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Death Will Come to All That Wait

Scarlet, Lauren, Phoenix, Brittany and Pandora make up the band Python. After 2 years of doing small club shows and performing to 20/30 people a night they finally get signed to Fearless Records. Like any record label, Fearless want to earn money. So they send Python on tour with some of their most popular bands in a hope to get them a fanbase.

So, Python are sent on tour with:
Motionless In White
Mayday Parade
Pierce The Veil
Tonight Alive

Being one of the only all girl rock groups to exist the band get a lot of attention, especially from the males in the audience. But that's not the only attention they're receiving. A strange man is seen at every concert the band play at. Always standing at the front of the crowd. The members of Motionless In White, who have gotten surprisingly close with the girls make it their job to scare off the guy. He goes willingly, saying that the members of Motionless In White are in for one hell of a ride. As the guys try to work out what he was talking about, they get their answer, and it is not what they expected.


All original characters belong to us
The plot is also ours.

Scarlet written by Me (CourtneyxHorror)
Lauren written by AshleyJinxxBiersack
Phoenix written by TheDivineInfection
Brittany written by Chemical Cassette
Pandora written by ~~Author Needed~~
  1. Chapter 1
  2. The news.
    Lauren's POV