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Why Do You Think

Many people in this society suffer from mental disorders, some more than others. For many, mental institutions seem to help, but for some, it only makes things worse.

I know that there are quite a few fics about mental disorders, self harming etc. but this story is sort of a way of releasing myself, in a way. My original thought is to go in depth of how each character mentioned is feeling.

The characters that are planned to be involved (I do not own them, as they are real people, but I do own the plot) :

Austin Carlile
Alan Ashby
Oli Sykes
Gerard Way
Frank Iero
Tony Perry
Jaime Precuado
Mike and Vic Fuentes
Kellin Quinn

Each of them have their own mental disorder that they are battling with, some have more than others, some have it worse than others.

Kellic is the main pairing, but I'm not going to try to write a lot about the other characters as well, there might be other pairings, and I'm going to try to describe everyone's mental disorders the best that I can.

Also I wasn't sure what rating to put on, and I am also putting a trigger warning
  1. Chapter 1
    Vic's POV
  2. Chapter 2
    Kellin's POV
  3. Chapter 3
    Oli's POV
  4. Chapter 4
    Austin's POV
  5. Chapter 5
    Mike's POV
  6. Chapter 6
    Gerard's POV at the beginning
  7. Chapter 7
    Starts off with Tony's POV
  8. Chapter 8
    Kellin's POV
  9. Chapter 9
    Kellin's POV
  10. Chapter 10
    Vic's POV