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The Beauty of Ignorance

Chapter 1

It was a morning like every other; the sun was half-hidden by the clouds and distant sounds of chirping birds could be heard over the noisy streets. The wind would occasionally be stronger than a soft breeze, and the streets were flooding with busy people. Every pedestrian and driver had somewhere to get to urgently except for one young man.

He had taken a break from his studies to wonder aimlessly in the city he has been living in for the last two years; while living here he hasn't taken the time to truly appreciate some of the beauty the city could offer. He has been too caught up and worried about his studies, unable to tear himself from them in fear of failing and disappointing his parents who have provided him with the money that he needed. But honestly, his talent at the career (architecture) is extraordinary.

Lately the stress from his university has been too much, and he simply cannot even look at his notebooks and textbooks without feeling nauseous and getting an overwhelming wave of stress and slight panic; he just had to get some fresh air to keep himself sane.

He had chosen to go to one of his favourite places, or at least the place he has taken time to explore; the park. It was a peaceful place where people came to relax and enjoy the scenery; it was rather large and it had a pond that covers roughly one quarter of it. There is a small playground that surprisingly always looked fresh and clean, despite it having almost always children playing in it. The rest of the park is covered in fields with trees that created a nice shade. Benches were scattered around the park, even in some places you wouldn't expect like behind a bush or a line of trees.

From a distance he could see people crowding in one place and faint guitar stringing and singing could be heard.
He wasted no time to inspect on who that wonderful voice belonged to; he managed to get through the small mob of people to the very front without much effort, mainly because of his fairly small build.
The person singing was just as beautiful as his voice; he had a perfectly tanned skin, and dark brown hair that stretched just a bit after his shoulders to go with it. He looked lean, but since he was sat down it wasn't very clear.
He had been looking down with his eyes shut while singing; he just looked like he was pouring his heart and soul in to one single song.

Kellin wasn't the sort of person to fawn over someone attractive, and he still didn't, but he admired the singer and couldn't help to study his features in awe.

When he finished, he took a moment to look up. The crowd cheered and started throwing random coins in his guitar case. He had smiled with his perfectly straight, white teeth and thanked everyone for listening.
Kellin had thought that this performance deserved it's own stage; it deserved to be known, but there wasn't much he could do except for throwing some coins and applauding.

Their eyes had locked for a second longer than with a normal stranger, and they had politely smiled at each other, but along with the crowd that had disbanded, he too left to continue to wonder aimlessly.

Throughout the rest of the day Kellin had kept thinking back to him, and the mystery he saw in the strangers eyes; they were full of secrets, danger, insanity, but also overwhelming warmth that drawed Kellin to him unnecessarily. He didn't even know him, he didn't know anything about him. Maybe he was the complete opposite of Kellin's expectations, and he would end up disappointed, completely repelled by the true nature of the singer.

He had come back at the same time nearly every day for the next two weeks, hearing a new song nearly every time he did, but the emotions never faltered; they were always strong. He enjoyed listening to the performances, but he never had enough courage to actually walk up to him. He actually didn't think that it was worth the risk, he didn't want to ruin the perfect image he had of the stranger, even if it may be false.

He was about to leave just like he did every day, but he heard someone directing a ''wait'' towards him; he turned around to find that the voice's owner is the singer he had been listening to just a few seconds earlier; it was just so much deeper than he had imagined since his singing voice is so uniquely high pitched, but that didn't make it any less beautiful.
"You come here pretty often'' he had continued while collecting the money that had been thrown in his guitar case.
"So do you"
"I have a reason"
"So do I" Kellin had thought that he was sounding stupid, but he didn't have enough time to come up with a good enough excuse.
The singer had been quick and was already putting the guitar in its case, shutting it tightly and standing up; He was shorter than Kellin, but not by much.
"I'm Vic" he stretched out his free hand for Kellin to shake, and at the same time giving him a full smile.

They had started talking, and Kellin was quick to ask Vic if he wanted to go to Starbucks instead of standing around in a park, to which he had obliged.
The way to the cafe was spent by exchanging occasional small talk, but they were mainly comfortable in each other's silence when it was there. Though, the silence would never last long because Kellin was too excited to find out about the other and learn more about him.
At first being scared, now he was confident that Vic was everything he had imagined him to be so far; he was friendly, yet at the same time he always felt mysterious, it was just the feeling you couldn't shake off no matter how much you tried.

Once they had reached their destination they had ordered coffee and sat at a random, free table.
"What do you do for a living?" Kellin had started asking, getting more and more interested in Vic's personal life.
He had merely pointed at his guitar, to which Kellin was only slightly surprised.
"So you don't go to a university, or have a solid job?"
"I follow my ambitions, and studying in a University just wasn't one of them" he had answered simply, leaning slightly back in his chair while slowly sipping from his cup.
"What about you?"
"I study architecture"
"Do you enjoy it?" Kellin had stared at Vic for a moment, because that was honestly the first time he had been asked that question. He was only following this career path because his family had subconsciously pressurized him into doing it; they never truly cared about his opinion, they only pretended.
"I.. guess so"
Vic had only smiled to his response; he just seemed to completely understand, to know exactly what Kellin had meant with his uncertain answer.
There was just something so strangely intriguing about Vic that Kellin just couldn't understand; he wasn't the type to get this fascinated about one person, and at the moment he felt like a lost puppy following someone who had just petted him, but nothing else.

In Vic's presence he felt more insignificant, because Vic just radiated this strong sense of power; that he knew so much more than everyone else.
Even if he was just a street performer, he had this strange aura of power and superiority that it was hard for Kellin to ignore, but the way Vic acted around him made it much easier, and soon while absorbed in the conversation, Kellin could forget all about that unsettling feeling.

"I actually haven't seen you around much" Kellin stated; he visits the park daily, which is his way of releasing the built up stress.
"I only moved here about a month ago"
"Change of scenery"
"Just that?"
"Well... yeah... I have no solid reason for moving here. I did sorta get in an argument, but that didn't really make me want to move, just a change of scenery"
Kellin nodded while listening to Vic, he really wished that he would actually expand his answers and not just keep them so short, because he really did enjoy listening to that voice; he would listen to it all day if he could.
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