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Captain of My Life 015:

Chapter Fifteen
"Go daddy!" Alicia and Andrew yelled as then leaned against the bars on the balcony and looked down towards the ice.

It was the Stanley cup finals, their last game this season, and it was against the Philadelphia Flyers, of all teams, it was the battle of Pennsylvania.

The last few minutes of the game, the score was tired, three to three; all throughout the game I was having flashbacks to the last Stanley Cup game back in 2017. Troy sat on my lap as Taylor had Lukas; we were on the edge of our seats watching as this game played out. It was intense and bloody and both teams were showing how much they hated one another.

"Come on daddy!" the kids all yelled and I smiled as they all lined up against the bars and watched the game, each hoping that their father's would bring home the cup.

I turned my eyes away from the ice to look down at Troy and I heard everyone gasp, making me shoot my head up and looked to see that the Flyers were all cheering, they had just scored. The whistle blew and I grabbed the back of Alicia's shirt and moved her back so that I could look down. Flyers' fans booed because the goal was being questioned.

"He totally kicked that in!" Vero yelled from behind me and I laughed.

After a few minutes of delaying the game to look over the goal, the refs called a no goal because it was kicked in, and the Flyers' score was dropped back down to three. The Flyers' fans booed, the Penguins fans cheered.

The game resumed, and everyone wasn't even sitting down when they found themselves back on their feet, well, at least the Penguins' fans did. Brandon had scored a goal with Sidney and one of the rookies assisting. I looked at the clock to see that there was a minute left in the game.

"We got this!"

"Come on daddy!" Alicia yelled and smiled and let Troy down because he wanted to stand next to his sister.

The Flyers had the puck and skated down towards Marc, everyone was on the end of their seats, the final seconds of the game. He shot the puck. Is it going to go in? Allowing the score to be tied and have to go into overtime. Is Marc going to block it? Allowing the Penguins to win the cup.

Vero was gripping onto my shoulder muttering 'come on baby' over and over again. I grabbed her hand and stared at the puck that seemed to be going in slow motion.


Penguins fans jumped to their feet and cheering. The clock hit zero and the horn went off, Pittsburgh Penguins had just beaten the Philadelphia Flyers and won the 2022 Stanley Cup. Alicia and Andrew were jumping up and down, I bent down and hugged all four of my children and then stood up and leaned against the boards, smiling down towards the ice, and finding my eyes water a little because I missed the feeling that they were having right now.

"Pittsburgh Penguins Captain, Sidney Crosby, come get the Stanley Cup," the announcer said as men pushed the red carpet out and wheeled the cup onto the ice.

"Wait ta go guys," I whispered as I wiped my eyes and watched as he skated over towards the cup, picked it up and held it over his head.

"Alex!" I turned around to see Mel and Sam looking at me, "We're heading down, you coming?"

"Of course," I said and then gathered up my kids and headed downstairs to celebrate with the boys.

"I wanna drink too!" Alicia said and I laughed and pulled her back from the alcohol filled Stanley Cup.

"No sweetie, you can't have that," I said and then kissed her forehead, "You'll get sick."

"But daddy!"

"But daddy!" I mocked and she smiled and dug her face into my shoulder which made me smile.

"Daddy!" I heard and looked to see Andrew yelling towards me.

I smiled and then bent down and picked him up, holding him in my other arm. Alex laughed as she walked over holding both Troy and Lukas' hands and smiling towards me.

"Congrats," Alex said and I bent down and pressed my lips onto hers, hearing my kids yell 'ew' but not caring, "You did it."

"Uncle Brandon!" Alicia yelled and I felt my daughter being torn from my arms and I turned to see that Brandon was hugging Alicia.

I smiled and then looked over towards Andrew to see that he was smiling towards me. He might not like the sport, but I know that he was happy to be here with his family. I patted his stomach and kissed his head, "I love ya buddy."

"I love you too daddy," he said and then hugged my head and I laughed.

The guys started to cheer and it got really loud in here. I laughed when Andrew covered his ears and I looked over towards Alicia who was in Brandon's arms seeing her hands over her ears too.

I saw my parents and sister walk in and smile towards me. Taylor picked up Lukas while my mom picked up Troy. Alex walked off to congratulate Marc and I laughed when I saw Alex being lifted into the air by Max.

"Mommy's flying!" Andrew laughed and I smirked and shook my head.

Once everyone calmed down a little, the media had come in and started to interview everyone, I saw that Alex was asked a few questions and she smiled at me the whole time.

“Are you sure?” Sidney asked and I smiled and nodded my head.

“Baby, you just won the cup, you deserve to go out and celebrate,” I laughed as I held a sleeping Lucas, “I need to get home and put these little ones to bed, they’re falling asleep on you.”

Sidney looked over towards the sleeping Andrew on his shoulder and I nudged my head towards Brandon who was sitting in the corner of the room holding a sleeping Alicia.

“Where’s Troy?” Sidney asked as he looked around the room.

I looked around the room too and panicked when I didn’t see my little quiet troublemaker. I called out his name, but the guys were too loud, so Troy wouldn’t be able to hear me anyways.

“Guys! Guys! Guys!” Sidney yelled and everyone looked at him, “Troy’s missing, spread out!”

“He’s three, he couldn’t have gotten far,” James said and I shook my head.

“You don’t know my son,” I scoffed and then walked over towards Brandon who was sitting next to his girlfriend in the corner of the room, holding a sleeping Alicia, “Will you watch Lukas, I need to find his twin?”

“Of course,” April said as she then stood up and took Lukas from me.

“Thanks,” I said and then darted out of the room with some other people.

Sidney has dropped Andrew off with April and I, we were watching three out of the four Crosby kids, along with everyone else’s kids because everyone was out looking for Troy.

“I hope they find him,” April said and I nodded my head and felt Alicia move in my arms, “She’s beautiful.”

“Yeah, she looks just like Alex did when we were little,” I smiled and rubbed her back.

“So you’ve always been close with Alex?” April asked and I smiled and nodded my head.

“They’ve been gone a while, I wonder if they found him,” I said and looked over to see that Geno’s oldest son, Evgeni Jr. was crawling into his father’s locker and getting cozy.

“So cute,” April laughed, “Makes me want one.”

My eyes widened and I looked over towards her to see that she was smirking towards me. I nodded my head and laughed, “All right, we’ll talk about that.”

“Did you guys find- Oh, guess not,” Max said as he walked into the locker room, “He’s three! Where the hell did he go?!”

“Shhhh! Most of them are sleeping!” I barked and Mac held up his hands.

“Alex is going into panic mode though, so we need to find- him,” he said ‘him’ slowly and then looked at something strangely, “No way.”

“What?” I asked as I stood up and held onto Alicia as I walked over towards Max.

Max walked over towards a locker and I looked up and saw that it was Sidney’s locker. I smirked and shook my head as Max moved the jersey out of the way and sure enough, there was Troy, sleeping and cuddling against his father’s hockey stick.

“Oh this will be a laugh,” I said and I moved Alicia onto one hand, “Better go round everyone up.”

It took a while, but Max came in with everyone behind him and walked over towards Sidney’s locker, moving the jersey and showing off the kid’s sleeping form. Alex slug her head forward and let out a sigh of relief.

“My little Houdini!” she laughed as she walked over towards him and bent down, “Oh god, Sid look.”

Sidney walked over and bent down next to her and started to laugh, he saw that his son was cuddling with his hockey stick.

“That’s a Crosby all right,” Max said as she slapped Sidney’s shoulder and shook him a little, “You must be so proud.”

“I am actually.”