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The Beauty of Ignorance

Chapter 6

Most of the movie had been fine for Kellin, but there were some bits in which he would get startled by, which resulted to him hiding behind the blanket. That was when he could hear Vic chuckle softly, and it would instantly brighten Kellin's face and put him to ease once more.

At one point he had become extremely restless, and was unable to find any way of sitting comfortably. He kept fidgeting continuously, and in the end he ended up leaning against Vic. He did ask if it was fine, otherwise he just felt that he was invading his personal space, but Vic had looked more than happy that the movement had stopped.

To make it more comfortable for them both, Vic had brought one of his arms around Kellin, and let him rest his head against his shoulder. Kellin made himself believe that this was a normal thing for friends to do, and even if it wasn't he was too cozy to move.

He had failed to stay awake throughout the whole movie, so once it had ended, Vic just had to carry him back, he felt too bad not to; he tucked him in his bed, and before leaving for his own room he smiled, looking back at Kellin.

The next morning Kellin was rushing to get all of his things together, since he had overslept. He was swearing at his alarm clock, almost smashing it on the floor, but he had stopped and glared at Vic when he heard him laughing. He almost started panicking, but somehow with some help, he got out of his house just in time.

Vic had yawned and returned back to his bed, deeming that it was too early to do anything purposeful.


"What do I do though?" Kellin asked one of his friends, that happened to be a girl, after telling her all about Vic, and how he wants something more than just a friendship.

"Well, are there any signs?"

"Like what?"

"Well, like, does he stare at you excessively long, or make compliments or nice gestures? Something like that."

"I don't know? I occasionally catch him looking, but that's not often"

"You're just lying to yourself, if you catch him looking at you more than once, and you're not having a conversation with him, then I'm sure there is at least a little bit of attraction there. Unless you look horrific, then, y'know, you get the idea..."

'Always so helpful and reassuring' Kellin thought sarcastically, though, he had to admit that most of the times his friends really were helpful, and they always got him out of sticky situations.

"No but seriously, help?" Kellin enlarged his eyes slightly, making his signature puppy look. He knew his friends were more than happy to help, because nearly all the girls he knew were fangirling over the fact that he was gay, but he liked to perfect the pouty look, just in case he needed to use it one day.

"Ok, so, I would tell you to say it flat out and see what happens, but since you are living with him, I don't think that would be the best idea..."

Kellin nodded, this girl always had some great advice, and he has seen people going to her more than once, in need of some words of wisdom. But most of what she said was perfectly logical, something anyone could come up with, but she just managed to think of it before anyone else.

"Just try to see if there are any more signs, and maybe ask his friends to ask him whats his opinion on you, y'know? And maybe you could get them to work with you, and yeah"

They had to hush their voices for a couple of minutes, because their teacher had shot them a dirty look. He normally doesn't tell people off, because before he said that it is up to the students if they want to achieve something in life or not, but occasionally he would glare at people to get them to listen for at least a split second.

"Once you are sure that there is something there, then just ask him if he wants to go on a date, maybe a dinner or something, but that's up to you"

"Sounds simple enough" Kellin said, setting out a scenario in his head on how this might happen. The plan sounded good enough to work, but there is also the possibility that Vic just sees Kellin as a friend, and isn't even on the same team.


Kellin returned to an empty house; there was a note left on the counter top which read that Vic had gone out to the park. There is no real need for him to leave behind a note, because Kellin can just easily guess, but it was reassuring to know that he hadn't been kidnapped, or that he suddenly decided to move states again, and just happened to leave all of his stuff behind.

Without taking off his shoes he walked inside his living room, dropping his bag by his working space. He grabbed a plate of leftover salad that he had made two nights ago, and quickly finished it while listening to the news. Honestly, he was getting sick of watching nearly the same thing every day, but there really was nothing better to watch, and he didn't really want to eat his lunch in silence. It felt too creepy.

He dumped his plate in the sink once done, and left his house, heading for the park. He hoped that Vic was still there, and that he too could sing some songs. From that first time he had been made to sing in the public, he really had enjoyed it, and it had been a while since he last did it.

Kellin felt his stomach twist in that all too familiar anxious feeling when he came closer to the park; he could hear Vic's beautiful voice long before he could see him, but even when he was close enough he was unable to see the man, because a crowd of people were blocking his view.

Just like he had done many times before, he slid through the crowd easily to stand at the front. Vic had instantly looked up at him and smiled, he just so happened to have finished with the song he was singing just a few moments ago.

People cheered and threw spare coins in to Vic's guitar case. Some people left, but a few stayed behind, hoping to hear another performance.

He already knew what Kellin was here for, it was visible in his eyes how eager he was, so Vic just gave him the lyrics of the song he was going to sing next. They had sung it before, so Kellin knew exactly how the tune goes.

They blasted their hearts out with every song they had. They had stayed there for longer than expected, and by now a lot of people had left. No matter how good the performance was, there was a limited amount of time in which people could stand in one spot.
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