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Chapter Sixteen
Sidney Patrick Crosby, lasted three more years with the Pittsburgh Penguins, retiring in 2025 at the age of thirty seven. He wanted to continue until at least in his forties, but during his last year he suffered an injury in his knee, and it just never healed properly. He was cleared to play, but he wasn't as good as he use to be, and he knew that. So at the end of the season, after the Penguins lost in the middle of the playoffs to the Carolina Hurricanes, he retired. The day he signed his papers for retiring, was the day that he signed the paper to agree to become partial owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins, alongside one of his idols, Mario Lemieux who is going to be turning sixty five this year and his wife wanted my help in planning the surprise party.

Now Sidney is forty three and enjoying his life as an assistant hockey coach to Alicia's team from October to April, because they're younger, they don't have as many games as the older kids. Then in from the end of April to September, Sidney is helping coach his son's t-ball team. I always teased Sidney at first because he didn't know a thing about baseball. I'm happy that he accepted the fact that his son doesn't want to play baseball, and now that Andrew's practiced over the years, he's really good.


Alicia Marie Crosby, she's your typical fourteen year old athletic girly girl. My dad said that she looks just like me when I was her age. She might look like me, but she's got her father's personality, but she plays hockey like the two of us. Alicia switches off from left winger and centerman on her high school state championship hockey team.

Alicia's always telling people that she wants to be just like her mother and join the NHL, being the second woman to join. There have been other's who tried, but never made it passed the AHL. Alicia's always found with her best friend, Laura, Marc and Vero's youngest daughter, the two of them are inseparable.


Andrew Lewis Crosby, a thirteen year old baseball playing boy who was named player of the year this past season. He might not play hockey, but he has his father's athletic personality to a tee. Determined, focused, in it to win it and is not happy when they don't win. Andy is still a momma's boy, but from what I hear from Alicia is that my son is quite the popular one.

For his birthday last year, we took him to a Boston Red Socks game, where surprisingly e saw Milan Lucic and his family. It was a nice surprise and after the game we all met up for something to eat. Even in his forties, Milan was playing just like I remember him to.


Troy Patrick and Lukas Dylan Crosby, my twins, my troublemakers, my hockey loving freaks. At eleven, I'm surprised these two aren't in kiddy prison. I'm constantly getting phone calls from school that they're both in trouble, it can't be one, it has to be both. Even asking the school to place them in separate classes didn't do anything. They would both do something wrong in class, even though they're not together.

We sighed them up for hockey and baseball, giving them something to do and to try and control their personalities. They got kicked off of the baseball team for being too rough, and the only reason they're on the hockey team still is because their Coach decided to try them out on defense, surprisingly that worked.

These two are so close that when they grow up, they're probably going to marry sisters and move into a house next to each other.


My first children, if you want to call them that, Sarabi and Zeus, I'm sad to say passed away. They lived a long ten, eleven, years, but they died from old age about three years ago.

I told Sidney that I didn't want another dog. But about a year after Sarabi and Zeus died, Sidney brought home a puppy. I started to cry when I saw the little Great Dane in the kitchen with a little red bow around her neck. Sticking to my Lion King themed Great Dana's, I named her Nola, she looked just like Sarabi did, except she had a white chest and the tips of her front paws were white. I told Sidney no more animals after that, but then six months later, Alicia comes home with a box with two kittens in it. I couldn't say no, and Nola didn't seem to mind, so we kept them, Jazz, Roxy and Muffins.


Mel and Geno are well, they live about three blocks from our home. Geno's retired and decided to stay in Pennsylvania because Mel still had her job as a sports edition report for the local news station. Their two kids, Evgeni Jr., who's fifteen now and Noah, who's twelve, both play hockey, for different age based teams, but they're pretty good.

Mel's having a panic attack because Evgeni just started to date this girl named Amy, I haven't met her yet, but Mel says that she's very nice, but knows nothing about hockey. If Evgeni isn't usually with Ian, Sam and James' oldest son, or Amy, just like his dad, you can find him practicing at the ice rink playing his favorite sport.

Noah is a quiet kid, never really talks to anyone, he has friends, but just doesn't like to talk. He says his words on the ice because man can that kid play hockey. I even think that he's better than his older brother, but you'll never hear me say that out loud, I look forward to see him grow up, the NHL will have fun with him.


Sam and James are fine, they were a little shaky a few years ago, Sam threatened for a divorce because James was hanging around this girl named Becky for about five months. No one knew what was going on, we all thought he was cheating, but here he was planning another wedding with her because for their anniversary, James wanted to renew his vows. Their three kids Ian, who's sixteen; Olivia, who's thirteen; and their newest bundle of joy, Lana, who's five, all have different personalities.

Sam is now the head editor for the sports edition for the local news paper, while James is the assistant Coach for Ian's and Evgeni's hockey team.

Ian's all right with hockey, you can tell that it's not what he wants to do with his life. The day that Ian got his driver's license was the day that he got his first speeding ticket. Ian is in love with cars, got that from Sam's father.

Oliva is the Princess, she's the talker of the family, it's hard to get her to shut up, she even talks in her sleep. No one understood how she got that personality, because Sam was never like that. She can be a little snotty sometimes and we're hoping that when she gets older she'll become nicer, but this girl is just asking for a bitch slap.

Lana is the a little bit like her sister, nicer, but Sam's worried that she's going to acquire the same personality as Olivia. However, she's five, they figure something out, they have time.


Marc and Vero are enjoying their place in their new home. Marc retired about six years ago, he moved out of Pittsburgh and back up to Canada, but only lived there for about two year, ended up moving back to Pittsburgh because his family missed everyone here. Marc hoped to have a son, but that never happened, that have three daughters, Annabelle, who's sixteen, Laura, who's fourteen, and their newest child, Estelle, who's six. Marc's last game in the season Vero went into labor and Marc was called out of the game to head to the hospital.

Annabelle is just like her mom, wanting to spend her time with fashion. Always wanting to go and buy clothes, even learned how to make some clothes. She's very good at drawing and started to take classes at the local community college for fashion design, even though she's still in high school. Annabelle if she's not around her friends from school, is usually found in the garage of the Neal residence, watching Ian has he works on a car. Most of us think that she likes him, but we won't know for sure until something happens.

Laura is in love with horses and ice skating, and when she was nine, Marc bought her a horse for her birthday. Vero had a cow, but they ended up keep the horse at the local stables, which is only about a half hour from their house. Laura wants to become a professional jockey, she's always found riding her horse or participating in some racing events, even took home some first place ribbons. During the winter, Laura is usually on the ice practicing a new move, because like her mother, she likes to figure skate. It might not be what she wants to do when she grows up, but it's a hobby that she's good at.

Estelle is a quiet little girl who loves to spend time with her daddy. Marc might not have gotten a son, but he definitely has a daughter who loves her hockey. Marc's teaching her how to ice skate now, and Vero's sent me video's it's quite cute.


Brandon and April finally got married about seven years ago and have three kids; Jessica, who's six, Anna, who's five and Walker, who's four. Brandon retired this year and now helps April out with the bakery that they purchased about four years ago, 'Pucks and Chucks', don't know where they got the name, but it always gives people the giggles. I never knew it, but April had gone to pastry school before she met Brandon, she loves to bake, and she's very good at it. Everyone Sunday morning Sidney always goes there to pick up muffins and other treats for us.

Jessica likes to bake just like her mother, but April won't let her go near anything for a while, because the first time she let Jessica try, winter came early and the snow was flour. A mess that Brandon didn't have a fun time cleaning up because April was too busy laughing and cleaning Jessica up.

Anna is a little cutie who loves to be with her Auntie Alex. Whenever I get to babysit the kids, Anna is always by my side, even when I have to go the bathroom, she wants to come in with me, but I have her wait outside. She loves to draw, and sometimes I have to have her draw outside because she doesn't like to keep the crayons on the paper.

Walker is a hyper active kid who is just like my twins, trouble. He always has Brandon chasing after him, and I tease Brandon telling him that he had some practice with my twins.


Max had retired from hockey a few years ago, and is living down in Texas with Amanda and some of my family. They've been married for about nine years and have Addison, who's twenty one and Lily, who's nine.

Addison is my goddaughter who was from a previous relationship, she didn't move to Texas with her parents because she's a junior at Pittsburgh University and lives in a apartment style dorm in the city. She's over my house a lot and has become very helpful towards Brandon and April, either helping them with the bakery or watching the kids when they need a break.

From what I hear about Lily is that she's just like Marc's daughter, Laura and loves her horses. Max bought a little ranch and owns about three horses, all Lily's, but of course pays someone to take care of them.


I still tell everyone that Miracle was my favorite movie of all time, and that Herb Brooks, the Coach of the 1980 Olympic "Miracle" Team is my idol, "I want speed and excitement, and I want our players to go out there and have the times of their lives. We're not going to be handing around waiting for something to happen. We're going to make things happen ourselves."

I still miss my life in the hockey world, but I don't regret giving it up to have my family, I love my family more than anything. The last time I was on Ellen and a few other talk-shows was about two years ago because I had wrote a book called 'Alpha Female' an autobiography about my life. I loved the cover, it was a picture of me in my Penguins' gear, my back was turned, so you only saw my last name 'Conners' and number '28', I was staring at the ice and holding my stick across my body.

"It's not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice that counts it's what you put into the practice." - Eric Lindos

The End