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Captain of My Life 006:

Chapter Six
“How are you feeling?” Vero asked as she placed her hand on my stomach.

“Better, I don’t know, I guess it was a fluke thing,” I said and she shrugged her shoulders.

“Hello?!” I heard and turned my head around the kitchen wall to see that Mel and Sam were walking into the house.

“In the kitchen!” I called and they walked into the room with their kids behind them.

“Oooooh! Are you all right?!” Mel ran into the room and hugged me.

“I’m fine, the doctor said that it was premature contractions,” I said and they nodded their heads.

“Auntie Lexi!” Evgeni Jr., Mel’s son, yelled as he ran into the kitchen and clung to my legs.

“Hi sweetie!” I smiled and ruffled his hair, “Alicia, Annabelle, Andrew and Laura are in the living room. I think they’re watching Finding Nemo.”

“Finding Nemo!” Ian, Sam’s son, yelled and then quickly ran over towards me and hugged me and then ran out of the room with Evgeni Jr.

“So what time are we leaving for the game?” I asked as Mel and Sam sat at the table with their youngest children on their laps.

“Probably in an hour or so, what time is the babysitter coming?” Sam asked and I looked at the time.
“Within an hour or so,” I answered and the girls nodded their heads, “I have dinner ready for them, snacks, movies, pillows and blankets, everything’s ready for them.”

“Wait ta be on top of things, Alex,” Sam laughed and I smiled.

“Who are the boys playing tonight?”

“The Bruins,” Vero said and I sighed.

“I was hoping for an easier team, they’re not doing too well,” I said and they nodded their heads.

“Even the rookies’ girlfriends are bitches,” Mel said and I scoffed.

“Tonight should be an interesting game,” Vero said we all nodded our heads.

By the time the babysitter, who was Pascal’s fifteen year old daughter, Maeva arrived, it was about a half hour until warm up. With Vero driving, we got there within fifteen minutes. The girls headed up to the suite, but I wanted to head down to the locker room and see Sidney before the game, this was the first game that I saw this season.

“Are you serious?” I heard and turned my head to see that one of the rookies were talking with a Bruin.

I walked over towards them, “What’s going on here?”

“Alex?” I heard and looked up at the Bruin to see that it was Milan Lucic.

“Milan! Hi!” I smiled and he hugged me, “What’s going on here?”

“The kid here wants to fight me,” Milan said and I looked at the Penguins rookie and shook my head.

“Your funeral.”

“What team are you rooting for?” he asked and I looked at him.

“The Penguins of course, but I don’t cheer for dead men,” I said and he scoffed and walked away, “Rookies.”

“How have you been Alex?” Milan asked and I looked back towards him and smiled.

“I’m been good,” I said and leaned against the wall. Milan and I are pretty good, we don’t hate each other, and he was telling the truth when he said that he acts differently off the ice, “So, you going to fight the kid?”

“I’ll be sure to hold back,” he smirked and I nodded my head, “Don’t want to kill the kid.”

“Cocky little bastards they are,” I said and he snorted and nodded his head, “So how’s your daughter?”

“Valentina? She’s good, she’ll turn seven in January,” he said and then brought out his phone and showed me a picture.

“Aw, she’s cute,” I smiled.

“So how many do you have now?”

“Workin’ on out third,” I smiled and pointed to my stomach, “And if he wants any more, he can give birth to them!”

Milan laughed and then I saw him look up. I turned around and saw Sidney walking over towards me with a smile on his face.

“Hey babe,” Sidney said as he kissed my cheek and looked at Milan, “Lucic.”

“Crosby,” he said and I patted Sidney’s chest.

“One of your rookies asked to fight Milan here,” I said and Sidney looked at me.

“What one?”

“Murry I think his name was,” Milan said and Sidney nodded his head.

“Well it was good talking to you, Milan,” I smiled and patted his shoulder, “Enjoy the game boys.”

I walked up to the family suite and made my way over towards the girls. I told them about me running into Milan Lucic and about how one of the rookies wanted to fight him.

“He’s crazy,” Mel said and I nodded my head.

“I’m sorry, but that’s just pure stupidity,” Vero said, “He’s gunna get his ass kicked.”

“Don’t do it Murry,” I muttered as I had my hand on my teammates shoulder.

He wanted to fight Milan Lucic, he was a rookie who wanted to fight Milan Lucic, even the others thought that he was insane.

“Lay off,” he said and skated towards the bench.

He had shoved Lucic, but I managed to get there to pull him away before anything would happen, “Murry, I’m serious! I realize you’re trying to show off your toughness, but don’t do it.”

“Mind your business, Crosby,” he said and I sighed and shook my head.

“You’re funeral,” I said and Geno patted my shoulder.

“Let ‘em go, only way to learn,” he said and I nodded my head.

I watched as Murry skated onto the ice for his next shift, my eyes searched the ice for the Bruins number seventeen. I’m trying to save the kids life, ‘…Dead man walking…’

Geno patter my shoulder and I looked to the side to see that Lucic had climbed onto the ice. I cursed and then shook my head, “There he goes, idiot.”

Murry collided with Lucic and pushed him into the boards. Lucic pushed him back and Murry took off his helmet and gloves.

“Don’t be an idiot,” Kris said and nodded my head, “Oh he’s an idiot.”

“Kid biting off more than chew,” Geno said and I sighed.

One punch, that’s all it took, one punch from Milan Lucic and Murry was on the ground, knocked out cold. I leaned over the boards looking at my teammate on the ice and shook my head. The trainer ran over towards him and waited for the kid to come to. It’s only took a minute or two, but he was woken up and helped off of the ice by James and Brandon Sutter.

“Pathetic,” I heard some of the Bruins mutter and I sighed.

It was bad enough that we were down by two, but for not only our rookies to be getting cocky, but the Bruins’ too, this game was getting interesting.

“I’m sorry baby,” I said as I climbed into bed and cuddled up next to my husband, “Maybe next time.

“Stop saying that, it’s not going to happen!” Sidney said as he sat up in bed and leaned against the headboard.

“Sid, it will happen.”

“No, I can’t stand these rookies,” he growled frustrated, “We’re almost at the bottom of the league!”

“Sid!” I said and then sighed and climbed onto my husband’s lap, grabbing his face and making him look at me, “You need to relax, you need to take control of your team, Sid, you need to act like their Captain.”

“They don’t listen to me! None of them do!”

“Then make them! You know that I don’t take anyone’s bullshit! Show them that you won’t take theirs anymore!”

“Alex, it’s not that easy-“

“Sidney Crosby! Man up, and kick their asses! You’re their Captain!”

“We need to start winning some games,” he said and I nodded my head and then pressed my lips against his.

“You will baby, you will.”