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In Case of Emergency, Dial 411

Kellin was a good well - rounded guy 18 years old. He had good grades, and he could sing well Hes got a book full of songs, But theirs a twist Kellin has been going through severe abuse from his father witch results in Kellin finding a new addiction..Cocain to drown himself from the Mental and Physical abuse. He had been sent to a foster home so maybe His family would be more calm with the violence subsiding, It has now been three years since Kellin Quinn had moved into a foster home with his Care takers Mitch and Austin and their cousin Alex and Alex's best friend Jack. No others had been sent to this foster home since he had moved in on that cold day, Until Austin gives Kellin the news that yet a new soul would be sharing the same room as him!
  1. With old goodbye's theirs new Hello's
    Kellin Quinn had just been removed from his house, Now living in a foster home, Finding out this just might really be for the best.
  2. A trophy fathers trophy son.
    Kellin now lives in the Foster home. Everyone seems to like Kellin a lot. But is kellin Really as happy as he claims??
  3. Is this real?
    Kellin descovers the new face today, He's ready to meet him.
  4. Disasterology.
    Kellin and Vic meet at last, Their bonds with eachother escilate quickly, Does Austin like this?
  5. So what if I can't forget you.
    When Kellin descovers Austin has had feelings twards him and when his father calls him out, he's been shut to himself, sneaking out and even begining to do Cocaine once again..