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Captain of My Life 007:

Chapter Seven
"Isn't the Assistant Coach suppose to- ya know- Assist? Not like actually Coach?" I asked as I stood in Dan's office.

"Well, for today, you're in charge."

"But it's my first day."

"Too bad," he said and I smirked.

"Why can't you be this demanding to them?"

"Just shut up and go," he said and I scoffed.

"Sir yes sir!"

"You're lucky your pregnant!" he laughed and I smiled and walked out of the office and headed over towards the ice where I saw the guys all skating around.

"Hey!" Sidney smiled as he skated up to me, "What are you doing here?" I held up the whistle and clipboard that Dan had given me and he smiled, "You took the job."

"Someone has to whip your butts into shape," I teased and he smirked and leaned against the boards, "Go call line up."

"All right," he said and I blew the whistle.

"Not her again," one of the rookies muttered and I smirked as they skated up to the boards.

"Hello ladies," I smirked and looked at them, "Let me make this perfectly clear, I am not here to be your friend, your teammate or your mentor, I am here to whip your asses into shape and make you start playing like the actual NHL team that I know you can be. If you so much as say something or do something wrong, I will not hesitate to take your sticks and shove them so far up your asses that you'll be screaming for your mommies! I'm a hormonal pregnant woman, and DON'T think that I won't do it!"

"I'm so turned on right now," one of the guys said and I saw Sidney hit the rookie in the back of the head with his stick, "I deserved that."

I blew my whistle and ordered everyone to spread out onto the ice. This wasn't a team, they didn't look like a team, they didn't act like a team, they didn't play like a team, my job here, was to make them a team.

"I'm pretty sure it's against the law," I chuckled as I looked at my frustrated wife.

"He's lucky I'm pregnant and can't catch him! YOU KEEP RUNNING YA PUSSY!!!" Alex yelled and I smirked and shook my head.

"Damn Alex," I heard and we turned around to see some of the guys walking towards us, "If you wanted to abuse me like this, I should have just taken you out to dinner first," Brandon Sutter said as he winked and threw his arm around her shoulder, she snorted and rolled her eyes and I smiled at my wife.

"I think you managed to get two of the rookies to give respect to you, at least you scared them into respecting you," James said and I snorted and looked to see that Alex was shaking her head.

"Me being here wasn't to scare them."

"Well ya sure fooled us."

"It was here to make all of you work as a team and possibly win some games," she said and I sighed, "I'll see you guys later."

Alex and I walked to the car and started to head to her father's house to pick up Alicia and Andrew. I know that I told Alex to take the job, I know she wanted to be a part of hockey again and I respect her for that, I know that she only wanted to help the team, but, I don't know, a part of me was regretting telling her to take the job. I wasn't happy with how the rookies and even some of my teammates who played with Alex, were saying that she was too harsh today, but in all honesty, she did push us a little hard.

I sighed and looked at my wife staring out the window, "Alex."

"I was wondering when you were going to talk," she muttered.


"You're going to ask me to back off," she said and then looked at me, "Right?"

"Just a little," I said, surprised to see that she was like reading my mind.

"No," she said and I shook my head, "Sid, I wasn't brought in to back off."

"Alex, you're not the Coach, or the Captain."

"Well you're not so much of a Captain either," she said and I sighed, a little annoyed, "I didn't take this job to step on your toes and get in your way! You're a good Captain and a great athlete, but these kids are getting cockier, you need to be more than a good Captain if you want to keep up with them! Knock some sense into them and show them that they're not as talented as they may think! You need to show them that you're there to be their Captain first and then their friend second! You need to show them discipline!"

"Alex, don't tell me how to run my team!"

"This is the reason why I DIDN'T want to take the job. I knew you weren't going to like the fact that
I was showing you that you were wrong, that you're not doing your duties!"

"Stop," I said and then pulled into her father's drive way.

"Fine then Sid, I won't come in anymore and then you and your team, if that's what you want to call it, can continue on your losing streak," she said and then got out of the car and headed towards the door, "You can go home, I'll stay here."

"No," I said and then parked the car and got out, "They're my kids too."

"Whatever," she muttered and then walked into the house and I followed behind her.

"Night baby girl," Sidney said as he tucked Alicia into bed and I smiled towards the scene and then turned around and walked towards Andrew's room.

"How's my big boy?!" I smiled and then kissed his forehead.

"Someone's a momma's boy," I heard and saw Sidney leaning against the door.

I sighed and then kissed Andrew's sleepy head and walked out of the room. Hearing Sidney sigh and then seeing him walk over towards Andrew. I walked into the room and over towards the bed and start to put lotion on my legs and arms. Sidney walked into the room and over towards the bed, he turned his lamp on and pulled up the covers.

'...So it's the silent treatment...' I thought as I rubbed the lotion into my arm.

"Night," he muttered and I looked back towards him to see that his back was to me.

"Night," I breathed and then shook my head and bit the inside of my lip, '...Why can't you see that I'm just trying to help?...'

I couldn't sleep, I decided that I was going to go downstairs and onto the computer. I sat on the couch in the living room with the laptop on my lap and Sarabi jumping up next to me. I went onto YouTube and typed my name in, videos of me popped up everywhere, fights, goals, press conferences, and then I found the Pens account and saw all of the funny videos that we took and posted online.

'...I miss this...' I thought as I watched as I yelled at Max for pulling a prank on me, '...I miss hockey...'

"So Alex, when are you going to settle down with your hubby?" a reporter asked as I sat in the locker room, we had just won a game against the Canadiens in 2016.

"Maybe soon, I want to get as much out of my life as I can," I responded and nudged my shoulder into Sidney's.

'...Maybe I left too soon...'

"Do you miss it?" I heard from behind me.

I sighed, knowing it was Sidney, I didn't even turn around, "Of course I miss it, Sid. We've been through this, I'll always miss it, but I don't regret retiring, I don't regret having our kids."

"Alex, I get why you took the job, I do, I really do! I know you want to be around hockey, and I know I told you to take the job," he said and then walked over towards me and then sat down on the couch next to me, "But-"

"You don't want me to stay."

"No! No, that's not it," he said and I sighed and placed the laptop on the coffee table and looked at him.

"Sid, it's either I stay or I don't, I'm not going to be nicer to them," I said and then shook my head, "Mario and Dan both hired me to show ALL of you that you need to work together, from the rookies, all the way up to their Captain. I'm not arguing about it, so either you start winning some games, or your stuck with me as your Assistant Coach."

"What's gotten into you? One taste back into hockey and your whole attitude has changed," he said and I scoffed.

"I'm no different than you Sid," I muttered and he shook his head.

"Hockey doesn't consume my life anymore," he said and then looked at me, grabbing my chin and making me look at him, "It's not my first priority," Sidney placed his hands on my knee, "You and the kids are, don't you understand that?! I love you Alex, I don't want anything to be ruined because you're judging how our team is performing. I know we suck, I know there's no teamwork-"

"Then fix it!" I said and he looked at me surprised, "If you don't want my help, then YOU fix it!"