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Captain of My Life 003:

Chapter Three
“Alex? What are you doing here?” Brandon asked as he skated up to me leaning against the boards.

“I wanted to see the new faces on the team,” I said and he smirked and shook his head.

“Be nice,” he said and I scoffed.

“Please, you know I don’t take bullshit!” I stated and he nodded his head, “I heard you got into it with one of the rookies.”

“Yeah, Kovnetski,” Brandon said and then nudged his head over towards number eighteen, “Real piece of shit.”

“How’s his skill level?”

“He’s not you, if that’s what you’re asking, definitely not even close,” Brandon said and I smirked.

“Here are the skates you asked for, Mrs. Crosby,” one of the assistance at the rink said and I smiled towards him and took the skates.

“Thank you,” I said and he blushed and then walked away.


“I just wanna see what they’re like,” I smiled and Brandon shook his head.

“You’re retired, remember! You have kids! Speaking of kids, where are the little fur balls?”

“My dad has them,” I stated as I looked at the team.

“Alexandra Conners, or is it Crosby now?” I heard and turned my head to see my old Coach.

“Coach,” I smiled as I stood up and he walked over towards me and held out his hand, “How are you?”

“Good, good, happy to be back with the boys,” he said and motioned towards the guys on the ice.

“I didn’t realize that you were back, what happened to-“

“These guys scared him off,” Coach Dan said and I smirked and shook my head, “So what do we owe this little visit?”

“Just wanted to see the rookies,” I said as I leaned against the glass and looked at the team.

“You mean put them in their place,” Brandon muttered and Coach laughed.

“Man I’ve missed you, Alex!” he said and I smiled.

“So is everyone here?” I asked and Brandon shook his head, “Why? Practice should have started.”

“Some of these rookies think that they’re hot shots and think that it’s all right for them to come in late to practice,” he said and my eyes widened and that just set me off right there.

“Ok,” I said as I bit my lip and nodded my head, my face showing pure annoyance, “Now I’m going to chew their heads off.”

“Just watch for a bit,” Coach said and I nodded my head.

“Looks like my little talk with the team the other day did nothing,” Sidney said as he skated over and shook his head, “This is ridicules.”

“Sid, what are you gunna do with them?” Geno asked as he and James skated over.

“This is seriously pissing me off,” Kris growled as he skated over, “These little pricks think that it’s all right- Oh, hey Alex.”

I smirked waved towards him, “Continue Kris, I’m listening to you.”

“Oh,” he laughed, “It’s fine, these rookies are really pissing me off.”

I nodded my head and then stood up straight and dusted my pants off.

“What are you up to, Alex?!” Sidney asked as I started to walk away with a smirk on my face, “Alex! Alex! I don’t like that look! What are you doing?!”

I walked down the hallway and turned my head to see that Coach was following me, “What are you doing?”

“These pricks think that it’s all right to come to practice, they think that they’re too good to practice, well, we won’t let them into practice,” I stated as I walked over towards the only door that was going to let the players into the rink.

Just as I was about to lock the doors, the one opened and Marc appeared, “Alex?”

“I can’t believe you’re late,” I stated and he held up a slip.

“Got permission, had to take Laura to kindergarten because Vero was at the doctors with Annie,” he said and I nodded my head, “What are you doing here?”

“Showing these rookies what it’s like to be a real NHL player,” I barked and he smirked.

“Well there was one more coming when I parked my car,” Marc said and then started to walk away.

“Nixon!” Coach announced as the body walked into the arena, “You’re late.”

“Sorry, things to do.”

“Well, were these things too important than your career?” I asked as I locked the doors and turned
to look at him.

“Who the hell are you?” he growled and I smirked.

“Your Coach today,” I said and then heard Coach laugh.

“Guess I’m going on vacation,” he said and the kid glared at me.

“Whatever,” the kid muttered and I glared.

“Get to the ice,” I hissed and then heard the door behind me try to open, but with it locket, these people weren’t getting in.

“I think we’re missing five or six,” Coach said and I scoffed and shook my head.

“You should bench them.”

“I will, man, I really miss you being around here,” he said and I smirked and we headed back towards the ice.

“Do you mind?” I asked and he shook his head and pulled me into his office.

"I have paperwork to do anyways, here,” he said and then threw me a box.

I opened it and smirked when I saw a whistle, “Oh this is gunna be fun.”

“Don’t kill them, Alex, I still need them.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I said as I waved him off and walked out of the office and headed towards the ice.

I stood up on the bench and saw Sidney smirking towards me. He saw the whistle and shook his head, already knowing where this was going. I blew the whistle loudly and everyone looked at me, I looked at Sidney and he sighed.

“Line up!” he ordered and I smirked and then hopped off of the bench and put the skate on that the boy gave me.

I stepped out onto the ice and missed the sound my blades made when they touched the ice. I skated around the team and looked the rookies up and down. I shook my head when I saw them and then skated over towards the boards and hopped up, having my skates dangling above the ice.

“Sid, is this all of them?”

“No, Litz, Monsch, Taylor and Murry aren’t here,” he said as he skated over and stood next to me, “What did you do?”

“Locked the doors,” I said plainly without looking at him. I saw most of the guys that I skated with and smirked, “Hello boys.” no one said anything, but my teammates smirked, knowing what was going on here, “Where are my rookies?” they stepped forward and I counted them, “Beau, you’re not a rookie, ya goofball!”

“Just wanted to see if you were paying attention,” Bennett teased and I smirked and shook my head.

“You haven’t changed,” I laughed and then looked to see that I had eight rookies, “Are the four that aren’t here rookies too?”


“Wow, why so many?”

“Ray wanted a fresh new team,” Sidney said and I scoffed, “I know.”

“All right! You might notice that you’re missing some teammates,” I said and the rookies looked around, “This is what’s gunna happen! If you’re late to practice, even if it’s just a second…” I looked at the players and smirked, “Those big doors that you walked through today, they’re going to be locked, and if you’re not here for practice, you’re not going to play in the next game.”


“This is the NHL ladies, grow some balls and show off your man pride!” I growled as I glared at the rookies, “You rookies are all a sad excuse for NHL hockey players, and an embarrassment for the players that have been in this league long before you! I feel bad for our fans in the future if this is what they have to deal with.”

“Who the hell are you anyways?” the rookie that had gotten into it with Brandon stated and I smirked.

“I’m the person who is going to whip some respect into your sorry asses! Welcome to the team ladies, you’re not the Captain, YOU’RE not the face of the NHL, he is,” I said while nudging my head towards Sidney, “You have no respect for your Captain or your teammates, and that’s going to change, TODAY!”