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The Beauty of Ignorance

Chapter 2

Lately the news had captured Kellin's attention; the murders continuously happen all over the state and the amount of people killed steadily increased, but not more than one person is killed in a city.

The news didn't discuss this topic often and not many people wanted to hear about it, so Kellin took every opportunity he could to listen to it, but that was as far as he would go; he wasn't as bothered to research about the murders online, so he only watched the news whenever it was on.
It fascinated him how someone could continuously kill and stay sane, but then again he didn't know if the killer was sane, since if you can kill another living being there surely must be something wrong with you. Yet he still admired them to some degree, as messed up as that sounded.

He wondered about the killers mindset; what could have triggered them into killing someone. It was beyond something Kellin could imagine, but that didn't stop him from comprehending how their mind worked.
He was deeply interested in that topic; it was one of his guilty pleasures, but he was certainly not going to tell that to anyone, they would only think he was insane.

It was a weekend so Kellin had a lie-in for the first time in two months. His exams were still a long time away, but he still got too worked up about them; that he would fail his parents, himself, and anyone he knew. It was a path that he has chosen, and he would have to follow it for the rest of his life. If he would fail this it was like his whole life would come to a stop.

He now roughly knew what time Vic would be sitting in the park, creating that melody Kellin oh so loved. He took his time getting ready, savouring the relaxing morning he rarely allowed himself; he felt like today would be procrastinated away, and for once he didn't really mind, he felt that he deserved a rest.

The time to leave had arrived shortly, and Kellin was long since ready for that; it was the highlight of his day. He enjoys Vic's presence, and he just loves spending time with him, even though he only knew little about him. It didn't bother Kellin as much as it might for some other people; he was perfectly content in just spending time with this special person, he just felt an unexplainable connection that he wasn't going to question.

He left his house almost in hurry, as if he would miss the performance that was supposed to happen 15 min from now, and Kellin only lived a couple of minutes from the park. If anything he would be early. But still, he anticipated every meeting he had with Vic, and he just couldn't wait to see that wonderful face and hear that amazing voice again.
Kellin felt that he was obsessing over him, not that it could be helped; he thought of Vic every breathing moment. He fantasized about what their lives would be like if spent together; what it would be like if they lived together, or even slept together. He would always imagine many different scenarios that involved Vic, and one day he had just come to a conclusion that he was obsessed.

He didn't want to be obsessed though, he tried his hardest to occupy his mind with other thoughts, and he would try to do many activities to at least have him out of his head for a few minutes, but all that was in vain. There was no escaping the fact that Vic would haunt his thoughts; he would cling on to them and not let go no matter how hard you tried to shake him off.

He practically flew down the flight of stairs of his apartment, and quickly left the complex joining the sea of people that were covering the streets, and in no time he found himself in the park staring at Vic who was just setting up and tuning his guitar.
Kellin had slowed down a bit before the park, to make it seem that he wasn't rushing to get here, so that he would just look casual and not bothered at all.
He cautiously walked up to Vic who had instantly noticed Kellin's presence when he was just a few meters away.
"Hey, do you want to sing with me today?"

Kellin looked at him, slightly shocked with such a blunt question, but he thought about it; on one hand he was insecure, he didn't know how good or bad his voice was, and he has never sung in front of people, ever. But on the other hand it didn't seem like such a bad idea, it would mean that he would be able to do one of the things he loves with the person he likes most; it would just create the perfect day.

There was a long debate in his head but eventually he had agreed, getting the lyrics of a song that Vic himself had created; it was one of the songs that was heard more often than not, and Kellin already knew the basic beats of it, and just about how it went so there should be no problems, but that didn't stop Kellin from worrying.

The strumming of the guitar had attracted people's attentions; Kellin could feel the anxious feeling, that has settled in his stomach growing rapidly. He could feel his heart pounding against his rib cage in an increasing beat that was also pulsing in his ears. His hands were lightly shaking, but he didn't notice that; he was too scared for what was coming next.

He drew in a shaky breath and started singing when he knew it was his turn; it was a scary experience for someone who has never sung even in front of people he knew and trusted, let alone complete strangers. But seeing the audiences positive attitudes gave Kellin some courage, and he quickly grew to enjoy the singing by each passing second.

Time flies quickly when you are having fun; they were quickly finished and were starting to pack away again, but as usual they go to Starbucks. It had become a habit that they would do at least three times a week, sometimes more often than that.

"Have you seen the news lately?" Kellin had asked when they had settled in their usual seat with their usual order; it was just like a routine that Kellin always enjoyed.
"About the murders, yeah what about them?"
"I don't know, I'm just wondering how someone can do something like that and stay sane"

Vic had just shrugged to Kellin's answer, and that is where the topic changed; it didn't seem like Vic was disinterested in the conversation, but it was never brought up again because there was simply nothing to discuss.

"Anyway, you did great out there, your voice is amazing!" He had exclaimed with a smile that Kellin has grown to love.
"Thanks, though I prefer hearing your voice"

Their conversation kept on having unexpected turns, starting topics that are completely irrelevant to the previous, but they were always linked, because a new conversation would always be triggered by something said in the previous one. It was strange how it happened, but it was also normal.
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