alex? You shoulda told me you were living in the fucking Twilight Zone!" Jack laughed to himself.

"Yeah was kind of hard to explain in words..." Alex replied. Silence took over again and the four of us stayed still, waiting for something to happen.

"Well, let's get out of this creepy school...I need a beer."

Jack led the way back through the doors and out into the hall. I didn't know where we were going from here, but hell, when did I ever?
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