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Captain of My Life 010:

Chapter Ten
It was a rough pregnancy for Alex, it took longer for the second baby to come out, and if it took any longer, the doctor was going to perform a caesarean section. When the baby was born, Alex scared us because her heart rate dropped rapidly, but the nurses went in quickly and brought it back up.

Now Alex was passed out from exhaustion and I was sitting on the chair next to her bed with my right ankle propped up onto my left knees, holding my two sons in each arm. I smiled down towards them, and then looked over towards Alex to see that she was peacefully asleep. We didn’t know that we were having twin, when we went to the doctors last, he asked us if we wanted to know the sex of the baby, but we decided to leave it a surprise. Apparently he thought that us knowing that we were having twins was going to be left as a surprise as well.

‘…Four kids…’ I smiled brightly, ‘…Wow…’

I heard the door open and looked up to see some of my teammates peaking their heads in. I smiled towards then and then nudged my head towards Alex. Marc nodded his head and then looked back towards the guys and told them that we needed to be quiet.

“I didn’t know Alex was having twins,” Brandon said as he walked in after pushing passed Marc and Geno.

“We didn’t either,” I laughed they looked at me confused, “The doctor failed to mention it to us.”

“Oh, well that sucks,” he said and I laughed and watched as he walked over towards Alex and placed his hand on her arm, “She looks tired.”

“You try pushing two kids out,” Marc said and walked over towards the kids and looked at me, “Two sons?”

“The one in the green blanket is Lukas Dylan and the blue is Troy Patrick,” I introduced and the guys smirked and crowded around them, “How was the game?”

“Four to two, we won,” Geno said and I smirked and nodded my head, “I hold?”

“Sure,” I said and handed Lukas over towards him while I felt Marc hold Troy.

“Sid, why is your hand wrapped?” James asked and I chuckled.

“Alex nearly crushed it,” I answered and the guys laughed


“SHHHHHHH!!!” we all shushed as Max walked into the room and I looked over towards Alex to see that she didn’t move a muscle.

“Wow, she must be tired,” Tyler said and I smirked and nodded my head.

“Twins?” Max asked as he looked at the babies that Marc and Geno were holding.

“Yeah,” I answered and then went on to telling him about how we weren’t even told.

“How was the pregnancy?” I heard and looked up to see Coach in the doorway.

“Rough,” I said and he walked in.

“You know she’s gunna kill you if you get her pregnant again,” Brandon chuckled and I smirked and ran my hand through my hair.

“Yeah, I figured that.”

“Your boys will be chopped off,” Max teased and I scoffed and shook my head.

The nurse came into the room and said that it was late and that visiting hours were over. Marc and Geno gave back my sons and then said that they would be back tomorrow. Another nurse came in and the two of them took my sons away to place them in their little beds in the corner of the room.

I took that opportunity to kick my feet up onto the bed and then leaned back in my chair, pulling my hat over my face and decided to get some sleep.

I groaned when I felt the presence of two excited bodies on top of me.

“Now I told you not to wake your mother,” I heard and then smirked and fluttered my eyes opened to see Alicia and Andrew staring at me.

“Mommy!” they cheered and I smiled and sat up in my bed, leaning against the wall.

“Mommy, daddy said that we have two brothers!” Alicia said and I smiled and nodded my head.

“I told them not to wake you,” Sidney said as he sat at the side of the bed and sighed.

I smiled and ran my hand through his hair and he sat up and pressed his lips against mine.

“EWWWWW!” Alicia and Andrew yelled and I laughed and looked at them.

“What are you yelling ‘ew’ for?!” Sidney laughed as he grabbed Alicia, picked her up and threw her over his shoulder.

“Daddy!” she laughed and I smiled and then looked over towards Andrew and wrapped my arms around him, pulling him into me.

“How’s my big boy?” I asked as he laid on top of me and I started to pet his head.

“Mommy,” he muttered and then threw his arms around me and snuggled his head into my chest.

“What’s wrong Andy?” I asked and then picked his head up and kissed his forehead. Andrew shook his head and then snuggled his head into my chest again and I sighed and looked up towards Sidney to see that he was looking at me.

“How are you feeling this morning, Mrs. Crosby?” I heard and looked up to see the nurse walking in with both of my sons.

“I’m feeling better,” I smiled and looked at my sons, “Andy, can you go to your dad so I can see your brothers?” I asked and Andrew pushed himself up and crawled over my legs to Sidney who had just put Alicia out and reached for his son.

“Your boys are hungry,” the nurse said as she handed both of my sons to me and got me set up for breast feeding the babies.

“I’m going to go take them to the cafeteria,” Sidney said and I nodded my head and watched as he placed Andrew on his hip and then grabbed Alicia’s hand.

“You have a beautiful family,” the nurse said and I smiled and thanked her.

“But he’s not getting anymore,” I laughed, “My body can’t take it anymore; I don’t know how some parents have twelve or thirteen.”

“I think they just stop feeling it,” the nurse laughed and I nodded my head.

“Knock, knock,” I heard and looked up to see the door opening.

“Oh, there’s feeding-“

“It’s all right, we were warned,” Vero said as she walked into the room smiling, “The boys went with Sidney to the cafeteria.”

“Come on in,” I said and smiled when I saw Vero, Sam and Mel walked into the room.

“How are you?” Vero asked as she looked at my sons.

“I’m better, felt like crap yesterday.”

“Well I’ll say, you just gave birth to two big boys,” Sam said and I laughed and nodded my head.

“What are their names?” Mel asked as she stood next to the nurse.

“The one in the green blanket is Lukas Dylan and then one in the blue is Troy Patrick,” I said and then looked at the boys, “Or is it the other way around?”

“No, you’re right,” the nurse said and I breathed a sigh of laughter and then shook my head.

“This is gunna be rough, I’m gunna have a hard time telling them apart,” I said and the girls laughed.

“So who’s older?” Sam asked.

“Troy was born first,” I said and looked at my boys.

“We were lucky to still have some green blankets; I thought we ran out,” the nurse said, “We would have had to put him in a pink blanket.”

“Oh boy,” I laughed, “I can imagine what Sid would say.”

“Boy they’re hungry! Look at them goin’ at your nipples!” I heard and looked up to see Max walking in.


“Sir you can’t be in here!” the nurse said and Vero walked over towards him and smacked him upside the head.

“What? It’s not like I haven’t seen them before!” he said as Vero pushed him out of them room.

I looked down at the babies and laughed, “You’re Uncle Max is crazy! Don’t take any girl advice from him.”

“That’s for sure,” Mel scoffed and we all laughed.