Hurricane Jenny

It's never fun being the youngest child, but it's even worse when you're the baby sister of four brothers, four hockey playing brothers. Jennifer Staal is my name, and playing hockey, like my brothers, is my game.

I'm your sterotypical Staal, blond hair, blue eyes, tall, built and has that cocky ass attitude. My family tried hard for me to play a different sport, and sport other than hockey, but when my blades touched the ice for the first time when I was five, I was in love. My family had to fight to keep me off of the ice, because I wanted to be on it all the time.

My brothers started to play hockey, I wanted to play hockey. My mom and dad wanted a princess, my brothers wanted another warrior, my brothers won. I was suited up in a goaltender's uniform, and thrown in the net at the age of ten, at a family get together. I dominated the ice, my brother's were proud to call me their sister.

My mother signed me up for figuring skating, it occupied my time, but it wasn't hockey. Figuring skating practice was before the boys' hockey practice, so when my dad dropped my brothers off, he was expected to take me home, I never wanted to go home.

At the age of twelve, I quit figuring skating and joined the hockey team, having to fight hard to be on the same team as at least one of my brothers. Jared and I were placed on the same team, and we played our hearts out on the ice.

It was definitely some getting used to, and being the backup goaltender for the first year on the team didn't sit well with me, but my patience finally paid off when I was fifteen and watched as the lead goaltender was hurt, and I was picked to star in the games. My patience and constant practicing with my brothers paid off, and every time I was in the net, even though I was small, I was mighty.

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