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The Beauty of Ignorance

Chapter 7

A week had passed in a blink of an eye. Each day Kellin would try to observe Vic more, following the advice he had been given, but he couldn't pick up on anything.

One day, when Vic had said that he was going to spend the day with his brother, Kellin got together with Vic's friends. It was handy that Kellin had asked for their numbers when they were over, so it wasn't hard to arrange a meetup.

It had been in Starbucks; they took a seat near the back corner where all three of them could be seated. They had been slightly sceptical at first, wondering exactly why Kellin had gathered them, since they weren't such close friends, but after telling them the reason why they were much more accepting. Kellin's nerves had prevented him from asking for a considerable amount of time, because he didn't know whether they were homophobic or not, but he was glad that he managed to convince himself because now he got to find out that Vic indeed played for his team.

"You should totally go for it dude" said the more enthusiastic one in their little friend group, only two of them could come, but it was better than nothing, and plus, they were Vic's best friends.

"Yeah, Vic has been on his own for far too long"

"Thanks, but how do I know he won't be grossed out, and then our friendship is ruined?"

"He wont, believe me" Both of them were grinning with looks that gave off the impression that they knew something that others didn't.

Their encouraging words and gestures were more than enough to convince Kellin to do something to try to move their relationship to something more. He really didn't want to ruin this friendship, but he also felt that if he kept suffering in silence like this, he would just explode one day and be an emotional wreck. He was obsessed enough already, and he just hoped that if this did go somewhere, his obsession would be soothed and he would be much more content.


Upon returning home, Kellin could hear muffled voices. He guessed Vic and his brother had returned here. It wasn't often that they crashed here, his brother didn't seem too keen on visiting.

Kellin didn't want to disturb them, so he quietly crept to his room. He wasn't a fan of eavesdropping, and overall believed it was morally wrong, but he just couldn't help but over hear a few sentences of their conversation.

"You can't keep doing this Mike, don't you remember how disappointed mum was?"
"But that's it, she was. She is no longer here Vic"

"That doesn't give you a reason to start this again"
"You know what, forget it! I don't even understand why I came to look for help in you. All I wanted was some support! I thought you of all people might understand, but I guess I was wrong"

Kellin could hear footsteps quickly becoming louder as they neared the hallway; he didn't have enough time to get into his room unnoticed, so he pretended that he had just arrived by taking off his shoes slowly.
Seconds after Kellin thought he looked normal, Mike stormed past him and out of the door, followed by Vic.

It was visible that Vic was ready to race after his brother, but he had stopped once Kellin was in his line of sight.

"Is everything all right?" Kellin dared to ask after looking at the door that had been slammed shut harshly, making the ground they were standing on vibrate lightly.

"Yeah, just family issues"
"Want to talk about it?"

"Not really" Vic was retreating back to the living room, falling heavily on to the couch, slumping as his eyes stared vacantly at the black TV screen.

Kellin silently followed, watching Vic's rough and sloppy movements closely. He was thinking of ways to cheer him up, because he knew all too well how no one liked to feel so down

"Hey, lets go outside"
"Why? And where?"

"To sing, and you'll see"
"Kellin, not everything revolves around singing. Not every problem can be solved by it"

"Yeah, but you need some cheering up, and you sing every day simply because you enjoy it, so you're not the one to talk"

Kellin could hear him grumble something, but the tune was so low and quiet that he couldn't understand a word, it all just sounded like humming.
He would have taken the guitar along, and he had weighed out the pros and cons for about a solid minute, but he came to the conclusion that he wasn't bothered enough to carry the heavy instrument. In the end it would only be dead weight.

Quite recently, while wondering through the city Kellin had found a small woods. In this busy building infested area, there was still a magical piece of land. That was exactly where Kellin was taking Vic, certain that he has not been there yet considering how long he has been here.

He led him through the narrow trail; branches were reaching out for them and hooking themselves in to their clothes. Some got loosely tangled in their hair, and some roots tried to trip the two of them.

"Are you sure you know where you are going?"
"Absolutely" Well, I just about know the general direction, but I'm sure I will find my way there Kellin thought to himself as he dodged some of the lower branches.

It was obvious to anyone who happened to come here that not many people visited this area. It seemed that once this path had been frequently used, and was now completely abandoned. Littered with spider webs that stretched from one tree to the other. It looked like a scenery from a horror movie, yet much less scary and more magical.

They were forced to a stop when they came across a river. It didn't seem too hard to get across, considering the massive boulders placed in the middle of it, but they had decided to stay there, find something to sit on and just sing.
What had convinced them was that the river's force was visibly strong, and the boulders looked slippery. It wouldn't be hard to slip and die.

Kellin was the first to start singing, or more like humming a familiar tune. Vic had soon after joined him; they started out quietly, slightly anxious of disturbing the silence that stretched all through the forest. But just like always they had quickly grown comfortable, and were singing to their hearts content.

Kellin had always known that he loved singing, but he never knew that you could enjoy it to this extent, not until Vic had shown up in his life, and shown exactly how much you can enjoy something.
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