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Captain of My Life 011:

Chapter Eleven
"Thank you so much Geno for helping him," I smiled and then kissed Geno's cheek.

"No problem, I expert," he smiled and I laughed and bounced Troy in my arms, but then heard Lukas in the other room, "I get."

"Thanks," I smiled and watched as the gentle giant walked into the new nursery and picked the crying baby up.

Sidney was trying to set up the second crib in the nursery because we had originally expected one baby, so we only had one crib, but he was having a hard time and decided that he would call Geno to help.

We’ve had the babies’ home for about two days now and they’ve been sleeping in their car seats in our room. Now that the construction zone has left, the boys can sleep in their cribs. In three days, we were hosting a little party at our home so that everyone can see the boys. Most of the guys were excited to see the future stars in hockey, and the girls wanted to pinch their little cheeks because they were so cute.

"He said that all Russians know how to build things," I laughed and then saw Geno smirk.

"It true, ask Marc, I ping pong table master builder!" he said proudly and I laughed and shook my head.

"He finally got a ping pong table?"

"Vero got it for him for Christmas two years ago," Sidney said as he walked into the room with Alicia trailing behind him.

"The man is filthy rich and probably can afford hundreds of ping pong tables, and he still wants someone else to buy it for him!" I scoffed and then passed Troy along to Sidney, "Where's Andrew?"

"In his room sleeping.”

“That boy just got up a few hours ago,” I laughed and then shook my head, “I’m gunna go check up on him.”

“All right,” Sidney said and I kissed his check and waved bye to Geno.

I walked down the hallway and into my two year olds hockey themed room to see him playing his leap frog game, ‘…And Sid said he was sleeping…’

“How’s my big boy?!” I smiled and Andrew turned around and smiled towards me, “What are you doing in here?”

“Mommy!” he said and then jumped up and ran over towards me.

I laughed and then picked my son up and hugged him close, “What’s up baby? You want to go outside and shoot some pucks?” I asked and shook his head, “Then what?”

“Baseball!” he smiled and then squirmed in my arms until I put him down.

“Baseball?” I asked and Andrew ran over to his bed and pulled a baseball out from under his bed, “Where’d you get that?”

“Poppie!” he said and then ran over towards me and handed the ball to me.

I bent down and smiled at my son, “You don’t like hockey, huh?”

“No,” he said with a smile on his face as he shook his head and rubbed his hands together.

‘…Ouch, talk about your low blow…’ I thought and then sighed and ruffled his hair, ‘…Two hockey player parents and the kid doesn’t like hockey, huh…’

“So you like baseball?” I asked and Andrew nodded his head and shyly smiled, “Do you want to play baseball?”

“Yes,” he said and I smiled and nodded my head.

“Well you’re too small now, but when you get a little bit older we’ll sign you up for baseball,” I said and he smiled, “Would you like that?”

“Yes!” he cheered and I laughed and nodded my head.

“All right, it’s a plan!” I said and high fived my son’s hand, “I’ll see you later.”

“Ball!” Andrew yelled as I stood up and turned away.

“Oh right, ok, come on then,” I laughed then picked my son up and placed him on my hip.

I walked down the stairs, into the kitchen and into the backyard. Sarabi and Zeus were on their side of the yard, we had a special section for them to go to the bathroom so that we didn’t have to worry about the kids falling in it.

“Do you play ball with Poppie?” I asked Andrew nodded his head, “Oh yeah, how do you do it?”

He ran over towards me, and with his small legs, it was just so cute, I smiled as he placed his hands on my legs and told me to stay where I was. He then backed up a few steps and smiled at me and then threw the ball. I caught the ball and then gently threw it back to Andrew who caught it with both hands.

I laughed and then watched as he threw it back to me, “You know, if you’re going to be playing baseball, then you’ll need a glove.”

“A what?”

“A baseball mitt, something that helps the players catch the balls,” I said and Andrew smiled as he caught the ball, “Would you like a mitt?”

“Yes!” he cheered and I laughed and nodded my head.

“All right, we’ll get one this weekend, how ‘bout that?”


“Boy you like to say ‘yes’,” I laughed and then ran at my son and bent down to devour him in my arms, “Ugh, I love you SO much!”

“Mommy!” he laughed because I started to kiss his head.

“You’re so cute!” I squealed as I fell back onto the grass with Andrew on top of me

“MOMMY!!!” I heard and turned to my side to see Alicia running outside and jumping on top of me.

I groaned and laid my head on the grass, “Alicia, sweetie that hurt.”

“Sorry, daddy and Uncle Geno are coming!”

“Really?” I laughed and then looked to see that Geno and Sidney had walked outside with both of the babies in their arms.

“What are you doing?” Sidney laughed as he and Geno sat on the patio chairs and watched as I rolled around with the kids.

“Being attacked!” I laughed and looked up at the blue sky, “You know this is probably gunna be the last of the warm weather, I can already feel it getting colder.”

“Well, it’s December, it should be freezing and snowing, but for whatever reason, it’s in its seventies,” Sidney said and I laughed and nodded my head.

“We’ll have to breakout the winter clothes soon, well, we should have had it finished already since it is winter,” I laughed and then started to tickle my daughter and looked at my son to see he was pouting and getting up, “Where are you going?!” I squealed as I wrapped my arms around my son and pulled him back to me.

“Mommy!” he laughed and I kissed his cheek as his back hit my cheek.

“Why you pouting?” I asked as I held him tight, “I love you, don’t forget that. Don’t be pouty,” Andrew turned around and wrapped his arms around my neck and I smiled and hugged him close. Alicia wanted in on the love fest and wrapped her arms around me too, “I love you both so much!”

“So this is where you’ve been all day!” I heard and looked towards the door to see Mel walking into the backyard with her one year old son, Noah in her arms, and then her four year old, Evgeni Jr. followed behind her.

“Daddy!” he yelled and then ran over towards Geno.

I kissed my kids and then stood up and walked over towards Mel and took Noah from her hands, because I knew she was going to want to hold Lukas, since Evgeni Jr. wanted his dad to hold him.

“Pass the babies,” I laughed as I smiled towards Noah, “How Auntie Alex’s cutie pie?!” I cooed as I he gripped my finger, “Yes, you’re so cute!”

Evgeni Jr. ran over towards Alicia and Andrew and wanted to play ball with them when he saw the baseball in Andrew’s hand.

“Oh guys, how ‘bout you play with the foam ball! Alicia can you get the foam ball?” I asked and Alicia walked over towards Andrew and took the baseball from here, “Now that’s not what I said!” I stated because Andrew started to cry, “Give him the ball back and go get the foam one!”

“Evgeni, now you just heard Aunt Alex tell Alicia not to take the ball! Give him the ball back!” Mel yelled because Evgeni had just taken the ball from Andrew.

“Aw, Andrew!” I called because he ran into the house crying, “Uh, ok, how are we gunna do this?”

“I got him!” Geno said and took Noah from my hands and I ran inside to find my son, hearing either Troy or Lukas start to cry outside.

“Andy?!” I called and walked towards the stairs to see him crawling up the carpeted stairs, “Baby,” I said and then walked up the stairs and grabbed him. I sat on the stairs and placed him on my lap and he wrapped his arms around my neck, “It’s all right buddy, you have your ball.”

He muttered something and shook his head against my chest and I felt his snots and tears rub off on my, “Ah, ewwwww,” I laughed and then pulled my son back and saw that he had a smile on my face, “That’s so gross!”

“Yuckie!” he laughed.

“Yes, yuckie!” I said and then shook my head and hugged my son, “No! Don’t do it again!” I laughed and then stood up, walking towards the bathroom and sitting him on the counter and started to clean his face and my chest up, “You are so cute! Even when you’re being gross!”

Welcome to the Crosby family!