Sequel: Zoned: Waking Up
Status: This is another account I made. My other one said I was 31 and that bothered me for some reason...


A-rad, 16, and her best friend, Richi, 16, win a contest where they can meet the band of their choice. They chose Hollywood Undead, and things end up a bit better than expected. This story takes place over the past 5 years. From the very beginning of 2009 to 2013, they experience the ultimate fan dream.

This was a dream I had a long while ago. It made me happy, and when it stopped I decided to finish.
  1. The Contest Winners
    A-Rad, 17, and Richi, 16, win a contest to meet the band of their choice to go on tour with for a week or so.
  2. The Boys
    A-Rad and Richi meet the boys one by one.
  3. Let's Make Circles
    The boys start to get to know the girls.
  4. Tear It Up
    The boys begin recording Desperate Measures
  5. Secrets Being Told
    Jorel. Dylan, Jordon, and Richi go to King Kong's.
  6. Meanwhile
    Meanwhile, while Richi, Dylan, Jordon, and Jorel went to get burgers...
  7. Warming Up
    Matty, George, and A-Rad talk for a while and trying getting her to say who she may like.
  8. Funny Man
    Richi's point of view
  9. Da Kurlzz
    When Jordan went inside the recording studio, after getting King Kong's....A-Rad's perspective...
  10. The New Cage
    The HU Crew discuss moving in together, as a group.
  11. Desperate Measures
    Deuce gets some news..
  12. Masks Fade to Gold
    2010 Tour on New Year's
  13. False Alarm
    Richi wakes up in a hotel room, unaware of the previous night's events.
  14. Where's Richi?
    A-Rad figures out where Richi is.
  15. Bagels
    Dylan brings Richi a bagel....
  16. Waiting For Richards
    The band waits for everyone to get on the bus so they can go home.
  17. "Nothing Good Happens After 2 AM"
    "nothing good ever happens after 2am"
  18. Cloud 9
    They get high
  19. Richi
    It's 2012, and they haven't had record out in a couple of years.
  20. A-Rad
    Vanessa, Richi, and A-Rad talk about Jordan and A being together
  21. How Does it Work?
    Vanessa, Richi, and A discuss The Set and how every is set up. It's more of explaining to the readers how it works.
  22. Can We Be Civil?
    Told from George's point of view
  23. On Our Way
    Told from Jordon's perspective
  24. Candy Shop
    Richi and A-Rad get ready to go to the club
  25. Circles
    Everyone goes to Circles. Told from A-Rad's perspective.
  26. Everclear and Bacardi
    They're all at the club and A-Rad is nervous because Jake is there and something happened between them.
  27. Neverland
    What happened in 2011 that freaks A-Rad out every time she sees Jake.
  28. Dirrty
    Showing the boys what they can do
  29. Men's Room
    Richi gets a bit too drunk
  30. The Morning After