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The Beauty of Ignorance

Chapter 5

One thing I had noticed (out of many) was that some people who I knew had been killed. I wasn't any more bothered by it than I would be with a complete stranger; you could say that I didn't exactly get along well with them in the past. Though, it didn't mean that I wished death upon them, but if I had to choose...

I was getting extremely bored without having Vic here, but it gave me a chance to properly concentrate on my studies. Then again, it took me a great amount of self - control to actually get myself to concentrate, because the thoughts of him, what he might be doing, what we have done before, and what we might do in the future were consuming my mind. It was just as hard as with having him here, if not even more straining.

I had been seated in my creaky wooden chair for about an hour now. Countless pieces of paper covered in formal writing, and some of my own messy notes, were covering my creamy colored wooden desk. My laptop was almost buried underneath all of that paper, and there was hardly any space for my cup of coffee.

There was a window right in front of me, which gave me a good view of the park that I always visited, and a good overview of my neighborhood.
I took notice of the unusually dreary weather; dark clouds were consuming the sky, shutting out any sunlight and making the streets seem darker than they should be, threatening to pour down with rain.

This kind of weather didn't happen often, but when it did I just wanted to sit on my leather couch, wrapped in my duvet with a cup of hot chocolate, while watching the TV, preferably cuddling with Vic. 'One day' I thought to myself as I stared at the small raindrops appearing on my window.

My little flat felt empty without him; I know he had only been here for a short amount of time, but I had grown attached to him frighteningly quickly, and I just generally liked the idea of him always being here. Imagining always having breakfast with someone, and always having someone there to watch TV with you, and comfort you when you need it most, it always brings up my mood that I know that someone is just there. But then I snap out of my fantasy world and remember that I know nothing about him, for all I know he could be a serial killer.

Another hour of studying and I have had enough, I had to take a break. I pushed myself off the chair that I had seemed to gotten stuck on, even though the chair wasn't all that comfortable. My tiredness made my limbs seem heavier than usual, which made it harder for me to even bother making an effort to get up, but I had convinced myself that the couch will be much more cozy.

I turned on the TV, flipping through every channel I could. Most of the times I could find nothing that would satisfy my interests, so I would end up watching the news that always seemed to be on, just like now. The same story was still going on; another murder had happened, and the police have absolutely no idea who the killer might be.

Out of boredom, I would often try to figure some things out myself, see if there is any clues the police may have left out, but I constantly end up with none. The killer must be a real genius to be able to hide their cover so well.

------- 1 week later --------

I could hear my front doors being unlocked, and shortly after opened. He is finally back!
I tried to look casual; I peered over to have a look in the corridor, and there he was. The days spent apart from him felt like years, but just seeing his face made it seem like only a day.

"Hey" I called as I shoved the papers I was holding on to my already overcrowded desk.
"Hi" Came his reply while he was putting away his coat and shoes.

"Did you have fun?" I didn't exactly know what he did, so I wasn't sure if that sort of question was appropriate or not, but I wasn't being serious anyway.

"Yeah" he grinned at me before going in to his room

"Do you wanna watch a movie" I said about a minute later, after having had stared at the wall for what felt like an eternity, and thinking about how happy I was that he was here, and of the things we could do. Oh the possibilities

"Yeah, ok, what kind?" He shouted back, 'he must be changing' I thought to myself, as an image of him shirtless floated around in my mind.

"I was thinking Insidious, I bought it recently and haven't bothered watching it yet"

"M'kay" He came out of his room in sweats and a simple tank top, just what I had expected, taking a seat on the couch.

I quickly popped the DVD in to the player, pressing play so that all the adverts would have passed by the time I had gotten myself relaxed; I ran into my room, grabbing a big enough blanket for us both, and a few pillows, throwing them on to the couch.

I put in some popcorn in to the microwave, and when I heard the annoying beeps I took it out, and poured it in a big bowl; I had heard from my friends that there are bits in the movie which make you jump, so just in case that does happen, I want most of my food staying in the bowl, and not end up on the floor.

I went back to the couch where Vic had set up the pillows and the blanket, and sat down in my rightful place, putting the blanket around one of my shoulders, since Vic had the other end. We weren't exactly cuddled together yet, but it was close enough, for now.
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Sorry for the late updates, and short chapters, but it's quite challenging to come up with something interesting, and then write it out good, and idk, I'm trying

I feel like I've made Kellin this possessive creep, the complete opposite of what I had in mind; I wanted him to be this sweet, innocent, and kind of ignorant and oblivious, but instead he is this. Idk, is it just me?

Anyways, I will try to write the next chapter a bit longer and a bit faster, but no real promises ;)