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Protect Me From What I Want

Frank should of listened to all those campus warnings and assembly's. He should of been in his dorm before one am. Maybe he wouldn't be in this situation watching his attacker tying him to a chair, he should of know better. But Frank Iero was no match for his captor. Gerard Way professional at disposing people and never being heard from again. As much as he wanted to flinch from the other man's touch he wanted it more and more. He didn't care if his body ended up as dog food. He wanted to learn all about Gerard and why he had fallen for Gerard. The never ending why.

(Notes: I don't own any characters locations etc, warning violence rape also enjoy comment feedback is welcomed. I only own the story)

Kind of buzz that lasts for days
had some help from insect ways
comes across all shy and coy
just another nancy boy.
Woman man or modern monkey
just another happy junkie
fifty pounds, press my button
Going down. -Placebo (Nancy boy)
  1. One
    Never ending why
  2. Two
  3. Three
    Show me how to live
  4. Four
    We were born to lose
  5. Five
    I will eat you alive there are no more lies
  6. six
    stop whispering
  7. Seven
    I never cared I never cared before
  8. Eight
    I'm not here this isn't happening
  9. Nine
    True love waits in haunted attics.
  10. Ten
    Shit I still love you still see you in bed
  11. Eleven
    Everything in its right place
  12. Twelve