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"Oh, where did you get those flowers?"
"Are you curious?"
"A little. Perhaps. Is that from your boyfriend?"
"Of course."
"Wow, there's a man brave enough to approach you!"
"It's not like you to become jealous, Haruka!"
"I'm not jealous. I just can't stand knowing that you looked at someone besides me."
"That's called jealousy, Haruka."

Remember that scene in that episode? Yeah, well, that's basically what this is about. A few weeks later, after Haruka has been battling with her pride, she decides to pick Michiru up from class with BETTER flowers for all, including whoever gave her that puny bouquet, to see. Sweet, fluff, cute, and rated-G.

Hope you all enjoy! Don't be afraid to comment, recommend, etc...

P.S.- I love this pair! Uranus has always been my favorite Senshi!