Waiting Inside


There was something wrong with the house. Throughout the night I heard strange noises; they weren't normal banging of the pipes or creaking of the house. The noises sounded as if they surrounded me. Like they were in my room and outside my room. At one moment I could have sworn I heard my name whispered.

Every time without fail when I threw the covers off nothing appeared. The noises continued but they were calmer. I didn't get much sleep. Each time I drifted I felt something grab me. Part of me wanted to run downstairs and sleep with Amanda or my dad. All I did was cry; that's all I could do.

The whole weekend was like that. I would wake up, pretend nothing happened and help my dad out for the day. For two days and three nights I suffered. My dad had a smile on his face the whole time. He was actually happy. So was Amanda, she even left to explore the town. It left me to suffer alone. By Sunday night I had used an old chair to prop my door shut. There was a feeling in the pit of my stomach. I spent most of the time under my covers refusing to move. It wasn't only the noises that scared me but how the air felt. I didn't feel alone, I felt crowded in a way.

Monday morning came and the butterflies bounced around in my stomach. We still didn't have the stove or anything set up so Amanda and I ate cereal at the table. She planned looking around town for a small job. Amanda liked to play it by ear sometimes. My dad leaned on the counter with coffee in his hand. He was going to spend the day renovating. His client's book was already close to being finished, which meant he only had a little more time before he had to go back to work.

I really did not want to go. Leaving myself time I left the table back to my room to get dressed. The halls seemed to be full even though my family was downstairs. My room was still actually unpacked. I tried to unpack one of my boxes the day before but the moment I placed my books on my desk they flew off. Not fall but flew across the room. Like someone pushed them has hard as they could.

There was a small stack of magazines in one box. I kept reading them to get an idea of what I should wear. In my last school my clothes of choice was less than perfect. This time I would be able to be liked. My dad gave my money a week before and I bought objects that were in the magazine. Like a galaxy bow and Vera Bradley bag. I tried my hardest to copy some of the fashions. Maybe they will accept me, unlike my old school. School would be my home away from home.

It took awhile for me to get dressed. It was hard putting on false eyelashes. According to the magazine it's the best thing to do if your eyelashes were short. My dad waited in the SUV for me. He always took me, or Amanda did. The kids on the bus at my old school were cruel to me, so it's been the normal for years. When I came down the stairs, after I made sure everything was packed up safely, my day's eyes got wide when he saw me.

"What are you wearing, Emily?" he asked. I spun around, a smile on my face. It was weird wearing shorts but I liked the feeling of openness.

Amanda came in the room, her mouth stuffed with waffle. The look on her face my heart sink. "You look ridiculous," she notified me. I frowned and looked down. The loose top, shorts and sandals were all over the magazine. Those women looked amazing in the clothes, why shouldn't I?

My dad hushed her. "Emily looks great. It's a just a surprised on what you...used to wear." His eyes drifted around. I knew he was upset with that stage of my life. I nodded and got into the vehicle. It was going to be a short ride physically but emotionally it was going to be long. I was leaving the house though.