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Captain of My Life 014:

Chapter Fourteen
"Go Mommy!" the kids cheered as they sat in the stands with my parents and sister.

"This is not fair, you plotted our kids against me," I laughed and Alex smirked as she skated to the center of the ice and placed her stick next to the puck.

"Sorry baby, they just like me more," she laughed and winked towards me.

It's been a long time since we did something as a family, my parents and sister were in town and just this morning, we had gotten into a friendly conversation that Alex was better at hockey than me. I didn't believe that she was, so she took this as a challenge. We headed over towards the rink and got into some gear. Marc was called because we needed a goaltender, so he was just going to try and block both of us.

"Whoever has the most goals in ten minutes, wins," Alex said and I smirked and nodded my head.

I wasn't going to hold back against Alex, because I know she's not going to hold back against me. It's been a long time since she's been on the ice, but now that she wasn't pregnant, she was able to what she does best.

"You manning the time, Vero?" Alex asked and Vero nodded her head, "All right, let's go."

"That's one baby," I smirked as I skated around the net and past Sidney.

He took the puck from Marc and skated back over towards the center faceoff, placing where the puck was and then hearing a whistle. Both Sidney and I stood up and looked off to the side to see that Dan was there and most of the team stood around him.

"Marc called and told us about this little competition," Dan said and I laughed and nodded my head, "What's the score?"

"One to zip, Alex," Marc said and the guys laughed.

"Come on Sid, you got this!" James yelled and I looked at him.

"Hey!" I yelled and James turned his head and hid behind Geno.

"Sorry baby, they just like me more," Sidney mocked and I looked towards him and smirked.

"We'll see," I laughed and then bent back down, putting all of my attention on the puck.

Dan blew the whistle and I quickly went for the puck, but Sidney had grabbed it and headed down for the net. I pushed my blades into the ice and bent closer towards the ground, making myself speed up and hearing the guys cheer for Sidney but hearing my kids cheer for me. I knew that Sidney was going to try and go behind the net, so I went the other way and managed to steal the puck off of him and shot it at Marc. He blocked it and I cursed when Sidney grabbed it and shot it at Marc, it was blocked.

"I'm starting to think that this is gunna be harder than I thought to get a goal," I said and Marc laughed and watched as I stole the puck and skated around the net, spinning around when Sidney tried to pull the move that I had just did.

"Not gunna happen, Alex," Marc laughed and blocked the shot.

I growled and then took the puck again, but had it stolen from Sidney just as I was about to shoot it. He shot it towards the net, Marc must have thought that he was going to catch it, but we both weren't expecting it to slide right under his arm and make it into the goal.

The guys cheered and Sid held up his arms and smirked towards me, "That's one, baby."

"Oh, just wait," I barked with a smirk on my face as I collected the puck off of Marc and went back to the center faceoff.

I looked up towards the clock and saw that it was a little after five minutes. Vero had the time frozen and was going to hit resume once Dan blew the whistle.

"Come on Sid!"

"Hey! My mommy is better!" Alicia and Andrew yelled and I laughed when the kids were arguing with the team.

"So what do we do? Have a shootout?" Alex laughed and I shrugged my shoulders.

"Sure," I smirked, "Unless you're chicken."

"Oh bite your tongue Crosby!" Alex smirked and shoved me a little, "You're going down!"

"Uh huh, I'd like to see you try and beat all this," I teased and she laughed and shook her head.

Vero blew the horn, ten minutes had been up and the score was two to two. Alex had scored about a minute before time ran out. I talked to Marc and he thought a shootout would be a good idea.

"Who said we couldn't have a game in fifteen minutes," Alex laughed and I shook my head and then skated over towards the boards because she was going to start, "Come on Marc, let's see whatchya got!"

"I was about to say the same to you," he laughed and I shook my head watching as Alex skated around the puck.

"Come on baby!" Vero yelled and I smirked towards her and then felt some of the guys patting my shoulder.

"How'd this start anyways?" Brandon asked and all I did was point towards my parents.

"They said that Alex was better than me," I said and then guys laughed and I watched as Alex pushed forward and headed towards Marc.


Alex shook her head as she skated back towards the center of the ice and placed the puck right where I had left it for her, "Your turn."

I nodded my head and the skated over towards the center of the ice and looked at Marc, getting myself ready. If I made this shot, then I win. I pushed forward, dragging the puck with me and getting myself closer to Marc. I shot the puck.


'...Dammit...' I thought as I skated around the net and circled back to get the puck and bring it to the center ice for Alex to go, '...Maybe next time we won't have a goalie...'

When I went over towards the boards, Alex skated back to the center of the ice and smirked towards Marc. I watched as she skated forward and took the puck behind her, curving towards the left of the ice and I shook my head, seeing what she was doing.

'...She hasn't done that trick in a long time...' I thought as I watched as she turned just as she got in front of Marc and shot the puck into the right side of the net, '...Dammit...'


"Yay Mommy!" the kids yelled and I looked over to see my parents and sister cheering.

"Traders!" I teased and they laughed at me.

"Oh yeah! I still got it!" Alex cheered as she skated over and hopped onto the boards, "Miss!"

"Oh yeah, real mature!" I laughed as I skated over towards the center of the ice.

"Come on Marc!" Alex cheered and Vero laughed.

I skated towards the net, the puck glued to my stick, when I got close enough, I curved to the left and shot it at the net. I pounded my fist into the air when I saw that it went into the net, "Yes!"

"No!" Alex groaned and I laughed and skated over towards her and patted her knee.

"Sorry babe."

"Wow, this is taking forever," Taylor whined and I stuck my tongue out at her and she stood up and punched my arm.

"I told ya that Mommy was better!" Alicia cheered as she stuffed her face with ice cream.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Sidney sighed and I laughed and placed my hand under the table and on Sidney's knee.

I had managed to score again and Sidney didn't, making me the winner. After all the guys busted him, Sidney and I took the kids and his parents and sister to the local ice cream shake.

It was the beginning of June, towards the end of the playoffs, and I'm pretty sure that the Penguins were going all the way to the finals.

"Mommy what kind did you get?" Andrew asked as he climbed over towards me.

"Mint chocolate chip," I smiled, placing a spoonful in my mouth.

"That's your mother's favorite!" Sidney said and Andrew smiled and stood up on the bench.

"I wanna try!" he said and I laughed and nodded my head.

I put his chocolate and vanilla ice cream on the table and gave him a small spoonful of mine, "Mhmmm, yummy!"

"Just like your mother," Sidney said and I smiled brightly.

"That's why he's a momma's boy!" I said and hugged my son, kissing his head.