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Captain in My Life 005:

Chapter Five
“I don’t think I should,” I sat as I sat on the bed with Sidney getting ready for bed.

“Alex, why not?”

“Because Sid, I’m retired, hockey is your thing now,” I said and then walked over towards Sidney and wrapped my arms around Sid’s waist, leaning my head on his back.

“Do you miss it?”

“Of course I miss it.”

“Do you regret retiring?”

“I don’t regret it, Sid, I would never regret it,” I said as Sidney turned around and placed his hands on my arms, “You gave me two beautiful children and another on the way. We have a family Sid, I don’t regret that.”

“Then take the job,” he said and I sighed and laid my forehead on his chest, “Hey,” Sidney pushed my head up and pressed his lips onto mine, “Whatever you decide to do, I love you.”

“I love you too,” I smiled and then walked over towards the bed and waited for Sidney to come to bed.

“I love you too little one,” Sidney said as he placed his hand on my stomach and I smiled, “Only a few more months.”

I smiled and ran my hands through his hair and he wrapped his arm around my chest. I laid my head on top of his as I turned on my side and wrapped my arms around head.

“Were you even awake in the net?!” I yelled as I stormed into the locker room behind my teammates, “You just let four pucks in!”

“I tried!”

“No! You didn’t!”

“Sid, calm down,” Marc said as he placed his hand on my shoulder, “I’ll finish the game.”

“Fine,” I said as I glared at our backup goalie, Ian Litz.

We were in the middle of an away game against the Montreal Canadiens, we were losing with the score, four to two. We were playing sloppy, I was seeing that clear as day, these rookies weren’t playing as a team, they were trying to show off how tough they are, showing off their own set of skills.

Coach came back in and said that it was time to head back out onto the ice. I looked at my team and then sighed and ushered them outside, following behind them all.

“I’m sorry, baby,” I said as I pressed my lips to his temple and ran my fingers through his hair.

I had just walked into the house with Alicia and Andrew; we had just come home from grocery shopping. I knew that Sidney was going to be coming home today, but I didn’t know when. I was a little happy to see that he was home when I got home, but he wasn’t in a good mood. The team had lost their ninth game in a row, and Sidney was feeling the frustration.

“Daddy!” Alicia yelled as she ran over towards Sidney who was sitting on the couch watching the news.

“Hi baby,” Sidney said as he picked Alicia up and hugged her close.

There was a smile on his face, but I could see that the frustration was hidden underneath the smile. Andrew walked into the room and ran over towards Sidney and jumped on his lap as well. I smiled as I ran my hand through his hair again.

“I’m gunna get dinner started,” I said and Sidney nodded his head.

“What’s for dinner mommy!” Alicia asked and I smiled.

“Chicken,” I said as I grabbed the bags and walked into the kitchen, “Hi guys,” I smiled as I saw Zeus and Sarabi lying on their beds in the kitchen.

As I placed the bags onto the counter, I felt a pain in my stomach and winced, bending over and placing my hand on my stomach. I felt like I was going to be sick, so I raced to the bathroom and leaned over the toilet. I felt like I was going to be sick, but nothing was coming out. I rubbed my stomach, wondering if the baby was kicking, but I never had this reaction when I was pregnant with Alicia and Andrew.

“Hey Alex, do you- Hey, baby, what’s wrong?” Sidney asked as I heard him run over and place his hands on my back, “Alex? Hey, talk to me?”

“Something’s wrong,” I muttered as Sidney walked me over towards the chair and sat me down.

“Ok, wait here, I’m gunna call someone to watch the kids and I’ll take you to the hospital,” Sidney said and then heard him walk away.

‘…Ugh, why can’t you just drop them off?...’ I thought, but I was in too much pain to say anything.

“Thanks for coming Geno,” I said as he walked into the room.

“Yeah, sure what’s going on?”

“Something’s wrong with Alex,” I said and then walked into the kitchen with Geno trailing behind me.

“What’s wrong with Alex?” he asked and I saw that Alex was breathing heavily in the kitchen.

“Hey, we’re gunna go to the hospital now?”

“The baby shouldn’t be coming, it’s too soon,” Alex said and I nodded my head and helped her stand.

“I help,” Geno said and grabbed Alex’s other arm and he helped me walk Alex out of the house and into the passenger seat of the car.

“Thanks again, Geno,” I said as I ran to the driver’s seat and he nodded his head.

“No problem, feel better Alex,” Geno said and I started the car and raced out of the driveway, heading towards the hospital.

“Alex, talk to me, what’s wrong?” I asked because Alex gasped and brought her hands to her stomach.

“I don’t know,” she panted and then leaned her head against the glass, “It hurts, Sid.”

“I’m going as fast as I can, baby,” I said and then ran a red light and hit the gas pedal.

When we finally got to the hospital, I parked the car and helped Alex walk to the hospital. I called for a nurse and placed Alex in the wheel chair.

“What’s wrong with her?”

“I don’t know, she’s about thirty one weeks pregnant! She was complaining about pains in her stomach.”

“All right, we’ll take her,” the nurse said and took Alex away, telling me to wait in the waiting room.

“Wait no! I need to go with her! That’s my wife!”

“I understand sir, she’ll be fine, we’ll take good care of her!” the nurse said and then walked through the door and I was stuck looking through the small window hoping that my wife was going to be all right.

After waiting for almost an hour the nurse came back in and told me that I could see Alex. I practically ran the nurse over when I went into the room and saw Alex asleep on the bed. I stood at her side and ran my hand over her head.

“Ah, Mr. Crosby,” I heard and then turned around to see a doctor walking into the room.

“Doc, is she all right?”

“Your wife is going to be all right, we sated her to calm the pain; she was experiencing premature contractions,” he explained and I looked at him confused.

“So she’s gunna be all right?”


“Are you sure? Don’t those things usually come in like seven more weeks? I mean, she never had this happen with our first two children,” I said and then doctor sighed and patted my shoulder.

“You’re wife is going to be fine, it’s common for this to happen,” he said and then walked over towards the door, “You’re free to go home when your wife wakes up.”

“Thank you,” I said and he nodded his head and then left the room.

I turned back towards Alex’s bed and held her hand as I pulled a chair over and sat down. I heard my phone go off in my pocket and looked to see that it was Geno texting me, asking if Alex was all right. I decided that I was going to call him because I didn’t feel like texting.

“Hey, how is she?” Geno asked, picking up after the first ring.

“She’s gunna be fine, she was having premature contractions,” I said as I made little circles on Alex’s hand with my thumb.

“Are you sure? Isn’t it too soon?”

“That’s what the doctor said,” I said and then sighed.

“But you don’t believe it?”

“No, it’s not that- I- I just- I don’t think that-“ I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair, “I don’t know, I mean, he’s a doctor, I’m not, he’s suppose to specialize in this, not me.”

“It’ll be all right, Sid,” Geno said and I looked at Alex to see that she was sleeping peacefully.

“I hope your right man, I really do.”