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Freak Is Just a Word

Ambrosia was always different. She never truly fit in anywhere. She was shy in just everyday conversations, but she had a temper and could be extremely blunt. What happens when she stumbles upon a show where she finds people she actually relates to? Anything could happen.

Freak: Abnormal phenomenon
Abnormal: Deviates from a standard, unusual
Phenomenon: Something extravagant or impressive; wonder

I do not own anything about Freakshow, I just saw the show and fell in love with the people and their stunts/tricks. I dream to one day visit California and see te Freakshow in person. This story is about the awesome, dark Mister Morgue. All rights to the show belong to Todd Ray and his family and extended family.

Ambrosia, her friends/family and anyother unfamiliar person that has no affiliation with the actual show as well as the plot belong to me, please don't steal. Much love and enjoy.

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