"What make you different from anyone else?" He all but spat at her as she sat in the lower chair with a tight dress on, "Why should I take your case?"

She laughed, "You don't even know what I was asking of you. A bit quick to judge aren't we, Mr. Holmes?"

He narrowed his eyes looking down at her. Eris had arrived at his flat an hour prior - the time that John had agreed they'd meet. It had taken Sherlock forty five minutes to show up at the flat and another ten before he would talk to her. She was amused at the way that he had argued with Watson and it reminded her of herself and Jim. After John had convinced him to talk to her, he had stormed in the room angrily.

"What do you think I'm here for then?" She smirked as he kept his eyes narrowed.

Eris watched as he snapped out of his angry demeanor and into his thinking phase. He scanned her entire body and clothes before speaking quickly, "A very expensive dress, obviously bought for you by a lover. Pearl necklace worth more than this entire flat and makeup caked on for disguise. You don't want to be seen here, in this flat, with me or Watson. Presumably because it will ruin your reputation?" He paused for a second to scan her expression before continuing, "You want someone to spy on your lover. To find out whether he is faithful to you and why he has been leaving every night."

"Oh you are so close," She whispered standing up to face Sherlock, "So close, but so wrong. John, would you give us a minute alone?"

After John stepped out of the room Eris propped Sherlock down on the chair and got on top of him, legs on each side of his. She almost laughed as his eyes widened, obviously surprised by her forwardness. She ran a hand down his sculpted cheek and gave him a sultry look.


"No, listen to me. I am sure you'll be very compliant when I tell you just who he is and what I want." She whispered, "This man, my… boyfriend if you will, is very naughty. His job includes leaving for weeks on end with little to no contact to me. I know he just wants to keep me safe, but I'm a very smart and resourceful girl. He has some very big things planned and you would be the perfect man to find out what he's up to. Then I could go and foil his plans, maybe make him pay some more attention to me, help you. Or else, I could always help him out with his plans."

He shook his head a bit, still confused about the whole scenario. It was quite a scene, the great Sherlock Holmes, confused. "How are you going to help me?"

"If, and when you agree to help me, I'll let you know. Everything." She leaned in to whisper in his ear before dragging her lips across his cheek, "So what do you say?"

He hesitated to reply to her, blinking a few times and trying to study her once again. He then nodded and muttered a quiet yes. She smile and jumped up off of him, dragging him out of the chair as well.

"Now get properly dressed, we're going on a field trip." She taunted, now giddy that she had a partner in crime.

"Where are we going?" Sherlock asked while walking into his room, "I'd much rather work from home."

She walked with him and leaned into his door frame, seeing him ruffle around for clothes to wear. She laughed as he tried on two different shirts before settling with a light grey one. Eris then decided to wander into the living room once again, giving him some privacy.

"New case?" A voice said behind her. She was caught off guard for a second before turning around to see John.

"Yes," She smiled, "And I suppose you'll tag along a well?"

He nodded and the two looked over to see Sherlock dressed and ready to go. They followed her down the stairs to her Aston Martin that was parked outside of Baker Street. They all got in - John squished in the back - and drove off towards the wealthy suburbs of London.

The ride was mostly silent, Sherlock looked forward at the road while John mostly looked for the surroundings. Eris felt a bit weird, so she just kept on driving. Once they pulled up to her luxurious mansion, she parked at the front and brought them in her beautiful home.

"Welcome to my house, boys." She twirled as she got into the lobby, "Is there anything I can get you? Coffee? Tea? Soda, perhaps?"

They both responded with tea, so she bounced off to the kitchen. Before she went she told them that they could walk around the house if they pleased. She promptly made them a nice cup of tea with sugar and put some sandwich bites together. She then carried the tray through the house trying to find the duo, finally spotting them in Jim's office.

"Perfect, you're already here," She smiled and set the tray down on the table and handing them their teas, "I should expect that this computer may hold some valuable information."

She powered up the system and pulled the chair out, prompting Sherlock to sit. As they were waiting for the screen to come up, she watched as he studied the room, looking for clues as to who he would be spying on. Her eyes brightened as she watched him get the realization, as his name appeared across the sign-in screen.

Sherlock immediately pushed the chair back, looking at the screen in disbelief. His eyes then darted up to Eris who was now giving him a small smirk. His eyes narrowed and he just gave her a stern, "Why?"

"Who else would I get to keep tabs on him other than his enemy?"
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