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51 Days.

Adrienne Smith was the lead guitarist of the band 'Almost Alice'. For reasons later discovered, she moved away and decided to go back to school. She retrieves her memory book from Warped Tour back in 2006 when she had the chance to tour with All Time Low, her favorite band. The memories came back as she tells this flawed fairy tale to her room mate. The story starts out in present tense but as she starts telling the story it moves into a flashback which is in past tense. The band 'Almost Alice' is known for partying but it has no comparison when they get to share a bus with All Time Low and they see how to really party. Somehow along the way, Adrienne gets close to one of the members. From there on, it's a wild ride. Sneaking around, messing around, Adrienne's saying 'nothing on tour is serious' gets tested.
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****Please note: This is a really long story, already over fifty chapters.