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Captain of My Life 009:

Chapter Nine
"Yes!" I cheered because Brandon had just scored against the Devils making the score two to one.

It was the middle of the first period, the game had just started and three goals had been made, two from us and one from them. I will admit, ever since I fought Kovnetski during the game, I've gained a certain respect from the rookies, and we've actually been acting like a team, winning our games, and working our way to the top.

Coach tapped my shoulder after the ref blew a whistle; there was a penalty going to be called on the Devils. I hopped over the bench and made my way to the faceoff, I cursed when I moved my stick too fast and the ref had to switch me out for another player. Murry skated to the face off and the ref dropped the puck. Devils’ won, but Kris quickly scooped up the puck and passed it to me.

I skated down the ice, passing it back and forth between, Murry, Kris and I. Seconds later, I saw an opening, Kris had the puck and shot it to me. I caught it and shot it into the net. GOAL!

“YES!” I yelled and then felt my teammates around me telling me I did good.

My goal had just made the score three to one, Penguins. I heard my name from the bench and looked over to see Coach was waving me over. I looked up at the clock and saw that there were about five minutes left in the game.

“What’s up, Coach?” I asked as I saw a man next to him homing a phone.

“You need to leave,” Coach said and I looked at him strangely and then saw my teammates looking at him confused, “Alex went into labor.”

My eyes widened and Coach called a timeout because the ref had come over to see what the problem was.

‘…She’s going into labor now?! She’s a few days early, the doctor said that it would be sometime next week, not now!...’

“Crosby did you hear me?!” Coach yelled and I stared at the ice, “HELLO!”

I felt myself being pulled off of the ice and looked up to see that Marc had came over and was pulling me towards the door. He smiled towards me and then patted my back, “I’ll be all right Sid, we’ll come over after the game.”

“Bring us another hockey player!” Kris yelled and I smirked and saw the door open.

“Tell my cousin that I love her!” Brandon yelled and I nodded my head.

The guys cheered as I stepped off of the ice and hurried down the hallway and into the locker room. I got out of my gear and changed into the jeans and t-shirt that I had packed. By the time I was stepping out of the locker room to head to the hospital, the boys were coming in because it was the end of the period.

“Sidney! Sidney! Is everything all right?!” the reporters rushed wondering why I was out of uniform.

“Gunna be a dad! Again!” I yelled as I ran passed them and made my way out of the arena and towards my car. I heard my phone going off next to me and saw that my phone was going off, “Hello?”

“Where are you?!” I heard, it was Alex, and it sounded like she was in pain.

“I’m on my way, just leaving the parking lot, twenty minutes!” I said as I started to car and sped out of the parking lot.

“Hurry! I don’t have twenty minutes!” she cried and then I heard someone say something to her, “Shut up!”

“I didn’t say anything,” I said as I placed the phone on my shoulder and leaned my head against it.

“No, not you! Just hurry Sid!”

“I’m coming baby!” I said and then hung up the phone and sped forward, making it through the yellow light.

I made it to the hospital a half hour later and the nurses directed me to where my wife was, but to be honest, I didn’t really need their help, I could hear Alex from the moment I stepped onto the delivery floor.

“Daddy!” I heard and looked to the side to see Alicia and Andrew running over towards me, they were with Alex’s father in the waiting room.

“There’s my munchkins,” I smiled and bent down to hug them, “I have to go see your mom now, but stay with poppie.”

“Is mommy ok?”

“You’re about to get another brother or sister,” I smiled and they cheered, “Love you.”

“Bye daddy!” they yelled and I jogged down the hallway to Alex’s room and saw Vero at her side trying to get Alex to breathe.

“You’re here,” Vero said as she moved from Alex’s side.

“Hey baby, I’m here!” I smiled as I ran to Alex’s side and grabbed her hand and ran my fingers through her hair, “Hey, you need to breathe.”

“I AM!!!” Alex growled and I chuckled and then winced when her grip on my hand tightened.

“Ow! Baby, baby, that hurts-“

“SHUT UP!!! DO YOU WANT TO DELIVER THIS BABY?!!!” she yelled and then yelled out in pain.

“What’s happening? It wasn’t like this the last two times!” I told Vero and she shook her head, “Go get the nurse!”

Vero ran out of the room and I looked back at Alex to see that she was in dire pain and trying to breathe correctly, “I swear to god,” she rubbed her face and breathed heavily, “if you want any more kids,” Alex groaned and started to rub her stomach, “you’re giving birth to them.”

“All right baby,” I chuckled and kissed her forehead.

“What seems to be the problem?” the doctor asked as he walked into the room, “How far are the contractions?”

“This baby is coming,” I said and the doctor nodded his head and sat at the end of the bed and lifted up the sheet.

“Oh,” he said and my head snapped down to the doctor.

“Oh? Why oh?”

“The head is already coming,” he said and I jumped up wide eyes.

“WHAT?!” I yelled and Alex cried out.

The doctor ran out into the hall and started to bark orders. Nurses came in and took me out of the room and put me in scrubs. Everything was happening so fast, I didn’t know what was going on.

“SIDNEY!!!” Alex called and I ran to her side and grabbed her hand.

“I’m here baby,” I said and winced when Alex was crushing my hand.

“Alex you have to push,” the doctor said and I looked at Alex, “PUSH!”

“Come on Alex, you can do it!” I said and Alex screamed loudly.

“GET IT OUT!!!” she yelled and I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and held her close.

Cursing when she gripped my hair and started to pull it as she crushed my hand, “Vero, a little help here!”

“Sweetie, sweetie, let go of your husband, you’re going to make him bald,” Vero soothed and then took Alex’s hand and helped her through this.

“One more push!” the doctor said and Alex took a deep breath and then screamed out, “And there!”

I heard crying and looked at the end of the bed to see that he had pulled at the baby, and the nurse took my baby, “It’s a boy.”

“A boy,” I smiled brightly.

“Explains all the kicking,” Alex laughed and I looked back towards her and smiled.

“Would you like to cut the cord?” the nurse asked as she handed me the scissors and I smiled and cut the cord just like I had when Alicia and Andrew were born.

The nurse took my son away to get cleaned up. I walked back over towards Alex and ran my fingers through her hair and kissed her head, “You look beautiful.”

“Shut up, I look like death,” she laughed and I smiled and pressed my lips onto hers. Alex pulled back and she looked like she was in pain again, “Something’s wrong.”

“What?” I asked frantic and looked down at the doctor, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” he said as he picked the sheet again, “Another head.”

“WHAT?!” Alex yelled and she glared at me, “TWINS! NO MORE KIDS!”

“No one told me about two babies!” I said and the doctor shrugged his shoulders and told Alex to start pushing again.

“I can’t,” she breathed and I looked to see that she was exhausted, “No more.”

“Come on Alex, PUSH!” the doctor yelled and Alex groaned and took my hand.

‘…Here we go again…’