The Perfect Fan

chapter 18

Norman took a hold of Paige's arm as he helped her out of the wheelchair a few days later. Leo got out of his car and quickly walked around it to open the door to his back seat. Both her boys asked her repeatedly if she was okay as she moved. Her side and her chest were still sore and tender so she had to be careful. They helped her into the back then Norman slipped in next to her while Leo went back around the car to the driver's side. Norman put his left arm around her shoulders and tucked her into him.

" You're going to like the bed spread Prentiss picked out for you." Leo said once he got the car started.

They had had to throw out her old bed spread because of blood splatter for Mike's gunshot wounds. The Agents helped get them out of the lease at their old apartment. Every one had been concerned Paige won't be able to handle going back to the place she had been stabbed and Mike had died in. Leo and Paige signed a lease in an another building, not far from Norman's place.

" I can't believe I have to learn new subway lines." Paige said as she leaned her head against Norman.

" All you have to do is memorize the colors again, remember Babe?" He said as he rubbed her leg. Paige smiled and closed her eyes.

" Thank you for moving everything, you guys." She said.

" Prentiss and Reid are there right now, making us some dinners. You know I can't cook so they decided to make us a couple of days worth of food and freeze them." Leo said.

" When are they leaving?" Paige asked.

" Tomorrow morning." Norman said. Paige nodded. He turned his head so his mouth against against the side of her head. He kissed her temper carefully.

" Good. I love them but I'm looking forward to them being gone. I just want to move forward." She said.

" It's about time you got move on, isn't it, Babe?" He whispered as Leo drove. Paige nodded and sighed.

" Yeah, it is and for once in a long time, the future looks amazing." She said.

The end