‹ Prequel: Martyr's Run

Storms in Utopia

‘Imagine it,’ she whispered, fire in her eyes, ‘a world without fear.’
‘A world without fear,’ I echoed in a dreamlike state. The idea was simply too impossible to comprehend. And yet, I knew that I would give everything I had to achieve that world.

The truth has been discovered. Dreamers are being hunted. Their bases are being raided right across the world.
War is inevitable.

As Simeon and Jake arrive in Berlin and Hurricane and Arjan return, it doesn’t take long for the Dreamers to realise that conflict may be the only way forward. And many of them are only too happy to participate. The world is plunged into darker, more twisted times than ever before, causing the Dreamers to retaliate more and more severely. And in amongst it all, tensions in the base are running higher and higher as enemies are made both above ground and below, and it becomes apparent that no one can be trusted.

Only one thing in this dystopian world is for sure: No side is going to back down.

Sequel to Martyr's Run