Status: Ongoing

The Beauty of Ignorance


Lately many unexplained deaths are taking place; they have been classified as murder and they have been happening for the past two years without any leads. The main targets seemed to be other criminals that had not yet been caught, but some innocent people have been caught up in this too.

No one has the slightest idea as to who it might be; the tracks are always covered up so well that the murders seem like suicides but by the way that the people have died, it would be impossible for them to do it. It is too barbaric for anyone to do it to themselves.

The limbs of the victims are cut up, each in perfect symmetry. The head is always put on a pole of some sorts; that is the only way people can identify that it is the same murder. It is truly gruesome and the sight of it can scar you for life or it's sure to give you nightmares in the least.

The murders never take place in the same location twice, it always changes unexpectedly. Since it has no pattern to it, it is unpredictable to where it will be next, and this has a lot of people scared to their very core because you just don't know where they will strike next.
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I know it is short, but it's because I couldn't make much up without revealing too much.
Anyway, I have the whole story planned out already, it's just taking me time to actually write up the story.
I hope that you like it so far (: