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Captain of My Life

Captain of My Life 002:

Chapter Two
“You’re home!” Alicia and Andrew yelled as they ran to me and grab my legs.

“Hi!” I smiled and then bent down and hugged my children. “How are my babies?”

“I missed you, mommy!” Alicia said as she cuddled her head into my neck and I smiled.

“I missed you too,” I smiled and kissed her head, “How’s my big boy?”

“Daddy yelled at him!”

“I didn’t yell at him,” I heard and looked up to see Sidney walking into the hallway. I smiled and then stood up and felt Sidney’s hand on my arm, “How was your flight?” he asked as he pressed his lips onto mine.

Long, I hate flying,” I whined and he laughed and kissed my cheek, “What’s going on here?”

“Oh, Andy thought it would have been a good idea to take a crayon and draw on the walls,” Sidney said and I smirked and shook my head.

“You remember when we first met?” I asked and he looked at me confused, “We were having lunch with Coach, and he stepped out to talk on the phone with his wife,” he shook his head, still nothing, I scoffed and laughed a little, “He came back saying that his kid drew on the wall, and we were saying that-“

“We did it too! Yup, I remember now,” he laughed and then shook his head, “I didn’t yell at him, I just put our juice junkie son in his pen and told him no.”

“Mommy!” Andrew yelled and tried to jump up onto me.

I laughed and then bent down and wrapped my arms around my little boy and picked him up, setting him on my hip. I kissed his head and then took my daughter’s hand and headed into the kitchen. Sidney grabbed my bags and headed upstairs to our room and I walked into the backyard to see Sarabi and Zeus chasing a rabbit.

I placed Andrew on the ground and then kissed Alicia’s head. I knelt down and whistled loudly, Sarabi and Zeus stopped what they were doing and looked over towards me. Sarabi barked and then she and Zeus darted towards me, I laughed as I was tackled to the ground and Sarabi and Zeus started to lick all over my face.

“All right, all right, all right, come on, I missed you too!” I laughed as I tried to push them off of me. The two dogs whined and I heard Alicia gasp because Sarabi’s tail probably hit her, since it was most likely whipping back and forth.

“Here’s my princess!” Sidney yelled as I heard Alicia laugh, “Come on guys, get off her, I know you’re happy to see your momma!”

I felt Zeus and Sarabi being pulled off of me and I laughed as I sat up and looked to see that Alicia was thrown over his shoulder. I smiled and then heard the dogs barking and then saw that they were placed inside the house and that I was sitting in front of their doggie door, so they couldn’t come out.

“Poppie was here, Mommy,” Andrew said as he plopped himself on my lap and I looked down towards him and wrapped my arms around his body.

“Oh really? When?”

“Poppie watched us when daddy was at practice,” Alicia said and I smiled and kissed my son’s head.

“I couldn’t find anyone else and Vero was busy with Annie,” Sidney said and I nodded my head.

“What was wrong with cutie pie?” I asked.

“Stomach bug,” he said and I sighed.

“Poor thing.”

Poppie was my father; the kids couldn’t say grandpa, so my dad just told them to call him poppie. He moved out of his old warn down apartment a few years ago and then moved into my old home after everyone had moved out and went off on their own. I still loved the place, and still owned the place, just rented it to my father at a low rate, and thought that it would be good for him because when we had family coming up from Texas, they stayed there. He loved the kids and was always looking forward to watching them.

Veronique and Marc had their first child, Annabelle, five years ago. Marc was in love with his little girl, and I was honored that Sidney and I were the godparents to little Annie and their youngest daughter, Laura, who was born three years ago, two months after Alicia.

There were a lot of new faces on the Pittsburgh Penguins team, new backup goalie, because Vokoun retired, a lot new young faced defensemen, centermen and wingers because Chris Kunitz, Matt Cooke, Pascal Dupuis, Craig Adams and Paul Martin all retired, while some of the others were traded. What’s left of the Penguins that I skated with, have aged and slowed down, young faces were needed to continue to win the Stanley Cup.

Geno and Melanie finally got married, three years ago and they have two sons, four year old, Evgeni Jr. and one year old, Noah. James and Sam got married four years old and have a five year old son, Ian and a two year old daughter, Olivia. They all have their own houses, but every Sunday, at least when the guys are home; we all have dinner at each other’s houses, taking turns on who was going to cook.

“So how was Ellen?” Sidney asked as we walked into the house and placed the kids in the living room, turning on their favorite educational cartoon.

“Ellen’s Ellen,” I laughed as Sidney took my hand and we walked out of the room. I looked at the wall in the hallway to the kitchen and saw the lines drawn on it, “Ah, so this is where the crime was taken place.”

“Yeah, I couldn’t get it off,” he laughed and I smirked towards him.

“What did I tell you seven years ago?” I teased and Sidney shrugged his shoulders, “Typical man.”

“Shush,” he laughed and then wrapped his arms around my waist, pushing my back against his chest and kissed my neck, “I missed you.”

“I missed you too,” I muttered as I turned in his arms and felt him push me up against the wall.

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” I smiled and then wrapped my arms around his neck and tangled my fingers in his hair, “How was practice?”

“Brandon got into an argument with the rookie yesterday at practice,” Sidney sighed as I glided my nails on the back of his neck.

“My Brandon?” I asked because there were three Brandon’s on the team.

“Yeah, these rookies are cocky as hell, and it’s getting on our nerves.”

“Well you’re the Captain, pull ‘em off their high horse,” I stated and Sidney sighed and nodded his head.

Brandon was traded from the Bruins during my last season on the Penguins, he wanted to leave and I talked to Mario about trading for him. I was so excited to have my cousin on the team with me, and was even more excited when Coach had designed the shifts so that Brandon and I were together, because we made a really good team.

He and Steph didn’t continue their relationship more than a year or so, but they’re still somewhat friends. She was too engrossed in her work, and wasn’t prepared for a commitment, now she’s a lawyer, and a damn good one, one of Boston’s best actually.

Brandon ended up moving in with Max Talbot and I was afraid for his safety and reputation, because we all know Max. But the arrangement ended up being good for the both of them, it was like the two traded cousins. Max’s cousin, April, a nice girl who everyone thought was sweet and was shocked to find out that she was a Talbot, came down one day last year for a visit, and ended up staying because she liked Brandon. My cousin, Katie, came up from Texas to visit with her daughter, Gabby two years ago, and was hooked onto Max when she first met him. It was a shock to us all when Max decided that he was going to settle down with Katie, but we were happy for him, for them both.

“When’s your next practice?” I asked and Sidney smirked.

“Tomorrow,” he said and I smirked, “Why?”

“Let me call my dad up and see if he can watch the kids for a while, I want to see this new team. I haven’t even met them and the season started a month ago.”

“You’ve been a little busy,” I scoffed, “All right, I’m afraid that you’ll chew their heads off.”

“There’s the truth!” I cheered and he smirked and shook his head, “So what time’s practice?”

“Ten,” he said and I smirked and pulled my phone out from my back pocket, “Alex, no.”

“Sidney,” I smirked and kissed his cheek, “Yes.”

“No,” he laughed and tried to grab my phone, but I bumped my hip into his side and heard him groan.

I dialed my dad’s number and waited for him to pick up, when he did, I asked if he could watch the kids tomorrow for a little bit, and then after, I wanted to have lunch with him.

“Are you happy now?” Sidney asked as I hung up the phone and smiled towards him.

“Yes, very,” I said and then pressed my lips onto his and felt his hands on my sides.