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The Beauty of Ignorance

Chapter 3

Each passing day was awaited with strange anticipation that slowly grew worse; Kellin was no longer able to focus on his studies without having seen or heard Vic's voice.He lived for the days of seeing the one person he knew next to nothing about and it was a feeling that Kellin could not come to grips with. It was one of the things that will be unexplained to him, but there is a slight chance that one day he will find the answer that he has been looking for.

Next time he had visited Vic, he saw someone he hasn't seen before talking to him; at first he thought it was one of his listeners praising his work, but the way they held the conversation gave off a different vibe; they have known each other for a very long time.
Jealousy had stabbed him and he knew why, but really he didn't know who this person was in the least, as far as he knew they could be related.

It was a bad habit of his to come to a conclusion before assessing all possible outcomes; at times, when his self control is at it's lowest, the lack of patience was almost a hazard, and many times has he hurt himself when it was easy to avoid.

He approached the pair with unnecessary thoughts racing through his mind, but they had come to a full stop along with his walking when he was right in front of them.
"Hey" Vic had smiled towards Kellin, but Kellin didn't give a response, not yet.
"Who's this?"
"Kellin; a friend"
"Kellin, this is Mike, my brother" Kellin felt the weight of his thoughts lift, along with his spirits. He held out a hand for Mike to shake, which he happily returned.

At least now Kellin new a tiny bit more about Vic; that he had a family that might be able to tell Kellin a bit more about him, if he himself won't say anything.
In the past couple of days Kellin had realized that Vic was skilfully avoiding questions that involved himself; to him it didn't seem strange, because he knew many people who had issues with trusting people. He labelled Vic as one of those people; finding it hard to see trust in others.

"If you don't mind me asking, what brings you here? I heard that you lived quite the distance away" Kellin had heard Vic mention that his home town was a distance to be travelled, so he only assumed that his brother would live with the rest of the family.

"Vic had told me he had been thrown out of his apartment, and obviously he didn't want me coming here but I just couldn't leave the poor guy alone here, and I wanted to help him find a new apartment. Honestly if he knew I was coming he would have just moved states again"

"Why didn't you tell me?" Kellin turned to Vic slightly shocked, and the tiniest bit hurt that Vic didn't trust him enough to tell him that he was in a need of a place to stay. But again, that brought him back to thinking that Vic had trust issues, and quickly his feelings of shock and hurt had subsided. He only thought of Vic and what's best for him.

"Oh, he wouldn't tell anyone, but I have my ways" Mike was grinning at a glaring Vic; it was plain obvious they were brothers. The strong bond they shared could be felt from miles away, and there were also some features they shared if you looked close enough, though height wasn't one of them. You could easily mistake Mike as the older brother, but their faces determined otherwise.

"You should have said something, I have a spare bedroom where I live, it was designed for two people to live in but I never bothered with renting it"

"Oh that would be great then-"

"Mike, stop answering for me, I am perfectly capable of talking"

"Yeah, but you never do, and if it weren't for me you would still be living on the streets"
Mike and Vic were sharing a glare, daring each other to continue speaking; it was a match of sorts, to decide who had the upper hand in this situation.

"Anyway, Kellin, Vic would be glad to move in with you even though he may not look it. He just... he is very stubborn"
It was obvious in Vic's eyes that he was annoyed, but also a part of him seemed relieved that his brother was there to support him in his own ways, even if he did disapprove of his actions.


A bit more convincing and Vic was ready to move in; they had discussed the rent that they would split in half, and Kellin was silently leaping in joy that he would be able to see his obsession whenever he wanted to. It would give him the chance to learn more about Vic whether he liked it or not.

"I'm sorry about him"
They had moved all of Vic's things into Kellin's apartment; the move didn't take more than a couple of hours since Vic didn't have that many belongings with him, hence the moving around a lot. There were only five boxes in total, but they were filled to the brim; it only made Kellin wonder when he was unable to see the contents, but he respected Vic's privacy more than he should.

Now it was nearly midnight. The two of them were sitting on the comfortable sofa, watching endless commercials on the TV and eating whatever Kellin had to offer. He would have to get used to living with someone from now on, since he had been living on his own for two years now.

"Don't worry about it, without him I would have never found out, and only God knows were you would be right now"
They would occasionally chat about meaningless things that popped in their minds; they would make crude comments about the shows that are going on, on the TV, and for once Vic was sharing some of his more embarrassing memories, exchanging them for Kellin's.

Eventually they had retired to bed; the next day Kellin had to get up for his much dreaded University, he would have to get some amount of sleep to be able to pull through the day, and be able to put in at least the minimum concentration.


Getting through the day was a mean of torture; Kellin was conscious that his much loved riddle was waiting for him at home. That's what Vic was; he was a riddle to Kellin. He had drawed him in with merely natural words, natural movements. It was as if Vic had put a spell on Kellin, enchanting him into seeing him as something more than just a natural human being. He had no explanations to the force he felt towards Vic, he couldn't fathom a reason why he was so obsessed over one person, not if he didn't dwell on it.

If he dug deeper in to his thoughts, he could pick up many things he liked about Vic, many things that drawed him in; his looks played a big part in this. His small, yet muscular frame set a sense of power. His mid length, silky hair added a bit of femininity, representing a caring side that he had.
What drawed Kellin in the most was his eyes. Those eyes radiating danger. They were laced with mystery that Kellin wanted to know. He wanted to know Vic from inside and out; he wanted to know everything about him.
But it wasn't just good that he saw in those eyes; they were taunting him with the all-knowing look. It seemed almost as if no secrets could be held from those eyes. No lies would ever get past them, as they already know everything.
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