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Cherries Tied in Knots

I need cherries and more!

Kellin plopped down on the couch in the PTV tour bus. “Hey Vic, eat this cherry.” Kellin held the delectable fruit to Vic’s nose, although that wasn’t what was delectable in Vic’s eyes. He brushed his hand over Kellin’s cheek brushing the hair away from his face.

Bringing his lips close to Kellin’s, “Why?” Vic breathed. It would be a lie if he said he wasn’t trying to be seductive with… Good intentions.

Kellin tangled his fingers into Vic’s hair bringing him forward for a kiss. It was slow and passionate. He pulled back leaving his lover wanting more. “Just do it, for me, please?” He stuck his bottom lip out and pouted.

“Not until I find out why.” Although Kellin may be cute as fuck, Vic wouldn’t give in without finding the reason first.

Getting up, Kellin started shuffling his way past Vic, “Fine, then I’ll get Jaime to eat it for me.”
The thought of Jaime getting Kellin made the dark man burn with jealousy. He grabbed Kellin by the waist pulling him onto the Mexican’s lap before popping the cherry into his mouth and giving the small left over back to Kellin.

The small boy smiled as he new Vic would be jealous and eventually give up. He gingerly popped the stem into his mouth and tried to work his magic as he rested his head on Vic’s shoulder.

To say Vic was confused as fuck right now would be an understatement. Every once in a while he would see Kellin’s jaw move but otherwise the pale boy just closed his eyes in concentration, his brows furrowed together. A few minutes later he spit a broken cherry stem out of his mouth.

Before Kellin could lean forward Vic brought his hands to Kellin’s temple pushing the hair back. “What are you doing?”

“You’ll see.” He smiled widely before popping another cherry in Vic’s mouth and placing the stem in his. Vic rested his head on Kellin’s as he relaxed to the touch. He kissed Kellin’s pale cheek bringing the cherry box to rest on their lap.

A frustrated sigh that escaped Kellin caught Vic’s attention as he stopped lazily running his hand through Kellin’s dark hair as the other continued to run lazy circles in his palm with his thumb. Vic put another cherry in his mouth knowingly.

“Wait, I need that!? Kellin hand bucked against Vic’s teeth as he thrusted his fingers down Vic’s throat. Vic gagged as the slender fingers grabbed the stem before it could be swallowed. He coughed a little more as Kellin held his head whispering apologies into his ear.

“Kellin,” The Mexican choked out, “what the fuck man?”

Kellin brushed his thumbs lightly and lovingly over Vic’s lip as he rested his forehead against his boyfriends. “I’m really sorry Vic, I just needed that stem.”

Vic smirked hopefully, his eyes full of mischief. “I’ll forgive you if you give me a kiss.” And so much more.

“Okay,” the tanned man’s lips formed into a big smile, “but only if you let me tie a cherry stem.” The spark in his eyes was gone as was his smile.

Kellin straddled Vic, as he didn’t bother moving from this position when he grabbed the cherry, resting his head on Vic’s shoulder putting another stem into his mouth.
his was so unfair to the poor Mexican. He was trying so hard to not get a hard-on but that’s impossible when you have a hot man straddling you and his tongue, ugh, so many possibilities of what Kellin could be doing right now.

“Vic, I finally did it.” Kellin’s words were muffled by the cherry stem in his mouth. A brow was raised in question as Kellin smiled widely at Vic. “Here, I’ll show you.” Without warning, Kellin roughly pushed his soft lips to Vic in a kiss.

No resistance was made on Vic’s part as he wrapped his arms around Kellin’s small torso bringing them closer. He opened his mouth when Kellin licked his bottom lip wanting entrance. The small boys pale fingers rested on Vic’s shoulders. He felt a small, rough object enter his mouth as Kellin’s tongue dance along with his. Vic tangled his hands into Kellin’s hair making sure he wouldn’t leave as Kellin had planned, but he made no objection to the action and melted into Vic’s gentle touch.

Oxygen was futile for the survival of man and these two were no exception. Pulling apart they breathed heavily, cheeks flushed, although Kellin’s more noticeable compared to Vic’s dark complexion, Vic spit the tired cherry stem into the palm of his hand.

“I finally tied the stem.” He smiled cheekily as Vic’s expression turned from one of drunk bliss into one of deep confusion. “Have you ever heard the saying that a person who can tie a cherry stem into a knot with their tongue is a good kisser?” Vic shook his head as he continued to intently study the stem. “Well, it’s true.”

“Please, that’s so stupid,” Vic voice dripped with sarcasm. “There is no way that you’re a better kisser then I am.”

“Wanna bet?” Before Vic had time to agree Kellin slid a cherry into his mouth and his lips back onto Vic’s sliding his tongue in the Mexican’s awaiting mouth. Their tongues rubbed against each other before Kellin pulled away causing Vic to grunt in annoyance and frustration.

This shouldn’t be that hard anyway Vic thought through clenched teeth. He needed Kellin soon unless the pale boy wanted to get thrown down on the couch and fucked out of his mind because of what he was doing to Vic. Rubbing against him, kissing him, trailing ghostly hands over his shoulders and occasionally slipping under the bare shirt to the smooth skin of his stomach. Wild fantasies were flowing through his head… If you get what I mean.

SNAP! The stem cracked between his teeth as he spit the split stem out. A musical laugh escaped Kellin. “Not so easy is it?” He mocked.

“I’ll show you then, you little shit.” He muttered the last part under his breath hoping Kellin wouldn’t hear but failing. Kellin laughed and continued to straddle Vic watching him with humorous eyes.
Watching Vic fail again and again at trying to tie a stem brought tears to Kellin’s crystal eyes and cramps to his stomach. He shifted his position again so his back was leaning against Vic’s chest with his head on the tan boys shoulder again.

“Why is this so dam hard?!” He shouted after the last stem finally snapped in half.

“Because, you’re just an awful kisser.” Kellin laughed. He kissed Vic’s cheek trying to comfort the agitated man.

Vic’s eyes darkened. “That is total bull fucking shit,” He cursed as Kellin muffled his giggles. He smirked, suddenly struck with an idea. “You want a good kisser?” This caught giggling man’s attention. “Fine, then I’ll show you a good kisser.”

Forcefully grabbing Kellin’s chin he crushed their lips together. Kellin struggled for a moment from surprise but gradually melted into the kiss. Vic grabbed a fistful of Kellin’s dark hair making sure he couldn’t escape. He nipped at Kellin’s bottom lip before licking it and shoving his tongue in Kellin’s hot, awaiting mouth. His other hand grabbed Kellin’s arm farthest from him securing his place on Vic’s lap, a little bit of an anchor for their hot make out session. His tongue explored every inch and crevice of Kellin’s mouth forcing Kellin to respond.

Kellin complied with Vic’s wishes. “Vic,” he breathed as he pulled back for a moment. As much as he enjoyed the kiss, he needed air more. Vic pulled away for a second to get a breath before continuing. He traced small circles in Kellin’s stomach causing him to gasp and groan into the kiss.

They pulled away, both breathing heavily as Kellin rested his head on Vic’s shoulder breathing into his neck while Vic smirked down at him. “I don’t need a cherry stem to prove I’m a good kisser.” Kellin closed his eyes and agreed.

“That’s not it though,” Oh no, the Mexican wasn’t done. He was going to torture Kellin for giving him a fucking hard-on knowingly while doing nothing about it but laughing at him.

Kellin leaned forward off of Vic’s chest as his breathing began to even out. “Wait Vic,” He gasped.

“Nope.” Grabbing the skinny, pale arms he locked them behind his back, using one arm to keep them their while shifting Kellin to rest on one thigh. “I’m gonna make you beg for it Kellin.” He whispered huskily into the small boys ear.

“Please Vic, you’re such a sadist.” He whined causing Vic to chuckle darkly.

Kellin kept his legs closed to stop Vic from rubbing between his thighs. Not having it, Vic slipped his fingers between the panting man’s legs spreading them. Slowly, slowly, he started bouncing his leg at a steady pace rubbing them between Kellin’s thigh and growing hard-on.

“Vic!” Kellin cried out as the torturers other hand moved to palm Kellin’s erection through his pants.

“Please, at least go faster.”

“Nope.” He popped the P bouncing his leg higher, rubbing harder almost to wear his foot came up to the cushion, and faster against Kellin. He could feel Kellin start to grind against his leg. The pale boy bit his bottom lip to hold in a scream as a tongue licked along his neck before swollen lips brushed against his pulse, biting down and sucking. Hard.

Kellin cried out as Vic used his other leg to spread his own farther apart. Torturously slow, Vic unzipped his captive’s pants and slid his hand down Kellin’s to stroke his length. “Poor baby can’t get enough.”

The door opened. Vic knew he couldn’t just stop but he was going to fucking kill whoever walked onto their tour bus. They were supposed to be having a break and he wanted his alone time with Kellin.

He took off his belt leaving Kellin whimpering for more, god this kid was to turned on to know what was going on. Quickly, he wrapped it around Kellin’s small wrist locking them behind his back. Shuffling his lover back onto his thigh he bounced his leg slowly like earlier to run along Kellin. Just to tease him, he rubbed circles into Kellin’s tummy while keeping a few slipped into his pants to massage right above his erection. Poor Kellin was getting tortured out of his mind. He brought his arm to wrap around Kellin’s chest and clamp over his mouth as his head rested on his shoulder and turned it sideways away from his neck and the door. Just to make it worse, the aroused man had a sweet spot behind his ear that Vic attacked while leaving long trail of saliva along his neck sliding its way down his collarbone and disappearing into his shirt.

He heard footstep and muffled words come closer. Mike stopped in his tracks as he witnessed the scene. He literally was shocked still as he tried to process what was going on.

Kellin’s arms were tied behind his back while Vic was rubbing his leg between Kellin’s thighs and had some fingers slipped down Kellin’s pants. His hands clamped over Kellin’s mouth while the pale boys usually pale cheeks were flushed an extremely bright red, like a cherry. Kellins crystal green-blue eyes were glazed as he closed them, his breath coming in heavy gasp. He finally snapped out of it when Vic, not disconnecting his lips from behind Kellin’s ear, opened his eyes and gave Mike a dangerous and dark look. The look that said if-you-don’t-leave-right-now-I’m-going-to-fucking-kill-you. Mike gave that look to Vic once when he walked in on him and Tony.

Flushing as red as Kellin, Mike mouthed an apology and stumbled backward, tripping over his own feet and out the van. He knew Mike would probably tell the guys what was going on and they would give him shit later, but that wasn’t important right now.

“I need it.” Kellin let out a breathy moan around Vic’s hand tumbling over the words.

“All for you,” Vic huskily whispered into his ear and slipped his finger back around Kellin’s cock and pumped it fast and hard, occasionally rubbing his thumb over the slit lubricating his hand with precum. Kellin grunted and moaned as he was so close. “Vic I’m-“ He couldn’t even get the last word out as he screamed, arched his back, and exploded in Vic’s hand.

Vic grabbed a tissue and wiped the cum off from his hand and quickly untying Kellin’s hands afterward.

“You are such a fucking sadist.” Kellin panted from his spot of resting against his lovers back.

“I know you love it.” Vic smirked as he looked down at the flushed boy. He couldn’t help but giggle at how cute he looked.

Kellin shuffled down off the couch and rested on his knees in front of Vic. “It’s your turn.” Kellin smiled up at him. Vic was ready; he needed this as his cock was rock-hard and throbbing at the touch. He smiled kissing his boyfriends head before throwing his own back in pleasure.
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