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Friday had finally arrived and boy was I glad. For one, I was finally going to stop hearing Kristen going on and on about her date on Friday with Patrick. Two, I was going to see my dad. After the whole big divorce mess it was hard to accommodate an appropriate time and place to see him. And lastly, well, it was Friday which meant no school tomorrow.

The day had gone by fast actually. My mom had surprisingly let me stay home from school. We had dropped Victoria off at some weekend long ballet camp and had run a couple of errands. And even though I wasn't at school, Kristen was still bugging me through text.

My mom and I had stopped by In-N-Out for lunch, my favorite place for hamburgers of course.

My phone had vibrated as we both sat down from ordering our food.

I opened Kristen's message:

Austin was asking about you

She messaged along with a smirking emoticon.

"Why are you getting so red Hun?" My mom asked.

"Nothing." I said still looking at the screen.

"Let me see." She snatched the phone from my hand.


She began to type with a wicked smile on we face.

"You wouldn't!" I exclaimed.

Knowing my mom she'd same something either inappropriate.

"Oh I would." She turned the phone around and pressed send.

I read the message, 'Like in a good way or a bad way type of asking?'

"Oh my gosh." I dug my head in hands.

"You're not gonna get anywhere being a little turtle Emma. You gotta poke your head out and look kid." She smiled.

"Look at what? Kristen's perfect exaggerating skills. I doubt it was anything big." I whined.

"We'll if it isn't then you have nothing to worry about." She shrugged.

"That's my the point. The point is after all this time, I've been telling we I don't like Austin and now it looks like I do. Now Kristen's gonna do something stupid I know it."

"Good then. It's about time you put yourself out there." She pressed her lips.

"It's like you and Kristen don't understand I'm fine with who I am." My eyes widened as I threw up my hands.

"Honey, I am almost one hundred and fifty percent sure that if you were to try and do something with yourself boys would be dropping to their feet for you." She got up as our number was called.

My heart began to race a little once Kristen's name popped up in my screen again.

I opened the message:

Definitely a good way :)

My face felt beet red as the image of Austin asking Kristen about me flashed through my mind.

My mom came back already taking a couple of my French fries.

"By the looks of your face, I'm guessing it was good." She smiled as she bit into her hamburger.

I don't know if it was and I most definitely didn't know if it was Kristen over exaggerating this whole thing.


Kristen had dropped by house after with a rose in her which I was assuming was from Patrick.

"Isn't he the sweetest." She took a big whiff of the rose. I never seemed to get that. The smell that is. Every time I smelled a rose, it smelt like nothing.

"Yeah, so sweet." I said as I began to put some dishes away.

"Why are you cranky? You didn't go to school today." She pressed her lips.

"Kristen you've been talking about Patrick all week. I am completely aware how much you cannot wait for tonight and how much you like him."

"Oh! Of course! What was I thinking? You want to talk about Austin." She smiled.

"What? No! I was explaining..."

She held her hand up shutting me up before I could finish, "I'll start the Austin talk. Well we were in art appreciation and we were all talking. You could tell he looked a little distraught. So Mr. Leon finished lecturing whatever and then," she smiled, "He came over and was like 'where's Emma'. I shrugged my shoulders and then he told me how he wanted to give you a ride home today."

"Kristen that's not even a big thing." I said, remembering how I just knew Kristen was exaggerating.

"That's not it silly, let me finish. The good part is he said he misses hanging out with you...right in front of Sammi!"

We both started laughing at the thought of Sammis face knowing that she hates me.

I had to admit that was good.

I also had to admit, the thought of Austin missing, or even wanting to hang out with me scared me a bit.

I was scared of having a crush on someone I'd put down as a pathetic manwhore in my book. It felt so cliche to have a crush on the bad boy.

"Best part is," she continued to laugh as mine began to die out, "I told him and Patrick why not have a movie night here tonight."

My stomach dropped as I realized the idiot thing Kristen had done.

"You what?!"

"Me, you, Austin, and Patrick are going to have movie night" She smiled.

"Kristen, you don't even know how much I want to slap you."

"It's not a date! At least not for you. Austin said he misses hanging out not that he loves you so calm down. This is good for you Emma." She softy smiled.

"You don't understand." I began.

"Yes I do Emma. I'm not stupid, I get that you're nervous. You don't have to like a guy to get nervous. It's only natural to be nervous around a hottie like Austin."

She got up and skipped up to my room heading straight to my closet.

"I told them to come at seven, that way we can eat dinner before the movies and what not." She began searching through my clothes.

She pulled out two pairs of yoga pants and two Victoria Secret v-neck shirts.

"You're going to wear that?" I asked.

"No. We're going to wear this." She threw me a pair of yoga pants and the grey v-neck that read 'PINK'.


It was around seven o'clock now and I was getting a little nervous. Patrick nor Austin had been in this house since I was like ten. This was going to be awkward, I could already feel it.

Two guys and two girls don't just have movie night without it being a date. Especially when you know the people more than you'd like to.

I just didn't understand why Kristen had to have me there with her. Or why she would even open her mouth and offer my home for a movie night as if it was hers!

What did she want me to do? Hold her hand as she held Patrick's?

"Why are you getting all nervous? It's not like you have a crush on either of them. You've made that pretty clear. Well except for today kind of with the whole Austin thing." She came from my bathroom with my clothes on.

"Just having them over is weird. Especially when I didn't even plan it." I looked at her.

Patrick had texted Kristen saying they'd be over in ten minutes and oddly, I was getting a little less nervous. I had nothing to worry about. If anything Kristen should be the one nervous since she's the one who actually has interest in the kid.

As soon as my mom found out about tonight she sprung from her seat and called up Kristen's mom to see if he wanted to hang out. I guess my mom was really just trying not to get in the way tonight since this would probably be one of the only times this would even happen.

She said she would be home late tonight or sleepover Kristen's (since they were bff's now) if it got to late to drive.

Austin and Patrick came over at within the next ten minutes like they had said with a bag of chips and dip.

Kristen already had Patrick by the couch talking and giggling like crazy.

"It's been a while since I've been in here." Austin said looking around.

"Yup." I plopped a chip in my mouth.

"You still have this picture up?" Austin walked over to this picture of all of us together including some kid that moved away just before seventh grade.

I had bugged and bugged for my mom to take that photo down but she wouldn't budge.

"It is up isn't it." I sarcastically said.

"Yeah. It is." He said.

We both walked over to Patrick and Kristen and sat on the couch uncomfortably next to each other since they decided to take up most of the damn couch.

All I could think about was him rubbing it in Sammis face that he missed me.

It made me blush like Kristen and want to jump around the house with a big goofy grin.

We were around thirty minutes into the second movie until Kristen started giggling uncontrollably by something Patrick was doing. From the looks of it, he was doing some weird thing to her neck. It was annoying and slightly disturbing.

I got up and stomped over to the stairs in disgust and up to my room.

Kristen had tried calling me but whatever Patrick was doing had distracted her again and she must've forgotten that she was even calling my name.

I went up to my room and closed the door. I put on some low music and sat down on my bed as I braided my hair back.

From the time school started til now, it seemed that Kristen was consumed with Patrick. How annoying could this be? Having her down there being nibbled away by him. Then again it was probably my jealousy kicking on how easy it was for her to socialize with boys.

A knock sounded at my door unexpectedly.

I had almost let myself say 'What do you want Kristen' but at my doorway was Austin.

"Do you mind if I hang out here for a while?" He began, "I really can't stand the mushy flirty Patrick and I sure as hell can't stand Kristen's giggling." He looked desperate.

If I was in his position I probably would've done the same thing.

I wanted to be a bitch, the smart remark was hanging by a finger off my tongue, but instead I said, "Sure."

He closed the door behind him and sat down at my desk. You could tell his eyes were exploring every frame on there and would glance over some of my sketches.

"Your rose came out good." He held up the sketch I had done earlier in class this week.

"Thanks." I only half smiled, remembering how he had approached me about it in class.

He yawned as he put the sketch back in place, stretching his arms. He laid himself down on my floor with his hands behind his head.

"I haven't been in here in a long time." He chuckled.

I remember the last time he was in here he was changing after a summer barbecue pool party.

Out of the awkward silence you could hear Kristen's giggles and her playfully telling Patrick to move.

"Do you think they're cute together?" He said adjusting himself to the warmth of the floor.

"I don't know, I guess. I mean they're completely different but it'd be nice."

"Patrick needs someone to calm him down and what not." He chuckled.

"Yeah." I awkwardly said as I began to sink into my bed as I realized that midnight had came sooner than expected. I don't know why I was so tired, but I was.

We both laid there quietly, me selfishly on my bed and him on my floor.

I was getting more tired and my eyes were getting heavy to the point I couldn't keep them open.

Today was a long day and even though it was early in the night, I was ready to knock out.

I woke up in a panic and shot myself right up from my bed. My eyes flicked to the digital clock displaying 3:53 AM.

I laid back down and took a deep breath to hear not only myself breathing.

I got up slowly looked around until I realized Austin was sleeping at the base of my bed, leaning his legs on top of the foot of my bed.

He had moved from the floor to the bed and I didn't even notice.

I must've had a brain fart or something because for a second, I had forgotten that both Kristen and Patrick had annoyed Austin and I last night so much, we went upstairs.

I quickly tip toed to the stairs and looked down into the living room to see Patrick on one couch and Kristen on another.

I hurried back to my room in fear that someone would wake up (Austin) and would find me a creeping around looking at everyone sleeping like a weirdo.

Before I settled myself down into my blankets once again but a little more careful this time trying not to disturb him.

Austin's breathing had become much clearer now that I was just laying here. I could almost hear him breathe in and out at times.

And I was laying there, hearing Austin's faint snore, never did it once cross my mind that he lives right across the street.

He didn't have to come up and knock on my door or even have to fall asleep here. He could've just walked backed to his house in less than ten seconds. Austin didn't have to stay.

But he did.

And as stupid as it may sound, I'm kind of glad he did.
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