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I Could Write It Better Than You Ever Felt It


Just as I had expected, I was not able to fall asleep.

Whenever the feeling of sleep would start to him me, my thoughts would hit me harder.

I was on a tour bus with All Time Low, how could I possibly take a nap!??

It was now about 6pm. We were all together again in the same lounge area Alex had interrogated us in that morning.
I was still very nervous, but I was slowly beginning to feel a little more at ease around everyone. I was kind of forced to. Besides Alex, everyone thought they already knew me. It was actually very stressful at times.

I sat on a chair, kind of secluded from the group of boys.
I was quiet and awkward but luckily no one seemed to notice. They were all making too much noise.

"I think she should stay here. She hit her head pretty hard when she passed out..."

Alex had been repeating variations of that line over and over again for the last half-hour.
Each time, someone else would protest.

"She's fine!"

"Alice loves watching the shows! That's why we brought her out in the first place!"

"Why don't we ask Alice."

All eyes turned to me. I mentally cursed Rian for his cruel suggestion.
I felt I should have absolutely no say in anything anymore. This was their territory, not mine.

I looked to Alex, who was sending me subtle glares.
Despite how he had been kind of joking with me eariler, right now he was clearly pissed off. I could almost hear his blood boil anytime one of the guys stood up for me.

"C'mon Lis, It'll make you feel better."

I made a confused face at Jack's nickname for me. Actually, I suppose it was my own nickname for myself, since I wrote his whole damn dialog.

I knew I should listen to Alex and stay inside the bus all night. There was a chance I could complicate things even more if I left. Would anyone else know who I was? This was nuts.

Just as I was about to say no, I caught the eyes of Jack, Rian, and Zack. All three of them looked like they legitimately wanted me to come along.

I mean, yes I could complicate things for Alex...But there was also a chance that this would never happen again. How much regret would I have if I woke up tomorrow back at home. If I had the chance to hang out and watch All Time Low backstage, but I turned it down?

This would all be over soon one way or another right? What harm could one night do?

"Alright." I smiled.

I can't tell you what Alex's reaction was because I refused to look in the direction he was standing in. Without even seeing him though, I knew he was fuming. Everyone else seemed quite delighted, and that probably only fueled his flame.

Jack led everyone out of the room.

Everyone except for Alex and I. I decided not to give him a chance to scold me.

"I need to pee." I mumbled.
Surprisingly, I didn't care if I sounded stupid infront of Alex anymore. I was starting to feel even more like myself now.

I hurried out of the room and attempted to find a bathroom. On the way, I ran into Rian.

"Hey, we're all leavin' in a sec. You ready?!"
He seemed very pumped up for the night ahead.

"Y-yeah. Just gotta run to the bathroom..."
Rian laughed.

"Well then you might wanna head in the other direction." He pointed behind me.
I laughed nervously and rolled my eyes.

"Ha, yeah, duh...I'm so out of it today." I spun around before he could see my cheeks turn red.

"I'll say!" He called back to me. I ignored it.
Oh I was out of it all right. He had no idea.

Eventually, I found the bathroom and locked myself inside it. I looked at myself in the mirror for the first time since I had gotten here. I noticed two things almost immediately.

First of all, I was basically still in pajamas.
So that was cool. Just chilling with All Time Low while wearing some pink PJ shorts with ponies on them. Awesome...

Second, my normally plain brown hair now had purple streaks underneath it.
I was frozen again, for about the fifteen-hundredth time that day.

I was on All Time Low's tour bus. Most of them know me. I had a tattoo, and of course, the recently discovered purple hair.

"What the fuck." I whispered out loud to myself. That seemed to be the phrase of the day.

There really was no denying it now.
This was all because of my story. It had to have been. I wrote all of this. I wrote about the band, everything Jack said, the tattoo, the hair! I wrote all of it in that damn journal.
I wasn't positive that was the cause, but I wasn't ruling anything out anymore-No matter how crazy. I was now a firm believer that anything was possible.

One thing was sure though-I could not leave the bus looking like this.

Thankfully, my hair wasn't that messy from sleeping on it. I messed with that briefly, admiring my new streaks of color. I took the rest of my slept-in make-up off with a tissue and some water.
There was a mess of toiletries on the small bathroom cabinet/counter. I noticed a large drawer in the cabinet and I remembered something I wrote about.
I curiously peeked inside the drawer, and just as I wrote it, there it was.

My make-up bag.

I don't know why this shocked me. This was honestly the least impressing portion of my story that had come true so far, and yet I continued to stand there in awe. I held that make-up bag like it was filled with gold. Hell, if had that journal with me maybe I could fill it with gold.

I don't know any words to describe how I was feeling. I was starting to realize just how amazingly cool this all really was.

I quickly reapplied my make-up. The whole time I worried about what I was going to do about my clothes. My shirt was fine. It was just a plain black v-neck. But these shorts had to go.

As if I had just spoken my thoughts out loud for all to hear, someone knocked on the door.

"Almost done." I called.

"You want your bag? You left it out here."

I set my eyeliner down and opened the door. There Zack stood holding a light blue duffel bag.
MY light blue duffel bag. From my house. I tried to hold in my surprise.

"O-oh! Thanks!"

I snatched my bag and closed the door on him. I opened the bag slowly. It was all there. Everything I would have packed-at least clothes-wise. And there was even my toothbrush and deodorant! I mentally rejoiced at this, while I swapped out my shorts for a pair of jeans.

I finished up and exited the bathroom. Zack was still outside the door.

"Finally!" He joked. I smiled sheepishly.

"Sorry...Hey...who else is playing tonight?" I tried to play it cool. Inside, I was still dying at the fact that Zack and I had numerous conversations today.

Zack made a weird face and laughed. He must have thought I was joking.

"You really are out of it, aren't you? We're still with Fall Out Boy." He stepped into the bathroom and closed the door.

"O-oh yeah...of course." I mumbled, not caring if he heard me or not.

Fall Out Boy. My heart sank. I couldn't go. Now I knew for sure this would definitely complicate things.
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So on a side note, when I wrote this The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was on tv... hahaha it was so tempting to watch! You don't even know, I used to love that book. Then somehow I ended up googling pictures of the ice king and well...that's how this chapter was born. I apologize it's mostly a filler. But THANK YOU to everyone who reads/subscribes/comments/recommends!! It means so much!