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The Beauty of Ignorance

Chapter 4

The few close friends that I had begged me to meet him, mainly because I wouldn't shut up about him. They would often catch me day dreaming instead of learning, and they didn't even need to ask what I was thinking about. So here we were, sitting in our living room.

They had instantly taken a liking to Vic which gave me both joy, but also jealousy; I knew most of my friends were straight, and already taken, but I still didn't like the idea that he was spending time with someone else. I quickly came to learn how possessive I was, how quickly I can become jealous.
But at least they accepted him, I was glad that they didn't go against me, just like they have many times before. Telling me that I'm making a bad choice, that I'm just going to get in to deep shit. Not this time, this time they approved, and quite happily at that.

Vic had suggested to invite his friends over too, to which we all agreed. It would be a tight squeeze from the looks of it, but I'm sure we would think of something.

When they arrived, I was consumed in even more jealousy. They looked like close friends, who knew nothing of personal space while around Vic. Really, I just wanted to throw them all out of my house, through the window, while lighting them on fire. But my ethics prevented me from doing so.

Pretty soon, I came around liking all of them; they were nice guys, and I just couldn't bring myself to hate them. No matter how deep, and strong my jealousy, and possessiveness may be.

We had set up a karaoke thing on my TV, each of us taking turn. In my opinion Vic was the best; no one could compete with his angelic voice, no matter how good they were. No one could compare to him in looks or talent, or personality, which I have yet to understand. He was flawless, he was perfect.

I had soon learned that they too play instruments, and that while they were in High school, they were a local band. It was something that I would ask more details of when me and Vic were going to be alone.

We wasted the night away with playing random games, which could be considered lame, but we spiced things up a little.
We ended up playing spin the bottle; we started off as truth or dare, but one of the dares was to play spin the bottle, until all of us had to kiss at least someone.

I watched as my friends kissed each other, it was a disturbing sight to say the least, but I couldn't complain that when it came to my turn, my wish had come true; it was Vic. The whole time we have been playing this game, I had my fingers crossed, hoping that it would be him, and who would've know that it actually worked!

I leaned in the same time he did, pressing my lips on his, instantly feeling a shiver run down my back. His lips tasted of coffee, the one that he took nearly every day, but it didn't taste disgusting as coffee usually tastes to me, it had a sweet after taste to it.
The guys cheered in the background as we continued for longer than necessary. It seemed that even he wanted this to last; maybe I wasn't the only one who was obsessed. Or maybe he just enjoyed the kiss or something, I can't go around over analyzing things, now can I?

A few more rounds passed and we returned back to truth or dare; nothing could ruin my mood now. I was just happy beyond belief.

I kept stealing glances at him, occasionally noticing that he was doing the same. This day couldn't possibly get better.

Somewhere around midnight they decided to leave, leaving me and Vic to tidy up the mess they had created. I didn't mind it really, as long as he was here next to me. We didn't speak, we didn't need to. I was perfectly satisfied with just him being there. I was perfectly comfortable around him.

"I'm going to bed now" I informed him as I left the living room.




A few weeks later, Vic had informed me that he had to return to his home town, something about family matters. It made me curious to no end, but I respected his privacy.

While he was gone, I was trying to preoccupy myself with the murders that have been happening recently. They were still going strongly, one killing after the other, and the police still have no clue who it might be.

I badly wanted to call him, to hear his voice, to see him. But if I would let in to my urges, I would talk to him for hours, call him every five minutes, it would annoy him to no end, and it would make him repulsed by me. I didn't want that to happen, I didn't want to scare him away.
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*Sigh* I tried to write this with a meaning, but it just doesn't seem to have a purpose, its just this part of the story where everyone wants to skip it...
I just sorta struggled to write this chapter, I have already planned out the whole thing, or most of it anyway, but I have no motivation to write this at the moment.

I just hope that you enjoyed it :)